Insemination dog

In some breeds, artificial insemination is necessary because the parties involved either cannot perform the mating, the natural mating act or do not want it due to temperament.

In very rare breeds, the semen can also be sent as fresh or frozen semen. The bitch then does not have to be transported over long distances and the breeds can still be preserved in this way.

Freedom Column. Photo: Sighard Gille

Photo: Sighard Gille

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Today, Tuesday, 4. June, at 6 p.m. a special exhibition will be opened in the Stadtgeschichtliches Museum in Bottchergasschen. The museum shows works of the well-known Leipzig painter Sighard Gille, whose paintings are usually rather large in the neighboring Museum of Fine Arts to see. For years, however, Gille has also been working with photography – and with a very special kind of photography at that. One that very much suits his painter’s view of the world.

Saving money without sacrificing - it works with these tricks

At the beginning of the year there is often a hangover on the account. Time to uncover your cost traps! These simple tricks will save you a lot of money.

A coffee to go, the trendy shirt and sushi during the lunch break – with such small pleasure purchases we sabotage ourselves in our goal to finally spend less money. If you are aware of your habits, you can actively counteract them. These tricks will save you a lot of money in the aggregate.

Building muscle through nutrition: not only protein and carbohydrates are important. Nutrition also plays an important role in muscle building. (Source: Thinkstock by Getty Images)

Muscles do not grow through sports alone, the right diet is just as important. This is the only way that the powerhouses can get the building blocks they need. We asked a sports expert what matters when it comes to building muscle.

If you want to build muscle mass, strength training alone will not get you far. He also needs to take a critical look at his diet: Lacking key macro- and micronutrients, muscles lack important tools for growth. Read here which foods and nutrients a strong musculature needs.

Having a child today can be planned consciously. Your health plays a very important role, because the mother’s body will be the baby’s environment and protective space for nine months.

Your lifestyle, diet, and mental and physical health affect the healthy and undisturbed development of the baby. So take the planned pregnancy as an opportunity to consciously pay attention to your body, your thoughts and feelings.

With the doctor

Desired children: best preparation


Laughed at and insulted, tied up against her will, cut open without permission: some mothers are traumatized by the birth of their child.

Birth is painful anyway. However, many women also experience physical or psychological violence during the most formative hours of their lives. What has long been hushed up is now being brought out into the open by more and more mothers.

The vaccination against Covid-19: Hardly any other topic triggered so much discussion last year. And hardly any other measure can have such a lasting effect on the course of the Corona pandemic. But should the vaccination therefore be made compulsory? How could such a vaccination obligation look concretely? And is this legal at all? Austria is the first country to demonstrate how and what is possible.

Symbol image Coronavirus vaccination

On 04. February 2022 a vaccination obligation against Corona comes into force in Austria. It was passed two weeks earlier by the Austrian parliament. It applies to all persons over the age of 18, with the exception of pregnant women or persons who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons.

One week of recovery and relaxed training had to be enough to be fit again at the start of the team competition of the regional league in Jena – and it was enough!! &

Author: markusliebelt

After the morning my father his first triathlon (virtually without training in 1:15 h!), I had to swim 500 m relay, run 10 km with the team and finally 40 km team time trial in the afternoon. (Report BLICK Erzgebirge)

Swimming went great and I was able to catch up four places as third swimmer. Conrad did the rest and so we went as 4. to the run. We showed a good team performance, MaDu made the pace, Conrad and I took turns pushing Alex and thus the team to a strong running time.

Some time ago your partner left you or you fell unhappily in love with a good friend of yours. But now, after weeks and months, you realize: "I can’t forget her!"

You’re desperately wondering:

A provocation: If the woman is significantly older than the man, as in the case of Heidi Klum, 43, and Vito Schnabel, 30 (l.), it is said that this can not go well. But that was also the case with Mirja, 40, and Sky du Mont, 69 - although the difference was 29 years

K latsch is the opposite of liberal. He is like a snake hissing around the celebrities. And where it misses the observance of a norm, there it bites. When actor Sky du Mont and Mirja Becker got together, she rattled out loud: "29 years of age difference? This can not go well. What does he want to compensate? And does the woman have a father complex?"

They were still together at the Golden Camera in February: Mirja and Sky DuMont