The law stipulates that every website that is operated on a business basis must have an imprint. The situation is different if the website is used exclusively for private purposes. How this demarcation is to be carried out exactly you experience in this article.

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Several mini-jobs at the same time

Mini-jobs are popular. Around 2.8 million people in Germany work part-time – often alongside their main job. However, the legislator sets narrow limits for the exemption from taxes and social security contributions. This applies especially if several mini-jobs are carried out at the same time. But what exactly defines a mini-job? Which social security contributions have to be paid and when can mini-jobbers be exempted from them?

What is a minijob?

A mini-job is a marginal employment. It lies gem. § 8 Abs. 1 no. 1 of the German Social Code IV (SGB IV), if the regular salary does not exceed 450 euros per month. Temporary employment relationships – so-called short-term employment – also count according to. § 8 para. 1 No. 2 SGB IV as a mini-job, provided that the activity is limited to a maximum of 3 months or 70 working days per year, is not performed on a regular basis and the remuneration does not exceed the limit of 450 euros per month.

A year-round comfortably tempered, spacious apartment with a well-stocked pantry: not only humans like this, but rats do too – in the form of a compost heap. But how do you get rid of the lodgers??

Rats love compost, but most of all they love raw food. That’s why exemplary compost piles in particular are very tempting to rodents. Many garden owners believe that waste from cooked meals is the problem when they have compost rats. But actually rats are vegetarians, who also eat leftovers from (meaty) lunches, but clearly prefer fruit and vegetable scraps.

They love garden waste like worm-eaten plums and rotten apples. But kitchen scraps like shriveled carrots, overripe bananas or potato peels are also a treat for the rodents. Such foods guarantee rats an ideal supply of nutrients.

Snapchat hacking may be necessary if you forget your credentials. But the temptation to take a look at another person’s profile is also great. Sometimes it’s even important for safety reasons, for example, if you suspect your child might be being harassed on the platform.

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Is Snapchat safe?

Snapchat is a globally known app that is constantly being worked on. This also includes several security features. Still, over time, doubts have been raised about how many security vulnerabilities there really are with Snapchat. Privacy rights experts could already discover some flaws of the platform. However, the users themselves also contribute a great deal to security or privacy. lack of security on the platform at, younger users often unconsciously.

Snapchat thrives on users filming and showing themselves. Only comparatively few users pay attention to not be seen fully. This means that the identity of a Snapchat user can be easily determined. It becomes significantly more dangerous if the self-promotion contains a lot of bare house, lewd content or anything else that might give other people the wrong idea.

moramore I seduce woman I couple

Doesn’t it always seem to you that other men are just more into it than you are?? Too gladly one would be really cool, would know immediately what makes her laugh and…Man(n) would be simply gladly the best seducer.

And we make you…well we bring you at least a little closer to the whole thing!

You want to embed Google Maps on the website, but only see an error message? Then the Google Maps API Key is your literal key to success! If you are wondering where to get such a key, what you have to do for it and how much it costs, you are right here. We show you step by step how to generate your personal API Key.

What is an API Key?

So that you know what you are actually doing here: an API is an interface between two programs. When you access Google services with your website, it happens through such an interface. The Maps API Key is simply there to enable you to use the interface – without it, the interface is "closed" to you.

Cisco has had this document machine translated and edited and corrected by a human translator to provide support content in their own language to our users around the world. Please note that even the best machine translation is not as accurate as one done by a professional translator. Cisco Systems, Inc. assumes no liability for the accuracy of these translations and recommends to always refer to the original English document (see provided link).

With a virtual local area network (VLAN), you can logically segment a local area network (LAN) into different broadcast domains. In scenarios where sensitive data may be transmitted on a network, VLANs can be created to increase security by designating a transmission to a specific VLAN. Only users who belong to a VLAN can access and edit the data in that VLAN.

You can configure ports and specify whether the port should be in access or trunk mode, and assign specific ports to VLANs. This article provides instructions for configuring an interface VLAN as an access or trunk port on the switch through the command line interface (CLI).

The 64-year-old driver of a tractor-trailer left the autobahn at the ebersdorf near coburg junction at 3 p.m. on thursday and wanted to turn right onto bundesstrasse303 in the direction of kronach. Due to inappropriate speed in a curve, the truck loaded with earth tipped onto its left side and the load emptied onto the carriageway of the federal highway.

driver rescued by fire department

the driver was trapped in the truck and had to be rescued by the fire department. 37 firefighters from the Zeickhorn, Ahorn, Ebersdorf and Sonnefeld fire departments were on site with several vehicles, as well as the THW (technical rescue organization). Two ambulances, an emergency doctor, an incident commander and the ebersdorf emergency response team were deployed from the emergency services.

B303 partially closed

Due to the overturned truck, there were massive traffic obstructions on the federal highway in both directions for several hours on Thursday afternoon, as the road had to be completely closed in some places. The overturned semitrailer was set up again using a recovery crane and then towed away. The road maintenance department took over the salvage of the debris.

Have your life story written – Is your life an exciting story too?? Would you like this story not to be forgotten and recorded for posterity?

Then have your own life story written.

Not everyone is gifted with writing talent and not everyone has the time to write down their life story.

Gear acquisition syndrome

Since I’ve been in the music scene, I know G.A.S. as Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Sometimes meant as a joke, sometimes as a warning to be taken seriously. Apparently, however, it has never been properly studied by science. Now, researchers Jan-Peter Herbst and Jonas Menze have taken a look at this and conducted the first, larger-scale study on it. And it is open to the public.

Gear Acquisition Syndrome – what is it??

We all know the feeling, new equipment to need. After all, we could use it to make great new songs write. And new sounds eventually come out. One more effect pedal, one more guitar, one more synthesizer, one more custom snare, one more amp, one more plug-in… that much Creativity will be released. For this song/project it just needs the others Pickup and a second box. And this drum machine sounds so much better "for it.