In the second part of the Raunachtsagen, which we at the end of the Raunachte, so on today 6. January bring, there are speaking oxen, the wild hunt flies by the airs and Mrs. Percht moves with the unbaptized deceased children by the countries. Who is better to hide from in the Raunacht and who can you trust?

2. Raunacht: Christmas night

Christmas Eve is the second Raunacht. No hammering and sawing is allowed, so that "the Christkindl does not wake up". That night, the cattle in the barn are said to start talking and predict future events:

Farmer and the farmer’s wife stayed home from matins. The farmer was curious, so he sneaked out into the barn and lay under the feed bar. Then he heard an ox say at midnight: "In summer our farmer will strangle himself eating cabbage." The second ox added: "And we two will pull him to the cemetery!"

child with smartphone

"How can I locate a cell phone with cell phone number??" This and similar queries are becoming more common in search engines. If you want to know how to locate your child’s smartphone in a few seconds, you’ll find it in this post.

Locate cell phone by WhatsApp

A cell phone location via WhatsApp is now possible with almost all devices. The catch of this method of localization is that the person to be located must initiate the process themselves.

The poem belongs to the genre of lyric poetry. Poetry comes from the Greek "lyra" = "lyre", "harp-like plucked instrument".
Poems include sayings, songs, hymns, odes, sonnets, ballads.
Emotions play a greater role in the lyric poem than in other genres of literature. The lyrical speaker communicates his relation to the subject of the poem, to the world.
In many poems he writes directly in the first person. In some poems, the lyrical speaker is hidden behind or within other people or events, and yet is very present, evaluating what is happening, taking an emotional stand through apt word choices, for example, linguistic imagery, striking verbs and adjectives.
The sentence structure in poems does not always have to follow the rules of syntax, the poet is given some freedom.
The rhythm of the poem results from its sentence structure and the structure of verses and stanzas.

Interpreting a poem

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Write a poem analysis

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"Mom, I need you!" – Why we need to protect our children and their boundaries and we sometimes find that so hard (especially with people close to us)

How to protect our children's boundaries when it becomes necessary (And why that's so difficult especially with close people) #miniandme #boundaries #relationshipteaching trauma, developmental trauma, boundaries, love, respect, living with children, mindfulness, self-care, brain development

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First published on 20.2.2019

"I must protect my child? For me, it’s all about such mundane things. Like when grandma comes, wants a little kiss from the little one and he doesn’t. I am so unsure: Do I have to protect him from this?? Or isn’t that also something where he learns that other people are just different and do some things differently than we do? So: May that be eh? I don’t know when to protect my child and when not to protect my child."

Speed training is of very great importance not only in ball sports. Training variations to improve speed also play a very important role in other sports such as track and field. Become nimbler and more efficient – we tell you how!

Is rapidity trainable?

The use of speed training is very broad: Studies have even examined the effect of speed training in seniors on everyday performance and come to positive evaluations.(1) Learn the basics of speed training and the best exercises for your training sessions!

Just a few years ago, speed training was highly questioned in terms of its adaptability. This is because speed ability was essentially reduced to the energetic component and viewed in conjunction with muscle fiber distribution. A large number of fast type-IIx fibers was seen as a basic requirement for speed performance, often combined with the assumption that changing muscle fiber composition was not possible.

Woman could lose weight quickly

If you want to lose weight fast, you have to consider some important factors, so that the whole thing remains healthy and does not lead to the yo-yo effect.

In this article I will show you how to get rid of excess kilos quickly, without having to go on a restrictive diet or starve yourself.

The new radio mast planned by Telekom was, contrary to expectations, not an exciting topic at the citizens’ meeting. About 60 citizens could welcome the first mayor Gotthard Schlereth (CSU(G) and the third mayor and Hassenbacher local representative Mario Gotz (G Hassenbach) in the sports home. These were very interested in the planned bike and pedestrian path between Hassenbach and Schlimpfhof and did not spare with arguments for and against both variants.

A long-cherished wish in local part Hassenbach is the building of a cycle track at the KG 18 to Schlimpfhof. It should run first north of the county road, but the last 200 to 300 meters to the northwest over the already existing farm road on a road in the residential area to swing off. A few weeks ago, the district administration office proposed an alternative route to the market community, which envisages that the footpath and cycle path run completely along the district road. The market town council discussed this, but did not make a decision yet, as variants obviously have advantages and disadvantages.

Costs of 40000 Euro

Mayor Schlereth explained that the original variant (branching off onto the farm road) would cost the community around 40,000 euros, as the road would then remain a farm road. In response to a question from a citizen, he also stated that in this case the market community would continue to be responsible for maintenance. "We have to weigh whether to build the trail below or above, because it has to be used as well", stressed the third mayor. A citizen complained that if the bike path was built eight meters from the road, trees would have to be cut down and the municipality would incur costs of 40,000 euros, as mentioned above. "If the bike path is built alongside the road, tax money will also be needed, which also comes from the tax pot", said the mayor and advised to wait first for the planning of the district.

New month, new program. Netflix as usual throws out some titles from the media library, but many new contents come in return. October 2017 is waiting with new series, movies and documentaries. Star Wars" in particular was eagerly awaited by many customers. We’ll not only show you the highlights, but also warn you about the movies and series you’d better stay away from.

Here are the Netflix highlights in the month of October 2017:

New movies on Netflix:

"The Meyerowitz Stories.", from the 13. October: Along with "Okja," the tragicomedy is the second Netflix film to make it to the Cannes Film Festival in May. Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller play here sons of Dustin Hoffman, an eccentric artist, who would like to know the own children always in its shade. Adam Sandler, who usually only shoots garbage for Netflix, shines here with restrained acting.

"1922", As of the 20. October: The year 2017 has somehow turned into the Stephen King festivals. In the cinema, "It" and "The Dark Tower" are running, on Netflix, "The Mist" ran last – but the series was canceled after one season. Now Netflix launches the film "1922" to the start. A man kills his wife and is suddenly pursued by rats. A mind game begins, a bloody one of course.

What should I include in my resume – and what can I safely leave out?? How far back does my resume have to go?? What can I do to stand out against younger competition? In my eyes: first of all, stay calm and approach writing with confidence – because you have so much valuable experience to offer and you don’t have to hide at all! I tell you what matters for life connoisseurs and you can directly download my proven "Resume from 50 template" for free.

How do I present my work experience in the right light??

You have a lot to offer! Put your advantages out there

"You must be happy if you find a job at all. Please do not have high expectations." How I hate this sentence and the hopelessness and pre-judgement associated with it! I am convinced that employees over 50 hold even more treasures than the generally known "professional experience" for companies and contribute decisively to becoming and remaining successful and competitive in the long term.

What advantages do you pull out of your treasure chest, if they let you??


Generalized anxiety disorder (GAS, anxiety neurosis, generalized anxiety disorder): persistent feeling of diffuse anxiety for which there is no real, concrete reason (free-floating anxiety). Generalized anxiety disorder is a common disorder, especially in women, typically between the ages of 20. and the 35. Year of life. In about 70% of those affected, it occurs in conjunction with depression or other anxiety disorders.

Leading complaints

  • Constantly elevated levels of anxiety that manifest physically as nervousness, trembling, muscle tension, sweating, palpitations, dizziness, or abdominal pain – these are all physiological consequences of anxiety or. of the experienced stress.
  • Permanent feeling of fear that something bad could happen to yourself or important caregivers, although there is no real danger.
  • Real dangers – such as in traffic or sports – are extremely overestimated and give rise to thoughts of what could happen.
  • Sleep disturbances, as patients are unable to switch off from ruminations, worries and fears.
  • Fear of existence and life, fear of the future, especially of social and financial security. Constant fear of not being able to cope with the demands of everyday life and work, of failing, of embarrassing oneself or of causing harm in the process.

When to see a doctor

In the next few days, when the symptoms last longer than 14 days.