How many hours of sleep do we actually need? And why it is so healthy? What the terms "owl" or "lark" are all about and which stages we go through during the night, we have summarized for you in the following, together with our experts.


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We reveal the most important background information on the subject of healthy sleep

At night, we lie motionless in bed for hours and nothing happens – one might think. "Far from it," says Andreas Eger. "Sleep is vital for us, and our bodies are highly active during it."

Why we sleep at all has not been precisely clarified to this day. What is known, however, is that healthy sleep is essential for life. It is not simply the opposite of active wakefulness. Certain bodily functions are even very active.

Cryotherapy is becoming more and more popular. No wonder, because the areas of application of electric cold chambers for home are diverse. Mostly, cryotherapy is used in the medical field, but it can also be applied in the field of body shaping as well as for top athletes. Cryotherapy has also made it into the 2022 fitness trends, as it offers users a balance to their hectic daily lives. Cold chambers as spa for home offers for example Art of Cryo. The V1 Lux high-performance cold chamber with interior stainless steel design by Antonio Capristo is especially popular in luxury properties. Find out everything about cryotherapy as a luxury spa for use in your villa or penthouse here.

High performance cold chambers

Cryotherapy as a fountain of youth for your home

The V1 Lux Vaultz cold chamber from Art of Cryo is one of the most popular models for use as a home spa in your own luxury property. It combines the noble stainless steel design of Antonio Capristo with the high-performance refrigeration technology of Art of Cryo. The cold therapy helps to stop aging processes and stimulate regeneration processes. In addition, the body releases the happiness hormone endorphin during the application. So in addition to skin tightening, cryotherapy also puts you in a good mood. The endorphins also have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects and increase performance and motivation. Of course, the positive effects on the immune system are not to be neglected either.

Burn calories fast With these exercises you will burn 100 calories fast

You know: When losing weight it depends mainly on the calorie balance. Because sport burns calories, you increase your need, so you can eat more, this also applies to strength training. Up to here a simple calculation.

But what if you don’t have time to slave away for hours on the cross trainer to boost your calorie consumption?? The solution: these 5 extremely effective fat burner exercises burn 100 calories in less than 20 minutes. Because studies show that strength training very well helps to burn fat.

Burn calories fast: 5 exercises

Banknotes locked with locks

Every account holder has the right vis-à-vis his bank to have his current account managed as a garnishment protection account (P-Konto). The contractual framework remains the same, only an additional function is added to the current account, which provides unbureaucratic protection in the event of account garnishment:

A basic allowance (since 1. December 2021: 1.260 euros / calendar month) remains automatically available in this case. Other amounts (child benefit etc.) can be released upon proof.

The curriculum vitae can easily be written as The heart of an application designate. After all, it lists your entire life – compressed onto one or at most two A4 pages.

Even though the cover letter plays a big role especially in internships, many employers decide who to hire as intern or. Hire an intern. It is therefore worthwhile to attach as perfect a resume as possible to your application for the internship. And in every respect: content, structure and formatting.

How to write the perfect internship resume? On this page we show you. You can also find our handy sample resume for free download below.

Ah, finally I get to my favorite social media platform: Instagram. As a former fan of the APP, I was worried whether the takeover of Facebook will not break everything. But amazingly – everything has remained very nice. Nevertheless again a view of the emergence of Instagram.

The application was developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, who launched their HTML5-based check-in software in San Francisco burbn had created. You expanded burbn subsequently on photos and published Instagram finally on 6. October 2010 in the App Store. (Wikipedia)

Instagram started out edgy and cool and blurry and kind of weirdly questionable. Did you like it at all? The look of Polaroid photos in an app? However, the creative community on the web quickly discovered Instagram and took a very artistic approach to it. Here was a potential, even if no one knew exactly where? Or, okay, Zuckerberg knew it, who, shortly after the APP was also available for Android, struck and bought the company for 1 billion dollars. Oops! Now Instagram has 1 billion users, the investment was worth it. And for you, it’s not only worth getting involved with Instagram, I would even strongly advise authors to use this platform quite intensively. Why? Well, it is, so to speak, a concentrated Facebook.

Everyone owns sensitive data, the content of which is not necessarily intended for the general public. Therefore, if in doubt, simply password protect the affected Windows 10 folder. On the one hand weak cyberattacks to the company, which, for example, is based on unwanted third party programs go back to. On the other hand, you might want to encrypt important folders if nosy relatives generally have access to your device.

However, it is anything but trivial to encrypt folders without a program under Windows 10 a folder with password protection. In the folder properties you will find neither under Release still under Security a corresponding option. There is only the hint that users in general must have the password for your PC to get access to the data. Even the Pro version of Windows 10 does not promise any remedy in this respect.

Nevertheless, there are of course certain ways to password protect folders and encrypt all files in the folder even in Windows 10. In this post, we’ll introduce you to two of the best alternatives below.

The comment belongs to the journalistic text types, just like the reportage and the letter to the editor. Surely you have to write a commentary in German class, right?? No problem!

… the Features of a commentary,

… the structure of a comment,

Google Maps: Tips & Tricks to get to your destination quickly and safely

Google Maps was once a simple maps app. Meanwhile, it’s a travel guide, navigation device, cab call and more. You can even tell your friends where you are in real time. We have compiled the most important tips for Google Maps here for you.

Jump directly to the section:

    : explore cities, find stops, order cabs : avoid traffic jams, find gas stations, augmented reality : show friends where you are and where to go : optimize GPS, calibrate compass, save data

Research with Google Maps

Finds busy places in foreign cities

Maybe you have already noticed the new bright orange colored areas in Google Maps. You show areas in cities where there are particularly large numbers of people. Often this is because there are bars, stores or restaurants there.

"Still ten months warranty" promises the private seller on Ebay. But if the buyer really wants to complain later, he may bite on granite. Because if the retailer doesn’t play ball, the original receipt is of little help.


With an anonymous receipt, complaining shouldn’t be a problem.