In GTA Online there are many ways to earn money. We provide you with 15 tips on how to make a lot of GTA dollars in 2022 most efficiently and quickly.

In the guide we tell you how you can earn a lot of money in GTA Online the easiest way

In the guide we tell you how you can earn a lot of money in GTA Online the easiest way.

Secure password: What you should pay attention to

The 1. February is change-your-password day. Changing your passwords regularly has been the recommendation for a long time to be really safe on the internet. Experts from the German Federal Office for Information Security have long since moved away from this approach. Accordingly, a password could be used for years if it meets the right criteria. In the video you will learn how to create such passwords.

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The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) backed away from its recommendation to change passwords regularly back in early 2020. In the current editions of the BSI-Grundschutz-Kompendium, the relevant text passages have been deleted accordingly.


A term paper in 3 days is a real challenge. Because a good house work needs a lot of time. Time, which is often in short supply during exam time.

I guess it’s my duty to point out to you with a raised finger that a term paper needs more lead time if possible. Ideally, you should take several weeks for this in any case. But every student knows the stress at the end of the semester and is forced to set priorities. This one annoying housework is pushed further and further towards the deadline. Completely surprisingly only 3 days remain. What now?

The noon lies a few hours back, there also already the coffee time approaches. One of the most popular snacks, but more for socializing and relaxing than for fighting hunger.

The name Coffee time is just one of many that the people of Europe have found for a snack:

  • Brotzeit (you probably already knew it)
  • snack (yes, not very exciting)
  • Jause (now it’s getting interesting, or?)
  • Znuni (as the Swiss say)
  • Marend (common term in Tyrol)
  • Vesper (no, not the scooter, that’s the Vespa)

So the term "coffee time" is one of the more precise ones. For here at least the dominant beverage is specified; the coffee.

Quick thinking is important, but sheer processing speed is often worth less than accuracy Precision of thought. Learn 14 ways to think faster and more efficiently in this post .

Do you often feel that it takes you longer to complete tasks than your work colleagues?? Do you feel like it takes you longer to absorb new information or read a book ? Are you the last one in your class to finish an exam ?

If these difficulties sound familiar, you might be interested in how to think faster .

Menstrual cups (also menstrual cup, menstrual bell, menstrual cap, menstrual cup, period cup, or period cup) have come to symbolize sustainable period products. Because environmentally conscious living is becoming more and more important to many people. And rightly so; the consequences of years of overconsumption can already be seen.

For years good advice was expensive when it came to periods. Surely you have already noticed that you could go on vacation with your expenses for tampons and pads after 2,3 years already. Plus, these disposable products are anything but environmentally friendly in their manufacture and disposal; not to mention the chemicals that spread through your vagina thanks to tampons.

And although there are organic pads and non-bleached tampons, the resulting waste does not significantly reduce the burden on the environment.

City view Mannheim - Reiseburo Mannheim

You have the travel bug and are drawn to the big, wide world? Then you have come to the right place at Lufthansa City Center Mannheim. Our travel experts let your next dream trip come true together with you. With Lufthansa City Center you come to the most beautiful places in the world.

You know that you want to travel, but you don’t have a concrete destination in mind yet? This is no problem at all. Our travel consultants will be happy to give you an overview of the different destinations in our portfolio and find the perfect destination for you according to your individual wishes. We are aware that different people like different kinds of travel. That’s why we not only advise you on all aspects of your individual travel, but also offer, for example, adventurous special group tours. These represent a great opportunity for those of you who like to share your passion for travel with other people.

Can you eat salmon skin

Marian Weyo/

The delicate pink fillet of salmon is probably one of the most popular fish dishes in the country. At the latest when the fish is served, the eternal discussion arises: to eat salmon skin or not to eat salmon skin? This dispute can be applied to all other fish as well, as minds simply differ in taste and preferences. But is salmon skin healthy at all? How to prepare it properly? And what is the etiquette when serving salmon fillets?

Rich by playing the lottery? - Can you become a millionaire by playing the lottery?

With Lotto millionaire would like to become somehow everyone. Well, billionaires maybe excluded. But is getting rich by playing the lottery a realistic goal? Is this possible at all?

My father has played the lottery ever since I can remember. Probably started this as a young man. I remember well how I watched the draws as a child spellbound.