Brain research Why we learn much more than we think while we sleep

Who hasn’t fallen asleep in front of the TV in the evening and woken up again a few hours later to find out how frightening the program can be during the night?? "Never mind!", you will say. "During sleep, you don’t hear what’s on TV."

This is also true – when it comes to conscious experience. But while we sleep, the brain is by no means lying idle. It rather uses sleep to sort out the day’s information. Thus, in problem-solving tasks, the people who not only think about a task, but are also allowed to sleep on it, perform better.

Problems are best solved at night in bed

Surprisingly, the brain can do even more, because even in sleep it is still actively listening – and this can even be measured. To do this, test subjects were first trained to react differently to words they heard: For example, when they heard the name of an animal (as in the word "horse"), they pressed a button with their left hand. When they saw an object (e.g. a book), they pressed right.

They are the new ones at the top of the DGB Baden-Wurttemberg: Kai Burmeister and Maren Diebel-Ebers. At the weekend, the metalworker and the unionist were elected in Stuttgart. An interview about her motivation for the task and capitalism.

Half video conference, half live: conversation with the new DGB-BW leaders Kai Burmeister, in front, and Maren Diebel-Ebers, connected in large format. Photos: Joachim E. Rottgers

Half video conference, half live: conversation with the new DGB-BW leaders Kai Burmeister, in front, and Maren Diebel-Ebers, connected in large format. Photos: Joachim E. Rottgers

Leek or beanstalk – derogatory terms for very thin people. While most people complain about losing weight and finally losing weight sustainably, many a skinny person has the problem that they simply don’t gain weight. But do you manage to gain weight in a healthy way? Natty Gains has 8 tips for you on how to gain weight healthily.

Gain weight healthily - Lots of calories, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates

Underweight and the BMI (Body Mass Index)

First of all: what does it actually mean when we talk about being underweight? All people whose BMI is below 18.5 are considered underweight. The lower limit rises to 22 after the age of 65. The calculation of BMI is totally simple:

Proper dog training: steps and tricks to get your puppy or dog housebroken. ✓Dog guide ✓simple ✓stress-free

Small puppies should be housetrained as soon as possible housetraining. Sometimes already adult dogs also have problems with cleanliness. How do you teach the dog to be housetrained and what is the reason if it does not work??

Getting dogs housebroken takes a lot of time and patience

Baking pizza at home is easier than many think. A few tricks can help. Some ingredients are better sauteed beforehand, while others are added to the pizza later.

The Pizza Margherita with basil, mozzarella and parmesan does not come without tomato sauce. For this it is best to use chunky canned tomatoes and season with salt, pepper, a pinch of sugar and, if necessary, a little oregano and fresh garlic

Hamburg – Puff pastry, curd-oil dough – the base of a pizza can be prepared in different ways. However, if you are a pizza maker and like it very classic, knead a yeast dough.

Due to an error where various program icons stopped displaying, I decided to start a system restore, on a ca. 2.5 month old restore point.

The system restore worked without any problems, i.e. without any error message during the restore process.

After that I noticed that certain programs like Firefox, Chrome or Opera simply didn’t open anymore when clicked on. No matter if shortcut or EXE file.

It depends on the particular requirement of a staff member.

No one has to sit on a bad evaluation

Faulty job reference No one has to sit on a bad evaluation. Photo: Bruce Mars on Unsplash

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most common and well-studied forms of psychotherapy. It combines two therapeutic approaches: cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy .

Which treatment methods are used depends on what the problem, disease or disorder is. But the basic idea of the therapy is always the same: What we think, how we behave and what feelings others trigger in us are closely interrelated – and are crucial to our well-being.

Graphic: The basic idea of cognitive behavioral therapy: thoughts, feelings and behavior are closely related

Morocco ends flight ban on 7. February to resume the closure of its airspace after more than two months. As reported by the Maghreb Post, the decision is justified by the authorities with the positive development of the pandemic situation in the country. However, it is not yet clear who will actually be allowed to use the resumed air traffic to enter the country, and what rules will apply.

View over the roofs of Marrakech

Morocco opens from 7. February, the airspace for international flights was reopened.

In a press release, the Moroccan government announced on 27. January announced that international air traffic would be reopened on 7. February is to be resumed. This had previously been suggested by a technical and scientific committee overseeing the development of the Corona pandemic. At the same time, a committee was tasked with determining the specific conditions for opening the border. The decision must also be made as to which groups of people should be allowed to enter the country and what the conditions to be met for this are. Whether, for example, German holidaymakers will be able to travel to Morocco again from 7. February will be possible again, has not yet been determined. In the past, Morocco had already used entry bans and airspace closures several times as a protective measure against the spread of the coronavirus.

Gitti makes tv history on "die hohle der lowen" (the lion's den)

Gitti has succeeded in doing what no start-up on the TV show "Die Hohle der Lowen" has ever done before: Founder Jennifer Baum-Minkus not only convinced all five "lions" of her water-based and odorless nail colors, all five were also willing to accept the 35-year-old’s offer of an eight percent stake in her company for 300.000 euros without hesitation. The deal it looked like at the end of the show, however, did not materialize.

Jennifer Baum-Minkus had a free choice on "Die Hohle der Lowen" (The Lion’s Den). And this rarely happens in the founder’s show. The investors Judith Williams, Dagmar Wohrl, Carsten Maschmeyer, Dr. Georg Kofler and Ralf Dummel were all ready to invest in their company Gitti to invest. On the show, the founder decided to take an eight percent stake in her startup for 300.000 euros to Judith Williams. In addition, she made another offer – also a first: one of the "lions" was to be kept for another 50.000 euros with around 1.3 percent in Gitti can participate. This offer was accepted by Dagmar Wohrl.

However, talks following the show failed to produce an agreement among the three entrepreneurs, according to several media outlets, with neither the deal with Williams nor with Wohrl coming to fruition.