on sunday, sonja and rudi seidel celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in schneckenlohe. A long-time married couple’s tip for a happy partnership: "Cohesion is the most important thing." they have raised two sons together and overcome many a low point. But the couple never lost heart. "We have always worked hard, been industrious and today we are doing well.", says rudi seidel. the pensioner had worked for 50 years in a carpenter’s workshop in weidhausen as a carpenter for construction and furniture. After his sons were grown, his wife sonja started working again. "but we always had agriculture on the side. We made our own butter and cheese, had a poultry farm, sheep and rabbits", she says. "And a big garden, he adds, and both say they have won several awards for their flower arrangements. "Since we retired, however, we have shifted down a gear.", says rudi seidel.
Dancing is still one of the couple’s great hobbies. Sonja seidel: "where there is something, we are there. Now it’s mostly the dance teas on sunday afternoon." and they talk about their travels to poland, norway, france, switzerland and the netherlands. "our next destination is scotland. We are looking forward to it. We often travel with the farmers’ association or the district horticultural association. we know many travelers."
And it’s not just traveling or dancing that keeps them fit. They eat healthily, do regular gymnastics and are interested in medicine and naturopathy, regularly go to medical lectures in the hospital. Rudi seidel: "when we go to the doctor, we tell him what we’ve got."

When your period starts every month, it is a good sign that everything is fine with your hormonal balance. But sometimes PMS symptoms make themselves felt for days, but menstruation is a long time coming. These 7 home remedies can trigger your period.

Tampon and panty liner

Woman with menstrual calendar in hand

Why do we see colors??


The world of colors is an illusion. Our color perception results from the cooperation between eyes and brain – with the help of stored knowledge and experiences, personal mood and state of mind.

Color vision in the eye is a physiological and a psychological Process. The physiological or biochemical process begins directly in the eye. Vision is only possible with light – when light rays hit an object, they are reflected by it and finally reach our eye. In the eye, light rays pass through several layers and finally reach the retina. The retina plays an important role for color vision. It is composed of over 100 million photoreceptors, which can be divided into two different types: Cones and rods (so-called. photoreceptors).

Whether it’s a fabulous dream wedding, a glittering ball night, a glamorous event or a big family celebration – there are numerous special occasions that call for a special hairstyle. For example Updos or also artfully Braided hairstyles a guarantee for a sensational appearance.

Special hairstyles for special occasions

High the hair!

Updos are, so to speak, the divas among the hairstyles. They turn long hair into an elegant accessory for any occasion. Stars wear them on the red carpet, princesses and queens at gala evenings and receptions.

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Corona has not only caused grievances, but above all has highlighted them. An example of this is the shortage of teachers in compulsory schools. Now in Salzburg, hours are being subtracted from speech-language teachers to maintain regular operations. Professional representatives fear the worst, education director tries to reassure.

"With the instruction of the education directorate of Salzburg to use the hours of speech-language teachers for other purposes, the starting signal is given for massive savings, which will reduce the offer and the quality of our compulsory schools lastingly", worries the chairwoman of the "Salzburger Lehrer/innenverein" SALVE, Christina Haslauer, in a mailing.

Actually, Construction Minister Hans Reichhart (CSU) came to Kulmbach on Thursday only because of the planned campus. When he drove on a good hour later, he had a whole wish list in his luggage – from the university to the barrier-free accessibility of the train station to the connection to the Greater Nuremberg Transportation Network (VGN).

However, Reichhart will not be in office for too much longer. Because the Minister of Construction and Transport wants to vote in the local elections on 15. March district administrator of Gunzburg to be. That it is "not bad at all when a minister comes who will not be in office for long", stated Lord Mayor Henry Schramm (CSU). Because: "It is easier for him to evaluate certain facts positively this way."

These were the major topics: 1. The development of the freight station site into a university A faculty of the University of Bayreuth is to be established on the former freight station site. 1000 students are to be educated here one day. 16,000 square meters of the site already belong to the city of Kulmbach. 32,000 square meters are owned by Kulmbacher Brewery. According to the mayor, the plans are already so far advanced that "all we have to do now is get together to acquire the land".

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A power outage lasting for days is fortunately relatively rare, but it can happen naturally. Mostly Fuse blown out and the power is only gone for a short time. If the power outage lasts longer than a few minutes, most people rightly worry about the Food in your freezer. What to keep in mind regarding the shelf life of meat, fish and ice cream? How many hours it will take for the food to defrost?

Power failure at the freezer – it depends on the duration

Power outage

Whether you can still enjoy your food depends on the Duration of the power failure from. Modern refrigerators are well insulated, so a power outage that lasts only a few hours is usually not a problem. As a rule of thumb, freezers can be left without power for up to 5 hours without anything happening. Check the temperature inside the freezer. If it is below +3°C, there is no danger. Because frozen food does not thaw that quickly, only when the Temperature in the plus range for hours lies, it can become problematic.

Identity theft and anti-spoofing

The Identity theft on the Internet Has increased significantly in recent years. This refers to the various techniques used to impersonate another person and commit crimes, usually related to money laundering. Although many spoofing attacks occur via email or computer, there are techniques that are less well known to the public and businesses, but are very dangerous. This includes the so-called Facial Spoofing, in which a person’s face is imitated or used to impersonate them, in an attempt to identify their Control systems for biometric facial recognition to outsmart.

The development of technologies and solutions in the field of cybersecurity had the so-called Anti-spoofing as a result. By definition, anti-spoofing is a technique used to detection of identity theft, alerting the relevant authorities or institutions and blocking accesses to protect the rights of users and companies they interact with on a daily basis, such as banks, mobile operators or insurance companies.

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Zipper broken? Or is stuck or no longer holds? Do not give up yet. Many zippers can still be saved. Plus: Why you should always close zippers before washing them.

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Cancer in the colon can manifest itself in different ways, depending on where in the colon the tumor is located and how large it is.

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