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You would like to learn an instrument and are thinking about starting to play it? Then you are right here! We present you the most important facts, advantages and accessories of the violin and give you some practical tips along the way.

Why learn to play the violin?

The violin is a great and versatile instrument! But why exactly should you start playing the violin??
The main reason to start playing should of course always be the fun and love of music. But in addition to that, there are even more reasons to play the violin.

Hospitals and geriatric care facilities increasingly have to care for very heavy and severely overweight people – a task with multiple challenges for both occupational health and safety and humane nursing and medical care. The decisive factor here is good preparation of the facilities before a shooting situation occurs.

Hardly any hospital is prepared for the emergency care of heavy patients. The first hurdles are already encountered in the emergency room: there is often a lack of resilient patient stretchers and chairs, blood pressure monitors and nursing materials in the appropriate sizes. The functional units for diagnostics, such as radiology, the cardiac catheter measuring station and sonography, are often not designed for heavy people with their corresponding body dimensions. If an operation is necessary, there may be. only operating tables are available which do not meet the requirements for safe working loads and also have a much too narrow lying surface. But even transferring patients to the operating table is a challenge, as the sluice tables are often only designed for patients weighing up to 160 kg.

Overweight and obesity in numbers

  • Whether someone is overweight is usually determined on the basis of the body mass index (BMI). This is calculated according to the following formula: BMI = weight / height 2 . The weight in kilograms and the size in meters are taken into account here.
  • According to the World Health Organization’s classification, overweight begins at a BMI of 25, and at a BMI of 30 or more, it is called severe overweight or obesity.
  • According to a study by the Robert Koch Institute, 53.0 percent of women and 67.1 percent of men in Germany are currently overweight. The proportion of obese people has increased in recent years. It is currently 23.9 percent of women and 23.3 percent of men.
  • However, the extent to which a person’s weight poses special challenges for nursing and medical care does not depend on BMI alone.
  • Example 1: A non-ambulatory patient is 1.60 meters tall and weighs 80 kilograms. She has a BMI of 31.2 and is therefore severely overweight. The round body shape makes it difficult to move this patient, but the regular aids and other equipment of the hospital are perfectly sufficient in this case.
  • Example 2: A patient who is also unable to walk measures 2.05 meters and weighs 115 kilograms. He has a BMI of 27.4 and is therefore not yet considered obese. Nevertheless, due to his weight, he can only be moved with aids. At the same time, pay attention to the load-bearing capacity of equipment and materials here.

Stresses on the musculoskeletal system of employees

Even caring for "normal-weight" people (80 kg) places (too) great a demand on the musculoskeletal system, as shown by laboratory studies conducted by the BGW together with the Leibniz Institute for Occupational Research at the Technical University of Dortmund. Many transfer, positioning and mobilization situations here are far above the recommended values.

Pensioner jogging across a bridge (symbolic image)

Early retirement – is it possible and can I afford it?? The case study of Peter K. shows what applicants need to consider and how they can calculate their actual pension.

Munich – When it comes to retirement, Peter K. (name changed) did not give a thought for many years. Everything went well in the job, in the family too. Everything will work out, was his attitude. Now the employee, who has worked for a publishing house in Munich for over 20 years, is 63 years old and divorced. Many a lifelong dream has been shattered… And the pension*?

Everyone has narcissistic traits, but that doesn’t make him a narcissist. Narcissism expert Chris Oeuvray explains the four characteristics that make up a narcissist, what a toxic relationship looks like, and why such unions need a clean break.

Melanie is 35 and is in the middle of life. She meets Ronald and falls in love with him. He embodies everything she has ever wanted: he is great looking, eloquent, charming, confident and successful. Within a short time they marry and become parents. Soon Ronald shows his other face. He is choleric, cheats on Melanie, makes her responsible for everything bad. At first Melanie defends herself and the situation escalates more and more often – more and more. She gives in for the sake of harmony and resigns. Her self-confidence crumbles and she falls step by step into his narcissistic trap until she is at his mercy. Her marriage becomes hell. Melanie recognizes this and wants to separate. To prevent this from happening, Ronald pulls out all the stops. He spoils her, in the next moment he tortures her, he finishes her off. He accuses her of being a failure, stalks her until she almost goes crazy. On top of all this, he threatens to harm the children. He knows her vulnerabilities and exploits them shamelessly. She is devastated.

How such a relationship with a narcissist arises and develops, I describe in the thriller "Fatally in love", which deals with the fictitious love affair between Ronald and Melanie. Ronald binds Melanie to him, manipulates her, makes her dependent on him, abuses her emotionally. For those affected and their relatives, it is often inexplicable how someone gets into such a toxic relationship. For the person affected, on the other hand, it is often difficult to leave the narcissist.

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Churches in Germany have been struggling with dwindling membership numbers for years. Since 1990, around 9.5 million believers have left the two major Christian denominations. This article deals with the advantages and disadvantages of leaving the church.

Church resignation wage statement with church tax crossed out

In this article

The first step is the hardest and many fail at it, although they want to start with sports. ausdauerblog shows you the way from wanting to do

But why is that? In this article I will explain the background and show you how you can finally get going and stop talking about "could", "should" or "ought".

Go ahead throw the subjunctive out the window and let us start with sports. And not tomorrow, next week or next year – but today.

At this point we first think about what kind of plane it should be. Do we want a glider? A slope tiller or rather a high performance glider? Maybe we would prefer a powered glider with which we can go to competitions. And we build all this from wood, when everyone who knows about this subject uses GRP and carbon fiber? This somehow does not sound right.
More realistic is a PSS (Power Scale Soaring) glider made of balsa. Thermal gliders, motor planes, scale or not, all that can be built out of balsa but nothing that is "high performance" has in the name. The material is simply not good enough for that and that’s why you just don’t see wooden models on many competitions.


This section is actually only important for scale models. Exemplary models should look just like the model. There are different levels, from "looks similar" to "looks like" until "the rivets are all in their proper place". Accordingly, you also need the appropriate documents. Most of the pictures are still available at Flickr. All other links are less worthwhile compared to Flickr. There is simply no "more" of pictures. Three-page views can be found with Google within minutes. However, some are inaccurate and should be compared with real photos.

If the internet research is too time-consuming (we could also use this time for building) just buy a book. Amazon and especially Moduni have good books. A cardboard kit is also suitable as a template. They are often very detailed.

Marc Reichwein

W hen writing an intellectual biography? Stefan Muller-Doohm, emeritus professor in Oldenburg, has specialized in the sociology of intellectuals, and has written, among other things, a standard work on Adorno. His recently published biography of Jurgen Habermas is 750 pages long, a veritable caliber of bricks; but one does not get the impression that its author has set himself more goals as a biographer than the extremely honest one of comprehensively tracing the career, work and life of the person portrayed, i.e., in exhaustive detail.

The reviews, which were published around Habermas’ 85. birthday on 18. June appeared, criticized that restrained enough not to spoil the congratulatory mood. And yet they named a sore point: When the "Suddeutsche Zeitung" criticizes that "Muller-Dohm remains mute as an interpreter of his main figure," that is: as a biographer, he does not take a stance on his object, then it raises a value judgment that would be devastating for any biographer of Bismarck or Hitler.

One of the first tasks of a dog owner is to housebreak his dog.

One of the first questions a newly housebroken dog owner asks is: