You should know this information about termination after parental leave so that you know you can do something about it, and above all what!

Parental leave is an opportunity for one or even both parents to take more intensive care of their offspring in the period after the birth or even at a later date. Job security is an important asset, which is why some parents fear taking parental leave and possibly losing their jobs. But how justified is this concern actually? Can the employer simply give notice during or after parental leave?

Mock fasting - What does the new diet form bring?. A salad with legumes and avocado: mock fasting relies primarily on vegetable protein and healthy fats. (Source: dpa/tmn/Christin Klose)

In mock fasting, the body benefits from the advantages of abstaining from food. The Clou: May be eaten nevertheless. It sounds totally practical. We asked specialists, what they hold of the chamfering concept.

The Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) was developed in the USA at the Longevity Institute of the University of Southern California under the leadership of the age researcher Valter Longo.

Have some problems about primary partition without drive letter in Windows 7/8/10/11? This guide shows you the details guide to fix easily and safely.

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About error free primary partition

What does error free primary partition mean? The error-free primary partition is a partition that contains Windows system/boot files(io.sys, bootmgr, ntldr, etc.), system recovery files, or other data. It is the only partition that can be set as active. Normally Windows provides one or more primary partitions. On one MBR disk can be maximum 4 primary partitions or 3 primary partitions plus 1 extended partition. For GPT disks there are all primary partitions.

If you want a website to rank well in Google in 2021, you can’t ignore the importance of link building. Nor the need for a solid strategy that will help you get quality backlinks. In fact, links are still one of the three most important ranking factors there are.

And yet, whether you’re a complete beginner to SEO and learning about off-page SEO and backlink building for the first time, or have been doing it for years and are just looking for new tactics that work: There are literally dozens of approaches you can use in this discipline of online marketing.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to build links with strategies and tactics that still work. Thereby you are able to get the desired top rankings. At the same time, you’ll recognize the backlink building strategies that will only waste your time and resources – and potentially negatively impact your organic visibility.

The Caribbean is one of the top destinations when it comes to dream vacations under a blue sky. The South Seas not only have a lot of variety to offer, but also really flex their muscles when it comes to dream beaches. Whether classic white sand, black bays or pink beach – let the colors of the Caribbean enchant you!

The Caribbean captivates by its world-famous, partly kilometer-long sandy beaches. The fine sand on these Caribbean beaches is often called "powdered sugar sand" because it is so fine and soft. To walk barefoot in it, while the waves wash around your ankles, belongs to the unique experiences in life, which are recommended to every traveler. But why has Sand so many different colors? Why is it yellow, or white, and how is it also that sometimes a black or pink beach can be found in the Caribbean? And how exactly do you get there?

The white beaches of the Eastern Caribbean

Sand consists basically simply Minerals – rock, and predominantly quartz. But the composition is less important than the size. Only with diameters of 0.063 to 2.0 millimeters one speaks of sand. About 2.0 millimeter it is about Gravel, below 0.063 millimeters, there is talk of "Silt".

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Does she only like me as a friend or does she fancy me?? Not infrequently, a man is concerned with the question of whether a woman with whom he spends time, only wants to be his good friend or is also interested in him as a man. The following 13 points will help you to see if she merely appreciates your attention or feels more for you. The more of these signs that apply, the higher the chances are that you are well on your way to winning her heart.

The fertile bulls of altamira

to the right of the entrance to the max-rubner institute (formerly the federal institute for meat research), a powerful bull is giving birth to a female, its neck hair bristling. the result of fertility is shown in the drawings on the right: the formation of herds with bison calves, young animals and adult hinds. At the end of the wall, the bull is seen collapsing as if struck in the heart by the sword of a torero. the last picture shows him lying flat on the earth, with which he is growing together. But even in death the animal retains its dignity.
The fascinating series of pictures about the cycle of life on the foyer wall of the federal research institute for meat research was created by max wild. The artist borrowed the motifs from the world-famous neolithic rock paintings of altamira in cantabria (northern spain). Unknown artists of the new stone age painted 250 rock drawings on the ceilings of caves and underground passages about 14,000 years ago. many people have fallen for its beauty and magic, especially modern artists. "After altamira everything is downfall", said for example pablo picasso.
Max wild is not interested in reproduction, but in reproducing the expressive power of the originals using modern painting techniques. His ideas convinced the expert commission in 1975. The anonymous call for tenders for the new building of the research institute in the E.-C.-baumann street, he clearly prevailed over his competitors from all over germany.
the kulmbach artist tries to approach the altitude paintings of altamira with a combination of wet and spray techniques. there, the dyes mixed with fat or protein were painted with animal hair, tufts of moss and palms of the hands. In addition, tubular bones were used to inflate the dyes with the mouth.
Wild imitates the process by applying natural mineral colors dissolved in silicic acid via a compressor with a spray gun. the effect is astonishing: the animal panorama appears abstract and modern through the watercolor on the one hand, while on the other hand it exactly matches the color gradations of the original with its red, yellow and brown pigmented ochre earths, manganese and wood charcoal.
max wild does not miss one of the greatest mysteries of early art: the negative handprints. They are created when the splayed fingers are used as a stencil and sprayed over them. next to the dying bull there is one. The meaning of the hand negatives is mysterious. Did magical rituals of shamans play a role? Is it the need to immortalize oneself with a handprint??
the artist’s son, gunter wild, talked to his father about the meaning of the hand while working on the artwork. "He saw them as a sign of the possession of the animal by man three million years ago, in the paleolithic era. The animal becomes a victim of human life. For my father, a decisive step in evolution", gunter wild remembers. On this occasion, he also reveals a secret: it is his hand that served as a stencil for his father.
The fountain sculpture to the right of the entrance, with which roland and ursula doerk from steinberg won another tender in 1975, is about archaic animal sacrifices. On the paved area, they place curved granite blocks, which form a stylized sacrificial table. Around it seats for the spectators. the forecourt of the federal institute becomes a sacrificial site.

Manufacturers often guarantee the quality of their products

A warranty is to be distinguished from the guarantee in the online store

A warranty is to be distinguished from the guarantee in the online store.

Many people like to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase goods via stores on the Internet. However, there is always a certain risk because the purchased items are subject to change without notice after the conclusion of the sales contract and the successful shipment can be put through its paces.

Many women wonder when is the right time to have a child and whether age is an important factor to consider when planning a family. Find out more about this much-discussed topic here.

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The right time for pregnancy depends on many factors

When to get pregnant? Is there the right time to have a child? And what role does my age play in getting pregnant? These questions are on the minds of millions of women every day. The right time depends on various factors. Each woman can only get pregnant a maximum of six days per month. So the probability is quite low: it is about 20 to 30 percent per cycle. Another influential factor is actually age. The risk of a malformation of the still unborn child is also lowest now. Fertility decreases from the age of 30 and has only reached an average value of about 25 percent by the age of 35.

Getting pregnant – the age of expectant mothers is increasing

Nevertheless, many women today make a conscious decision for a late pregnancy for a variety of reasons. Often this decision is due to the fact that a suitable partner has not yet been found. Increasingly, career has an influence on family planning, as does financial situation and personal maturity. According to the Gender Data Report, there is a correlation between school-leaving qualifications and motherhood among German women: the higher the school-leaving qualification, the greater the proportion of childless women between 35 and 39 years of age.

how to build a hookah

Have you recently purchased this unique device? And would you like to learn how to build a Shisha? This article is for you. It will help to understand such issues: how to properly collect a hookah and fill it with tobacco. But before it’s good to know where it comes from, what size it is, what parts it’s made of and what purpose it serves.

History of the emergence of hookahs

There are many versions, but most of themSources indicate that they originally appeared in India. They made hookahs from improvised means, namely from coconuts. This product served as a light bulb and a hose – reed. For several centuries, the form of manufacture has not changed. Then hookahs have come to Turkey. And from there the traders already brought it to the Arab countries. In Turkey the device was modified. And thanks to the masters of this country hookahs took the present forms. To make them began from gold, crystal, silver.