Which trend diet is right for your own body? Should you give up carbohydrates, eat a stone-age diet, go Mediterranean – or go vegan right away?? What about interval fasting and is breakfast now actually healthy or not?

Who wants to nourish itself healthy, fails not rarely at the multiplicity of contradictory recommendations. "Many trend diets also work with renunciation and often you take too few calories per day," says Kathrin Burger, a certified ecotrophologist. "That’s why you usually keep it up for a limited time only." (Read also: Lose weight healthily: These are the 5 most popular diets at a glance)

Eating healthier on an individual basis

Kathrin Burger is the author of the book "Besser essen nebenbei" (Eating better on the side), which was published by Stiftung Warentest. "While many people would like to eat healthier," she says. "However, they lack the time to deal with nutrition and prepare elaborate recipes."


But first of all, a little problem with our society:

Self-love is often misunderstood as blind egoism.

Wednesday, 02. February 2022

Green Party Congress In search of new leadership and compromises in governing

At their party conference, the Green Party, as expected, elected Ricarda Lang and Omid Nouripour as their new leaders. Their task is great: they must reconcile the values of the party with the reality of governance. Conflicts are already emerging.

By Gudula Geuther | 27.01.2022

Taking time off relieves the employee of the obligation to perform his or her job duties. It can be permanent or temporary, paid or unpaid. Time off is either ordered by the employer or mutually agreed upon between the contracting parties.

There are some rules to follow. Read the most important facts about the legal provisions here.


What does exemption mean?

A leave of absence (also called a suspension) is when an employee is permanently or temporarily relieved of his or her contractual work duties. Time off can be unilaterally ordered by the employer or mutually agreed upon by both parties.

All over the world, millions of people gather on Christmas Eve, the 24th of Av. December to celebrate the imminent birth of Jesus Christ. But was Jesus really born on this date? Here you will find answers to all questions about Jesus’ birth.

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When was Jesus born?

According to the legend Jesus Christ came in the night of 24. on the 25. December in the year 0 to the world. Christians around the world therefore traditionally celebrate the birth of the Messiah and Son of God on this date as the Christmas. But this is Jesus’ true date of birth?

Selling homemade

The DIY industry is booming: while awareness of Sustainability, high-quality ingredients and the importance of independent and local producers As the number of employees grows, interest in homemade products also increases. Because with something handmade also always comes a piece of Personality – and that’s something consumers particularly appreciate in this day and age. As demand increases, so does the number of vendors selling homemade online or trading at local markets. However, if you want to pursue your hobby professionally not without a plan to begin with. We of mylager support many small manufacturers with our favorable Self Storages and would like to pass on our tips to you – so that your own small business becomes a success!

Selling homemade: Ideas for your business

If you want to make and sell products yourself, then you have almost endless possibilities: From homemade jam to greeting cards to larger projects like your own clothing line or furniture, the choices are hard to keep track of. Popular are for example also children’s toys, art, knitted, ceramics or lately also face masks. The most important thing here: you should fun stuff because only with passion it becomes a real success. So it is best to make your Hobby to (sideline) professionhow to do that, we have shown you in this blog article.


Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to live in a harmonious neighborhood. Again and again one hears of escalating neighbor disputes that drag on for years. How to defend yourself and enforce your rights.

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On the occasion of 12. German Tafel Day, the Tafel Hammelburg also invites people to an open house on Saturday, 29 September. September, to the open day in the Tafel building at the station 2 a. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., visitors can gain an insight into the work of the Tafel and obtain comprehensive information.

A look behind the scenes

Guests can take a look behind the scenes, ask questions about the Tafel’s work and gain an insight into the storage and refrigeration rooms and food distribution. In the course of the morning, drivers will deliver goods – as they do every Saturday – and helpers will check them and store them in the cold storage room. If there is interest, guided tours of the table take place. Chairman Dieter Roth and the volunteer helpers inform about what exactly will happen with the ca. 45 tons of food happens, which were collected and distributed in the course of a year by the helpers. Of course, there is also the question of who is entitled to receive goods from the food bank and under what conditions. The event is therefore also of interest to sponsors and donors, who can use this opportunity to make sure that their commitment is meaningful and necessary. In this way, the Tafel Hammelburg lives up to the goal of the German Tafel Day to set an example against food waste and poverty.

More helpers welcome

Women and men, young people and older people who can imagine doing voluntary work would also be very welcome, write those responsible for the Tafel. The tasks are varied, each helper decides for himself to what extent he wants to contribute and how. Guests can fortify themselves with coffee and homemade cake.

There are numerous ways to earn money online. In most cases this does not involve huge amounts of money and a classic full-time job is often more profitable. But making money online usually doesn’t require much more than a digital device with an internet connection, and those who do it right can benefit from an almost passive income after a little work.

There are numerous options for earning money on the side via the Internet. Some require various skills, such as writing high quality skills or mathematical skills for financial calculation.

A balanced diet not only keeps you healthy, but also promotes well-being and can help prevent disease. Our little 1×1 of proper nutrition therefore provides you with the necessary basics to establish a healthy eating pattern.


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A balanced diet pays off in many ways. Not only does it reduce the risk of chronic diseases, but it also strengthens the immune system and well-being and increases performance. But what exactly does a healthy diet look like and how realistic is its implementation?? This article describes the basics and provides practical tips for optimizing your diet and quality of life.

Energy balance

Every human being needs energy to survive. Even if you were to spend the whole day lying down, your lungs, muscles, digestive tract and brain need energy to maintain vital processes. How much energy or. The number of kilocalories (colloquially known as calories) the body needs depends on individual factors such as gender, body shape, height, weight, age, activity and genetics. Keeping body weight constant is therefore based on a simple calculation: If you take in just as much energy as he or she burns, you can thus keep your body weight constant. If you want to lose weight, you should either eat less energy than your body burns (calorie deficit) or burn more energy – for example, by exercising.