Swiss bow made easy

The Swiss arch, also called a link arch, is used for larger roof projections as a connection between gutter and downpipe. With an almost right-angled tube knee and the cylindrical design, the conditions are not exactly ideal. For example, there is a risk of blockage and the drainage behavior could also be better. Nevertheless, Swiss arches, along with gutter pots, are considered the jewels of any roof drainage system. Since time immemorial, they have adorned many buildings and channel rainwater from the gutter into the pipe with timeless beauty and elegance. For us tinsmiths, Swiss bends also offer the opportunity to show what we can do. Unfortunately, in reality it often looks different: Take measurements, call the wholesaler and shortly thereafter assemble the industrially manufactured water deflector. Industrially manufactured elbows are usually in two parts and consist of a pipe angle and a pipe elbow, which is drawn in (folded) on one side by a special process. The expanded elbow and the elbow are simply plugged together. To be noted:

  • The plug-in connection at the 87° angle must be made watertight.
  • The poorer drainage behavior must be taken into account in the channel calculation.

Is manual work still up to date?

Are we assemblers or craftsmen? Of course, the purchased link arc is perfectly manufactured and more economical, but the decisive factor is that old knowledge is increasingly lost. In addition, the industry is at its wit’s end at the latest with the tapered design. A plumber who masters his craft must know certain activities and working techniques. This also includes designing and fabricating a Swiss bow. In order to impart these skills and expertise, there are the inter-company apprentice training courses, known as ulus for short. There, skills are taught that are not sufficiently taught in the specialized companies. It is mostly old techniques that young plumbers repeatedly fail to understand. Those who master these working techniques are much less likely to have problems on the construction site. In addition, the ulus also teach new techniques and materials such as foil roofs and liquid plastics.

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Women can not build muscle? Evil prejudice.

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It’s true that women can’t build muscle quite as fast as men can. This is partly because they have more fat and less muscle mass to begin with. In addition, the body hardly produces testosterone. But: it does not matter at all. Very few women want huge mountains of muscle, but rather well-defined muscles. And you can do it without any problems.

A few days ago, a message with the following question fluttered into our Pushing Limits mailbox: What do you actually think of an athlete flying halay around the world in order to compete in an Ironman 70.3 races to qualify for Ironman Hawaii? A subject on which opinions differ.

  • Cover photo: Getty Images for Ironman

Ironman Hawaii is the elixir of the World Triathlon Corporation. A participation at the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island is something like the accolade for every endurance athlete who has managed to qualify for this race by a special performance. At 41 Ironman events worldwide, athletes have the chance to secure one of the coveted and hotly contested Hawaii slots. Meanwhile, it’s over 2.400 athletes compete in the Hawaiian heat each October to find the world champions in their age groups.

With gambling addiction officially recognized by the World Health Organization as a mental illness, we ask our experts for guidance on what it is and what steps parents can take to protect children from developing the condition.

What is gambling addiction and how you can prevent children from developing it?

Since gambling addiction has been officially recognized as a mental illness by the World Health Organization, we ask our experts for guidance on what it is and what steps parents can take to protect children from developing the disorder.

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olson: The twin sisters appeared in the same role on the U.S. series 'Full House' when they were toddlers, even sharing the same name ('Mary-Kate Ashley Olson'). Since 1991 they have jointly owned a marketing company, and since 2006 they have jointly owned the (expensive) fashion brand 'The Row'. They are also usually seen together at public appearances. Their fortune is said to be 325 million dollars each. Incidentally, a still third sister, Elizabeth, and a brother belong to the immediate family

F rior, when she was little, she often went to the garage next to the house to sing. Two, sometimes three hours long. Singing just made her happy, she couldn’t get enough of it. She had barricaded herself in the garage because her singing in the house got on everyone’s nerves terribly.

"Shut up already!", her sister often screamed, says Katharina. Margrit, who now lives several hours away from her by plane, will probably tell us how much this drove her crazy at the time.


The evolution of the Internet and the digital world is unstoppable, and that’s a good thing. The Internet 2.0 offers an ever-increasing range of possibilities, and we can eagerly await the great innovations we can look forward to in the future. But where there is light, there is also shadow.

With the advance of digitalization, more and more crime is occurring on the Internet. The privacy of many users is no longer private and data is spied out. However, we are by no means powerless against it. We show with our tips how important data and one’s own privacy remain secure.

It’s not the calendar age but the biological age of your vessels that counts – these are the findings of a U.S. study that analyzed the health data of more than 126 people.000 patients studied. Have you already determined your biological age?

Biological age is not just a marketing ploy, but represents an important predictor of life expectancy. This is the result of a recent study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

Jumping rope is the ideal stamina training and additionally burns a lot of calories. An often underestimated sport, which scores with some advantages. Low material costs, low time expenditure and due to the high calorie consumption an efficient whole body workout which supports weight loss.

The jumping line trains the whole body and is the ideal sport for losing weight because of the high calorie consumption

SN/ pixabay hans Jumping rope trains the whole body and is the ideal sport for losing weight due to the high calorie consumption.

Benefits and effects of rope skipping

Jumping rope is a highly efficient whole body workout for men and women, which uses important muscles. Regular rope skipping improves endurance, coordination, balance, agility, dexterity, speed and strength. In the strength area, muscle building takes place mainly in the leg muscles. The sport of jumping rope is also perfect for losing weight, because the calorie consumption is very high and thus the kilos fall quickly.

What to consider when establishing forest stands?

If a new forest stand is to be established because the previous stand has been harvested or storms or calamities have made this necessary, planning for this must begin as early as possible. In order to be able to create optimal conditions for the new forest generation, it is first necessary to determine which operational goal is to be achieved on this area.


Description of the picture element:

  • Which tree species are to grow on the area? Depending on the location, this can be a larger or smaller selection of tree species. If a site mapping is available, it should definitely be used for the answer.
  • Should the area be a pure stand or a mixed stand? While pure stands are usually easier to maintain, mixed stands offer much greater security against potential risks. Hardwood admixtures in conifer stands often make better use of the site’s nutrient supply and the stand has a higher overall growth rate. Taking nutrients from deeper in the soil introduces bases into the nutrient cycle, improving humus form and increasing the available nutrient supply in the topsoil.
  • Are there risks and restrictions given on the site? This can be just as climatic aspects (wet snow, storm risks) as special characteristics of the site. This also includes the question of whether special risks or at least changed conditions arise for the new forest stand as a result of climate warming, which influence the choice of tree species and the rotation period.

Once the above questions have been answered and operational goals and opportunities have been reconciled, the on-site assessment follows.

Schutzwald | give away rainforest

The earth’s rainforests are threatened – and need your help! Whether for yourself or as sustainable gift with personal certificate – For only 5 Euro you can 5 square meters protect valuable rainforest for half a century together with us – or give it away! – and preserve the forest, the environment and the climate for the future.

In the heart of Panama lies the protected forest "Los Monos": a living, species-rich rainforest in the province of ChiriquI. The SchutzWald not only provides a home for capuchin monkeys, mangrove trees and numerous parrot species, it is also our most important climate protector.