Those who receive severance pay as employees must pay full tax on it. A not inconsiderable part of the severance pay is lost due to the tax liability – this dampens the joy about the compensation payment for many affected persons. As reduced taxation, the quintuple regulation reduce the tax deductions. We will tell you under what conditions you can use the quintuple rule in the case of severance pay, how to do it and when it makes sense to have the severance pay paid later by the former employer.

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What is the rule of five and what is it for??

When an employment relationship ends, employers sometimes pay severance to former employees. The special payment can be agreed for example in the context of a termination agreement or a settlement. Also in the case of layoffs and extraordinary cancellations by the employee, employees have under certain conditions are entitled to receive compensation. For the departing employees, the transition is eased by the compensation payment, the loss of the job and the loss of the salary are compensated to a certain extent.

If you're constantly tossing and turning at night, you should take it easy

If counting sheep gets boring in the long run, you should try this proven trick from World War II. He promises: In only two minutes you will fall asleep.

  • Those who are constantly tired, hardly get any sleep and have to struggle out of bed every morning are often in sheer despair.
  • In most cases, it’s because at night, when you get to rest, you just can’t shake off the stressful daily grind.
  • Financial worries, problems at work or with the kids keep your mind spinning deep into the morning hours.

The result: Man tossing and turning for hours in bed and just can’t fall asleep. But with this trick, sleepless nights are now a thing of the past – in just two minutes you should drift off into the land of dreams.

Hypnophobia is one of the most tormenting phobias that can afflict a person. It refers to the fear of sleep and falling asleep. Of ending up with the same bad nightmare again in the night, of the same thoughts over and over again that won’t let you sleep, or even of not waking up the next morning.

Phobias are anxiety disorders characterized by the individual experiencing an irrational fear of a stimulus or situation. In hypnophobia, the situation is sleeping, which sheerly takes away one’s mind. Anyone who has ever slept through the night knows how exhausting lack of sleep can be. This can be felt on all levels: the body aches, you can’t concentrate and continuously fall short of your own expectations, and even the smallest activity costs extreme energy. Body and mind are not quite up to par when sleep fails to come. Now, after a night of little sleep, a person without hypnophobia can often just crawl back into bed the following night, catch up on sleep, and be back to their old self. In hypnophobia patients, this state of insomnia can last for months and years.

How does it come to the fear of falling asleep?

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Federal office for civil protection focp

What are the hazards for the Swiss population? How could a large damage event in Switzerland run off concretely? What impact would this have on people, the environment, the economy and society in Switzerland?? And what can you do yourself to better protect yourself?

With the national hazard analysis of "Disasters and Emergencies Switzerland", the Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP creates bases for precautionary planning and event preparation. In this framework, a reference scenario is defined for each hazard examined. The FOCP thus provides scientifically sound and broadly based answers to the questions posed at the beginning of this report. In the Alertswiss blog we will inform you regularly about the results of this hazard analysis.

Hello, today my mother is totally freaked out because the chemistry teacher of my little sister, 8. class, explained to the class how to make a bomb. He did this under the subtopic of burns, and also covered firecrackers overall. Of course he also pointed out that a serious bomb should please not be replicated. My mother still thinks this is pedagogically negligent, especially since children are eager to experiment. How do you stand to it, resp. How would you have acted?

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Teacher explains how to make a bomb?

How to make explosives is in every high school chemistry book. In every library, at every university, in every major bookstore, and also on Amazon.

There is a "bomb yes merely "a device for ignition" is, you don’t have to think long to figure out how something like this could work, even without prior guidance from a teacher.

Confident man smiles at the camera

Would you like to be stronger? Have a greater sense of self? Dare to be more you and to do your thing? Easier to approach people. Just say, ‘Hey, I’m o. k. how I am, no matter what the others think. Could these be your thoughts? If so, then you are right here. Because we show you the way to more self-confidence. So come with us on a journey that will make you stronger and more like the person you want to be. We know this works.

Self-confidence: What is that anyway?

  • … within the philosophy a man’s awareness of himself as thinking and feeling beings; the consciousness of their own existence.
  • … in everyday life being convinced of your own abilities and one’s own value as a person, which one can also show outwardly.

So self-confidence has less to do with walking upright, maintaining eye contact or smiling a lot. It is rather the feeling ..

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The Internet can help learn an instrument. It cannot replace a teacher

Lots of time at home: Since the pandemic began, this is the new normal. This poses new challenges for hobby musicians, but also opens up opportunities. Making music at a distance is the new thing, with online lessons, learning videos, or even online platforms. "I’ve had a student living in Switzerland for over ten years who I’ve never met in real life," reports Konstantin Gutmann, founder of an online music school. The pandemic has made many more students aware of this way of learning.

"We already started with our online lessons in 2011. At the time, many people were skeptical about this and asked how it could be done. But it works and the internet and the technologies for it are getting better and better."All you need to teach instruments remotely is a computer with a webcam and a stable Internet connection via LAN cable. Via video conferencing software the weekly lessons then take place. It’s important to place the camera or the learner facing the camera correctly, says Gutmann. That way you can track how the instrument is held and if the note is hit correctly.

Which fork to which course and where to put the napkin We show you how to make a good impression at the table

A basic knowledge of how to behave properly at a table setting is good business etiquette. Especially when there are several courses in a restaurant, it can get a bit confusing with all the cutlery and glasses. But fortunately, there are some simple basic rules that you can follow during the meal. This also applies to the use of the napkin and the question of which foods may be eaten with the hands.

The most important tips on cutlery

Appetizer, main course, intermediate course, dessert – and for all courses cutlery is ready on the table? Don’t panic, because there is a simple rule of thumb here. Basically, the outside cutlery is used first. With each course you then work your way further inwards.

For a Hartz IV recipient, a mini-job can be the first step towards full-time employment. If you have not worked for a longer period of time, a mini-job can make it easier for you to return to work. In this article we explain what you have to consider if you receive Hartz IV and want to take up a mini-job.

Income can affect your Hartz IV

Even as a Hartz IV recipient, it is possible to take on a mini-job. However, you must keep in mind that income can be offset against the Jobcenter benefit if it exceeds a certain tax-free amount per month. Therefore, the income from a minijob can also be counted against your Hartz IV.

The basic tax-free amount for single persons is 100 euros per month. As a mini-jobber, you can keep 100 euros per month of your income from the mini-job. Income that exceeds this allowance is counted at 80 percent towards Hartz IV benefits. As a Hartz IV recipient, you have an additional 20 percent of the money from the mini-job left over. Here is a suitable example: