muscle building, i.e. the increase of muscle mass resp. the muscle cross section increase, is called in the science also muscular hypertrophy.

In the 80’s, muscular hypertrophy was primarily popular among bodybuilders. Today, building muscle mass is one of the most common training goals in the gym. The reasons to build muscle can vary from person to person. A large proportion of those who build muscle do so for aesthetic reasons. Others want to achieve an increase in physical performance through greater muscle mass. Health aspects can also be the intention for muscle building training.

In the following article, we will first discuss the physiological principles of muscle growth and the factors that influence it. Subsequently, the most important training parameters for an optimal muscle building training are explained and exemplary training plans are presented. Finally, an insight into the elementary principles of nutrition for a successful muscle build-up is given.

Shy away from upgrading to SSD by yourself? We show you step by step how to turn your notebook into a new speed wonder without any losses.

ssd-vs-hard disk-625

The advantages that an SSD (Solid State Disk or Solid State Drive – simplified also called SSD hard disk) built into a notebook has over a conventional hard disk are obvious: Extremely low access times significantly accelerate the working speed of a notebook with SSD – so starting the operating system and programs only takes a fraction of the time needed with a hard disk. If you equip your notebook with 8 GB of RAM and an SSD, for example, you create a system that can hardly be topped in terms of performance and speed: Even a proud 16 GB of RAM equipment could not keep up here in combination with a conventional hard drive. More about this in our article: "What does a RAM and/or SSD upgrade bring in practice??"

Especially in mobile use, the flash memory also benefits from the fact that it has no moving parts and can therefore be mechanically extraordinarily robust is. Pleasant side effect: An SSD works silently and requires no cooling during operation. Because it requires less power to operate, it conserves notebook battery power.

What discourages many from upgrading to an SSD: It is an intervention in the overall system of the notebook, d.h. existing software and data are also affected. However, for technically interested people who follow some basic rules, the installation of a flash memory is a simple and safe matter. We show you step by step how to turn your notebook into a new speed wonder without any losses – you can find the right SSD for your device at CompuRAM.

Cat drinks water

Your cat drinks a lot? If you notice that your pet is drinking more water for no apparent reason, this can be very disturbing at first. Many cat owners* are very worried when the behavior of their pet suddenly changes: An increased need for rest, a decrease in the urge to clean or even a change in eating and drinking behavior can often be a symptom of an illness. But also less bad causes can be behind it. We give you a comprehensive overview of possible causes and inform you about what you can do to make sure your cat is healthy.

How much water does a cat normally drink?

To clarify when your cat is drinking too much, it is important to know how high the water intake should ideally be for cats. Cats are naturally able to cope with little liquid. The reason for this is the high concentration of urine in cats, which ensures that less fluid is excreted during urination. So phases with little water can be bridged better than by other animals. But what is a concrete guideline to know how much a cat should drink per day??

Meaning behind St. Nicholas Day: who was Nicholas of Myra?

On 6. December 2022 is St. Nicholas Day. But what is the significance of this day at all?? Here we explain who Nicholas of Myra was.

On 6. December 2022 Santa Claus comes to visit many families, for whom empty boots and stockings are provided. According to custom, these are then to be filled overnight by the pre-Christmas visitor.

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Installing a new graphics card in the PC is not that hard at all. We show you in simple steps how this works.

Installing a graphics card: Simply explained for beginners

Hull city owner acun ilicali and his incredible rise: from jeans salesman to club owner in england

Acun Ilicali (52) was once a sports journalist with an entry-level salary of $100. Since last week, the Turk is now the owner of the English club Hull City. How a former jeans salesman realized his childhood dream.

Cem Yilmaz is one of the funniest people in Turkey. The now 48-year-old has made standup comedy respectable in the country. His performances are invariably sold out – even internationally. What is the secret of his success, Yilmaz was once asked. He replied: "I’m not joking. I tell people what happens in life. And they laugh about it. And I tell things I laugh at myself."

Can you travel faster than light?

Science fiction shows the way: In series like "Star Trek" spaceships move faster than light. According to the theory of relativity this cannot and must not be the case. Could there still be a way?

Berlin – He clearly defined the physical limits of our world: Albert Einstein, Nobel laureate and one of the most important natural scientists in history, presented his theory of relativity more than 100 years ago.

Fully prepared for 4 whole weeks incl. Shopping lists, snack ideas, meal prep u.v.m.

You do a few home workouts and the excess pounds melt away, no matter how much you eat – this is the image that many weight loss enthusiasts have in mind. But is it really that simple??

"But I worked out today, I can treat myself to this candy bar/burger/cocktail as a reward."

More power through more money? Why bonuses are often counterproductive



B is 50 percent on top? Variable salary components are common – especially in large companies, but also sales in medium-sized companies generate a part of their income depending on success.

Can monthly lenses be worn longer?

Monthly disposable lenses for three months, daily disposable lenses for five days – contact lens wearers who don’t stick to the recommended wearing times are risking the health of their eyes. Read here why you should not wear contact lenses longer.

Contact lenses: how long you can wear them?

Internet forums often ask how long you can really wear contact lenses. Is it okay to keep lenses on late into the night? Can monthly lenses be worn for longer than 30 days? And can daily disposable lenses be used again the next day?? The answer to these questions is simple: contact lenses should not be worn Never wear longer Than recommended by the manufacturer or contact lens specialist.