Wittekindshof informs about new foundation for former home children of the handicapped or. Psychiatry.

A group of girls from the Wittekindshof facility for the disabled goes to church with an educator. Source: Archive Wittekindshof, Bad Oeynhausen

Bad Oeynhausen/ North Rhine-Westphalia/ Berlin/ Hamburg (AM). "I fight on and on", Ursel Weinand explains with a raised fist. The sentence is a motto of life for the 74-year-old, who has lived in a wheelchair-accessible apartment in Hamburg for more than 30 years. She is a former home child. She entered the home at the age of four, lived for more than 20 years in the Wittekindshof in Bad Oeynhausen and later in other homes for people with disabilities. "We were beaten with coat hangers and belts and could almost never get out. We secretly washed our panties because our underwear was checked every night," she says. If our shoes were broken or expired, we didn’t get anything to eat as punishment and were locked up.", Weinand reports. In the past, she often traveled in an electric wheelchair. She can no longer manage physically. For a few years now, the center of her life has been confined to her sofa. "Never again home she says and raises her fist to reinforce the statement. This is visibly difficult for her because she has been weakened for weeks by a severe case of pneumonia.

Save taxes Donate instead of bequeathing – this is the right way to do it

Donate instead of bequeath.

Image: Getty Images

After initial successes, you will eventually reach a plateau phase when losing weight. Chrissy explains how you can get through it and continue to lose weight.

Weight loss frustration: The scale stands still

Welcome to the most annoying phase of your weight loss: the plateau phase. After initial success in the form of falling kilos, your scales stagnate for several days or even weeks. There is no reason to despair, because weight fluctuations, so-called plateaus, are quite normal during the weight loss period. And, as we all know, challenges are there to be met!

What awaits us in the 2030s – and beyond? What social, technological and political developments could be coming our way? Possible answers to these questions have been compiled by the Future Office. Using various foresight methods, a total of 80 new topics (50 in 2020 and another 30 in 2021) have been identified, giving us a glimpse of possible futures.

Will we soon be sending an avatar to the office instead of going ourselves?? Will we perhaps live under the sea at some point in the future? Let’s soon test the use of drugs on the computer instead of animal experiments? And how could we counteract insect mortality in the future?

You can explore these and many other exciting questions in our compact topic sheets. Read for yourself!

Rising interest rates, bafin requirements, climate protection: buying a house is becoming noticeably riskier

This real estate market in Germany runs hotter and hotter, the hurdles in favor of buyers are getting higher. Where the biggest pitfalls lurk.

Munich – Homeowners and those who want to be, stand still even more difficult times in advance. A clear harbinger is that the federal government on 24. January suspended with immediate effect the K favoritism in favor of so-called efficiency houses and renovations*.

Valve announces the Steam Deck, a handheld console with Steam and all features already integrated.

by Dimitry Halley, Geraldine Hohmann, Florian Franck,
27.01.2022 09:49

Steam deck: all info on release and specs of valve's handheld pc

The best Boba Fett episode

The Star Wars world was awash in happy hormones yesterday, as Bryce Dallas Howard directed a The Book of Boba Fett episode. Howard delivered by far the best episode of the series so far. Chapter 5: Return of the Mandalorian deals almost exclusively with Pedro Pascal’s hero from The Mandolarian. The episode debauchedly shows how Boba Fett and Din Djarin cross paths.

Star Wars highlight: what makes Bryce Dallas Howard’s Boba Fett episode so good?

In the nearly 50-minute running time, Howard adapts the quiet narrative tone of The Mandalorian. In stunning visuals, it sends the taciturn hero to an artificial planet, has him fight two tough fights, and delivers a declaration of love for Star Wars: Episode 1 in the final third. And all this feels wonderfully harmonious and natural. A tour de force that stands out among the last 3 years of Star Wars history.

Architects propose a fast lane for cyclists under the Kreuzberg elevated railway line. The ADFC praises the idea, but sees the structural implementation with skepticism.

The 'Radbahn' project aims to realize Berlin's first (largely) covered bike path. Almost 9 kilometers long under the U1 subway line

Cycling through Kreuzberg with a dry head, drinking a "Coffee To Ride" on the way from Zoo to Warschauer Strabe, pedaling nine kilometers through the middle of Berlin, without cars or pedestrians, past a curtain of plants . This is what an eight-member team of architects and urban planners wants. Your idea was nominated for the Bundespreis ecodesign 2015 (German Federal Award for Ecodesign). The growing number of cyclists will be able to cross the city from east to west on a "bike lane" under the U1 elevated viaduct. That sounds like an expensive investment and construction work.

It was the third meeting of the top candidates Weber and Timmermans within ten days. And again they clearly distinguished themselves from each other.

The two European election top candidates Frans Timmermans (left) and Manfred Weber

It didn’t take long for the two men who want to succeed EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to get fired up. Although the German Manfred Weber and the Dutchman Frans Timmermans are on friendly terms. But that didn’t stop the two, who are leading candidates in the European election campaign, from drawing a clear line during Thursday night’s TV duel. Timmermans, the top man in the European Social Democrats, wants a CO2 tax. Weber, the top candidate of the conservative EPP party family, opposes them. "Why is there still no tax on kerosene??", Timmermans asked, drawing applause from the studio audience.

I have always flirted with SSDs and even installed some in my computers, but was not always satisfied with the results.

When I got the opportunity to test Dietmar’s course as a beta tester, I immediately jumped at it. Only now my systems got hand and foot and also the much talked about speed increase – especially at booting – finally became reality. Of course, questions also came up because Windows is a complex system too.

Dietmar was able to answer each of these questions so clearly and unambiguously in a very short time that I was able to set everything up correctly. Its depth of penetration of the SSD matter is simply awesome. I would never have been able to do all this on my own.