Example of an imprint created with the Jimdo Legal Text Manager

You probably didn’t found your company because you are so interested in legal details. These are often complicated and many feel a heartfelt sigh of despair at the mere mention of the word "imprint".

But we have good news for you: Writing an imprint is not as difficult as it sounds. You must consider only a few things and already your legal text is ready. Which are those, we reveal to you in this article.

Phil 4:19: "My God will give you out of his exceedingly rich glory through Jesus Christ all that you need."

Isn’t that a fantastic verse? One you can’t read often enough. One of our basic needs is to know that we are being taken care of. Through Paul, God explicitly addresses this verse to the Philippians. Just recently the believers shared a part of their belongings and gave it to Paul to support him. This was not only a very noble gesture, but it also shows their trust in God to provide for them. And Paul speaks it to you again explicitly. your trust is not in vain. It never is with God.

Huawei without Google: can be done – but why should I?

Huawei without Google doesn’t really work well in 2022, but at least a little better than before. Does Huawei deserve a medal for this? No! Does the company still sell smartphones for more than 1000 euros? But yes!

I’m currently working on my review of the Huawei P50 Pro, which you can read this weekend. Of course I had to go through the sad ritual of configuring a Huawei smartphone. Since Huawei is still non grata in the US, Huawei’s phones still have to do without Google Mobile Services and Google’s APIs and DRMs. Since the latter is used by many everyday apps, even in 2022 you still have to improvise with Petal Search and the AppGallery.

Apply online - the modern form of application!

The online application is already more the norm these days. If you apply online, you still need to prepare complete application documents.

The online application has become the standard form of application and has almost completely replaced the application with a classic portfolio. Except for a few and manageable application situations, as an applicant you need to have a Create online application. Familiar with the Internet, you may think that it is much easier to apply online. But this is not the case, because the requirements of the online application clearly exceed those of the classic application. However, once you have experience in the Creation of documents for the online application collected, so apply online much faster than with an application portfolio. You save the tedious work around the portfolio (buying, printing, compiling and mailing) when you apply online. In addition, the online application is much faster in the personnel department of your desired employer. But how do you apply online correctly? In this article we will give you answers based on our long experience as application writers.

Blah, blah, blah… empty phrases in the application are the reason why personnel managers hate the cover letter. Numerous letters of application still begin with "I hereby apply for the position as…" Deadly! Copied sentences and hackneyed phrases are the surest way to application rejection. The rest of the application documents are then no longer read. Opportunity lost: first work sample inadequate – someone else gets the job. We show you which phrases you should avoid at all costs in your application and give you tips for better formulations..

➠ Content: What you can expect

Protection against malware - these tricks protect against viruses, trojans and co.

Malware for computers, smartphones and tablets comes in a wide variety of forms. The under the term Malware As a user, you must not only be aware of the various possibilities for infiltrating a digital system, spying on it or using it to obtain data, but also be able to identify them in case of doubt. The best thing to do is to surf the Internet safely in the first place or. uses a service that works in the background to prevent threats. Here in the article you will find various tips and tricks, which sometimes require knowledge and time, and sometimes work fully automatically ;)

Safe surfing and structured e-mail use

One way to protect yourself from malware (viruses, Trojans, ransomware, adware, spyware, etc) is to use these tricks.), is to use the Internet very carefully. But this means checking every single link before you click on it. It also involves studying terms and conditions, which I don’t think many people do. In addition, you would have to create your own email address for virtually every online service, forum and social network you sign up for. This is the only way to track exactly through which service you get spam and phishing mails or if a scammer mail was sent to the wrong address on good luck.

Venice Airport Transfer – the world famous lagoon city, with at last count well over twenty million visitors per year, is easily accessible due to its geographical position on the edge of the Adriatic Sea. Tourists arrive by car, buses of all kinds, train, cruise ships or plane.

Venice itself is car-free and the journey itself ends for all means of transport in a parking lot, bus or train station or at the cruise terminal. For all means of transport, see this article. Only the airports through which you can fly to Venice are located a little outside on the mainland and require an appropriate airport transfer.

You are interested in the fascinating world of bats? How you can protect the bat and help it in its natural environment is described in more detail in the following article. First of all, here are some facts and interesting background knowledge about the bat in general and its behavioral patterns.

Unfortunately, bats are considered an endangered species worldwide. Also in Germany many species are on the red list. The bat’s habitats often overlap with those of humans. Whether in the attic, in tree hollows or wall niches – the small mammals like to look for a summer and winter quarters near human dwellings.

Language sometimes has its pitfalls: There are several terms that make you wonder about their so-called political correctness. Among such terms is the greeting "Ski Heil" occasionally used on the slopes!". But is it even allowed to say that, when the word "Heil" may remind one or the other of the dark times in German history? SnowTrex takes a closer look:

The word history of "Heil

The greeting "Heil" goes back to the Latin "Salve", which means "hello". Originally it was intended as a blessing with positive connotations. The word gained a negative meaning gravity by the use in the political context in the National Socialism. The Hitler salutes "Sieg Heil" and "Heil Hitler" expressed the personality cult around the "Fuhrer" and have been banned in Germany and Austria since 1945.

Mercedes’ Mike Elliott doesn’t think the sheer performance of the cars for the 2022 Formula One season will be much different than last year’s

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Mercedes technical director Mike Elliott believes that this year’s Formula 1 cars will have a "relatively similar" feel, despite the revision of the technical regulations will offer performance levels similar to 2021, even though it represents the biggest change to the rulebook since the V6 hybrid era began in 2014.

Prototype of the Formula 1 car for 2022

How much slower will Formula 1 really be in 2022 with the new cars? Zoom Download