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Many self-publishers are confronted with the fact that they are subject to the press law and thus have an imprint obligation in the context of the publication of their book or the start-up of their website. While a book publication under pseudonym is legally possible, a completely anonymous publication and start-up of the website is not. If you don’t want to have your real name and private address in the imprint, you need a reliable and legally secure imprint service. This one can be used by Daniel Block, the managing director of address.net and author of this guest article, offer. In the following, Daniel Block explains the legal framework of the imprint obligation for authors and gives tips on how to recognize a reputable provider.

Imprint obligation for authors: Imprint service instead of private address

For parents who learn of the loss of their child, it is often unimaginable at first how they can cope with the unmanageable, difficult path that now lies ahead of them. If you can take your time, you will become more capable of acting again step by step.

Take your time

If the parents have learned that their child has already died or will soon die, the desire for a "quick release" from the stressful situation is often great. An immediate induction of labor or a cesarean section may then seem to them to be the only conceivable solution. However, it is advisable not to rush into anything, to think about the decision carefully and to weigh it up with the midwife, the doctor or the physician.
A separation from a child that is completed too quickly can make it difficult for parents to say goodbye and can burden them later on. Following the natural course of events and waiting for the birth may make it easier for them to keep up with the event mentally as well and give space to their grief. Perhaps there is still time to prepare for the birth and the farewell in peace and quiet. The couple can think about how they want to handle this special task and challenge and what might best help them to do so.
A birth that is also a farewell can be a profound and unforgettable experience.

Induce or wait for the birth?

Normally, from a medical point of view, it is possible to wait for the natural onset of labor, even if the unborn child is no longer alive. This can take several days, or even two weeks or longer, depending on the maturity of the pregnancy. During this time, intensive support from the midwife, the doctor is important. As long as the accompanying examinations remain inconspicuous and there are no special signs such as bleeding, waiting does not pose a health risk to the mother.

This was reported by the greek financial press with reference to the central bank of greece. But the road back to normality is still long, according to a commentary on Greek radio: at the beginning of 2015, the money deposits of the Greeks at their banks still amounted to a good 160 billion euros. A lot of money is still hidden under mattresses or in safes.

Analysts believe the slow return of funds is due to the fact that there has been no turmoil between athens and its creditors in months. head of government alexis tsipras repeatedly declares that his country will be able to stand on its own two feet again after the end of the current aid program at the end of august 2018 and is implementing the austerity program without any major disputes with the eu, the european stability mechanism (ESM) and the european central bank (ECB).

Athens hopes that the normalization of the economic situation will encourage greeks to put even more money back in the bank. Finance minister euclid tsakalotos plans another trial run to the financial markets to build confidence. The finance ministry is talking about a bond volume of seven billion euros. In the summer of 2017, athens had already raised three billion euros in a first test on the market.

Making friends gets harder and harder the older you get. Why?

I always thought that I would find friends anywhere, anytime and, above all, super fast. For a long time, my life experience supported this steep thesis: In my childhood and youth, my parents took me across the country to a new place of residence about every five years.

New states, strange dialects, homesickness for the old place – nothing could prevent me from settling in quickly and having a new bunch of friends around me.

Wedding planning secret tips

Hello dear ones and welcome back to my blog. One of the most important planning points for the wedding is that the Invitation cards should contain all the information, guests need to know. Also visually the invitation card should be a first Insight into the future wedding give. Basically you can say that on the wedding invitation should be all the important data, to find. These important dates are the typical W-questions: Who? When? Where? Why? How?.

Wedding invitations make themselves: So gehts!

It is also important that Misunderstandings avoided will be and the guests can clearly read from the wedding invitation, when the wedding ceremony and when the wedding party starts and when they are finally expected. There are also individual information, Which the guests should know in advance at the discretion of the bride and groom. This can be that there is childcare and no babysitter must be hired, that the bride and groom do not want to receive gifts in kind or want something very specific or a hint that the guests should not take pictures with their smartphones, there will be a photographer and they can therefore enjoy the wedding to the fullest.

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Google also creates Go versions for some of its most important apps, actually intended for use on smartphones with Android Go. These devices are rather puristic in terms of hardware, accordingly smaller and less power hungry are the go apps. But these can also be used on "normal" smartphones. If you just don’t need the fat main apps. Google Maps Go is also a very slim version of the Maps app, but it also lacks essential features.

So navigation with Google Maps Go was not possible, but for many this should be the main function for use. Google has now followed suit here and released a quasi add-on app called "Google Maps Go – Navigation". If you install the app, you can also let Google Maps Go navigate you through the area.

Intermittent fasting: woman on a scale

Intermittent fasting, bspw. by eating nothing for 16 hours, is supposed to relieve the whole organism and also provide countable results on the scale Photo: Getty Images

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Then take the food away from the panic hamster in your head here and now.

But let me make something clear right away.

This is NOT your usual 10 tips for flying with baby post.

If winter temperatures stay below freezing for long enough, layers of ice form on bodies of water in many places. For many people, this is an invitation to lace up their skates or take an extended ice walk.

To ensure that the pleasure remains one, the ice should not be stepped on too lightly – because in the event of a collapse, there is an acute danger to life after only a very short time. Our overview shows which rules should be observed.

Heed warnings

Before setting foot on a frozen lake, canal or pond, find out if there may be warning signs for the body of water in question. Do not walk on ice surfaces that have not been expressly cleared for use.

Weight tables of certain dog breeds are for orientation purposes only. Better to judge individually whether your dog is ideal weight. If this is not the case, you should check the energy requirements.

The energy requirement describes the amount of energy that the dog needs for its life functions and efficiency. This individual requirement should be covered by the daily feed. The dog needs not only energy for own movements and thus muscle strength, but also generally for its basal metabolic rate (z.B. functions such as respiration, circulation and regulation of body temperature). Even a sleeping dog consumes energy.

Difference between ideal weight and ideal view

The correct measure or. to find the optimal amount: A too high energy intake can easily lead to overweight. Too little energy, on the other hand, can result in weight loss and deficiency symptoms (especially in the growth phase). Only if the feeding amount corresponds to the actual consumption, the dog can maintain its ideal weight. In a real sense, the dog is not oriented to the ideal weight, but to the ideal view. Because a dog whose activity level is increased, increases in muscle mass and at the same time decreases in fat mass. Muscle is heavier than fat, however, and so the scales would erroneously indicate an increase in (excess) weight. Proceed therefore with the ideal weight after view. Here the so-called. Body Condition Score (BCS) proven. The waist must be visible from above (behind the ribs) and the tucked-in belly line from the side. In addition, the dog should be well proportioned overall and the dorsal vertebrae should be palpable to light pressure. In growing young animals, the BCS is at best meaningful in conjunction with a growth curve and regular weight checks.