Man addresses a woman

Do you know this: You see an attractive woman on the street, but you are too shy to approach her immediately?. While you are still thinking about what could happen and how best to proceed, the lady has already moved on and the situation has developed on its own. And not in your sense.

But this does not have to be. Because approaching women is not difficult at all. Any man can manage to approach a lady quite openly and strike up a conversation with her. So that this succeeds, already simple tricks help.

St.-veit street: cyclists are allowed to ride in the opposite direction

How an afterthought can put everything into perspective. "Only three percent of road users drive on the st, according to an undercover survey.-veit street too fast", mayor jurgen kohmann (CSU) informed his councillors. "However, they were all traveling in the wrong direction on the one-way street." and yet: the city council will turn the six-month test phase into a permanent solution.

Review: at the end of 2018, the building committee had ordered that a one-way street regulation be introduced for st.-veit-street (where the realschule is located) and the adjoining dr.-hummer-street to test. the maximum speed was limited to 30 kilometers per hour. Afterwards, the city asked residents, bus drivers and the police for their opinion. And in the meantime carried out the aforementioned undercover ten-day measurement, in which 226 vehicle drivers, including some with articulated lorries, drove unperturbed the wrong way round and also still too fast. The councils were shocked, but could not be dissuaded from enacting a permanent regulation. Only cyclists are allowed to pedal against the direction of travel: the road is wide enough, says kohmann. Although dieter leicht (SPD) noted that not all residents were happy with the one-way street regulation by any means. For some, this means long detours.

Winfried ernst pointed out that it was the independent voters who had put forward this proposal: "We should try out sensible traffic solutions in practice more often instead of rejecting them immediately on the basis of what supposed experts say."

Bats help against bad eyes and toothache, fever and hair loss. At least the ancient Egyptians were convinced of this. Hanging over the door, the animals should drive away the very demons that were supposedly responsible for such health problems. And these are far from the only abstruse stories that people have invented about the nocturnal hunters. In medieval Europe, for example, the fluttering animals were considered messengers of the devil and effective ingredients for all kinds of witch potions. But their real talents have long been underestimated. Because of their secretive lifestyle and poor reputation, they have tended to lead a shadowy existence in ecological research until recently. Instead of spending their nights on bats, scientists prefer to focus on animals that are easier to observe, such as birds or bees. "Only recently has there been a shift in perception", says Christian Voigt of the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW) in Berlin. "It is now becoming increasingly clear that bats play an important role in many ecosystems."

Winged string pullers that can become active in the earth’s habitats are, after all, more than plentiful. After all, bats have conquered all continents except Antarctica and are the second largest mammal order with more than 1100 known species. Only rodents have managed to achieve an even greater diversity. In the tropics and subtropics in particular, numerous species flutter through the night, dedicated to a wide variety of lifestyles. Insect hunters are on the move there, as are vegetarians – and, cliche-like, a few vampires who feed on the blood of other animals. But they all influence the other plants and animals in their habitat in their own unique way. And humans can also benefit from this.

This article is included in Spektrum – Die Woche, 01/2016

Insectivores help control pests

"Insectivores, for example, very clearly decimate the populations of their prey.", says Christian Voigt. No wonder, given the huge swarms the nocturnal hunters congregate into in some regions. The Khao Chon Pran cave in Thailand, for example, is home to some 2.6 million free-tailed bats of the species Tadarida plicata. "When they fly out in the evening, it’s a very impressive spectacle", the IZW researcher knows from his own experience. For more than an hour, a huge band of fluttering animals then streams out of the cave. And each of them can eat its own body weight of 12 to 15 grams of prey in one night. In the vicinity of this cave alone, 17.5 tons of insects are collected per night. For Thailand as a whole, this amounts to 20,000 tons per year. A related species in North America, the Mexican bulldog bat, has a similar penchant for mass gatherings (Tadarida brasiliensis). An estimated hundred million of these animals live in caves in northern Mexico and southern USA. Their prodigious appetites prey on more than just insects in their immediate vicinity. Since they can climb to an altitude of 3,000 meters and cover more than 100 kilometers in one night, they can also catch swarms of insects that migrate over long distances.

Baby spits up milk after drinking

The baby spits up a lot – Do you know this all too well yourself?? After each drink, your baby’s milk comes out again posthaste? Your baby is in good company, because a large proportion of babies spit up regularly after drinking. There is a popular saying: "Spitting up children are thriving children!"But if you have a child who spits up a lot, the saying can be annoying. The mountains of laundry then quickly pile up towards the sky. Nevertheless, the saying contains a lot of truth, because you do not have to worry in most cases. Children who spit up a lot and still gain weight are usually healthy and develop well. A few little tricks can sometimes work wonders and help the milk stay in the stomach better. Here are my 10 tips that may also help your baby.

Why do babies spit up at all??

If you have a so-called spitting up baby at home, you know that it can be uncomfortable. At the same time, a spitting up baby (or spitting child) is usually not sick. Often it is simply because the child’s stomach is still very small and just can not absorb too much.

hunting instinct

The hunting instinct in dogs is genetically anchored and, depending on breed and breeding, more or less pronounced. But what makes the four-legged friends happy, does not make the owner happy. To wean dogs from the hunting instinct is one of the most difficult chapters of education, how you can do this best, you will learn here.

What means hunting instinct in dogs?

Hunting instinct is when a dog picks up the scent of an animal and pursues the prey. If the quadruped is successful in this, the so-called hunting instinct sets in with a possible escape plan of the hunted, in which the hunting success does not necessarily have to be goal-directed, but also alone the chase can be the highlight.

From MP3 player retailer to electronics millionaire: This is the "Dutch Jeff Bezos" who now wants to attack Media Markt and Saturn in Germany

Professional photo Klemens Handke

Pieter Zwart is already successful in the Netherlands and Belgium with his retail chain Coolblue. Now the multimillionaire wants to enter the German market and compete with Media Markt and Saturn.

Its success story started with an idea in a cafe. Today Coolblue has an annual turnover of two billion euros.

Physical growth includes reaching full height and corresponding body weight, as well as increasing the size of all body organs (except lymphoid tissue, which decreases in size). Growth shows two defined growth phases from birth to adolescence:

Phase 1 (from birth to 1-2 years of age): this phase is characterized by a high but decreasing growth rate over time.

Phase 2 (from the second year of life to puberty): In this phase, there is a constant annual growth in size.

12 months of Minime must be celebrated! Even if the little rascal doesn’t understand yet why there is such a fuss about him: no celebration is no solution either. After all, your child hatched exactly one year ago and now accompanies you every step of the way (or vice versa). It is okay to celebrate! We have a few tips on how you can best approach the first birthday party.

What a wonderful day

You know your child best. Depending on your personality, you can use the 1. Orient your birthday to it. If your sweetheart is more reserved, the best gift on this day is time and attention. A celebration with all the relatives and friends is too much for the little birthday girl. How about a trip to the countryside or the zoo instead? On the other hand, if your child likes to have people around him, invite his closest caregivers for coffee and cake. The cozy coffee party should last no longer than two hours. Is the nap indispensable? just organize a late breakfast.

Start birthday traditions

Even small customs within the family can make the birthday special. Whether it’s chocolate cake for breakfast, a serenade from grandma and grandpa, or birthday decorations like a Happy Birthday garland or one Birthday train with candles, which are used every year, become beloved family traditions over the years, which the children look forward to days in advance. Just try a few things you feel like doing, you’re sure to find out pretty quickly what brings you and your family the most joy.

Novelties vs. backlist books

The other day when I was getting all my reviews on a consistent layout, I noticed something: My review almost always deal with novelties only. Even when I started blogging over four years ago, I almost only posted reviews of the books that were currently published at the time. The reason for this is obvious: publishers offer us a really fantastic yet easy way to always read the latest books with review copies. I too receive or request many review copies. But I also buy a large part of the books myself. I would say that I have a good, balanced relationship. Nevertheless, here on the blog we primarily discuss review copies, because this is something I, like many others, really take very seriously. The books I buy myself often fall by the wayside.

Novelties vs. Backlist

It’s really like this: My bookshelf will soon burst because I buy more books, or rather, I buy more books. exchange, than I can read. Because I want to have and read almost all the books that many like, love and praise. I read them months or even years later or they are sold/exchanged/given away unread at some point. This is really a shame in many ways. For me, for the books and the authors, and for the money I’ve invested at one point or another.

Home, what is that actually? An exhibition at the Haus der Geschichte in Bonn sets out on a search and finds: Homeland concerns us all.

Embroidered pillow showing a boy looking at an idyllic landscape

The exhibition shows "Home Beyond stereotypes