Smart home security: how to protect your connected home against hackers

The topic of security in the smart home is a controversial one: How well are smart home systems protected from hackers? What about data protection? These five tips can improve security in the smart home.

Tips: How to protect your smart home from hackers

In the meantime, what is the actual state of security in the smart home?? Despite various data protection and security scandals in the past – we think, for example, more or less freely accessible recordings from private surveillance cameras – many providers still have some catching up to do and do not give the topic the necessary priority. There is no other way to explain why security-critical bug fixes are sometimes several weeks or even months in coming. Just a few months ago, the trade magazine c’t showed in a detailed test report that these are not isolated cases:

LEGO Ideas Treehouse 21318 in review: Great set or rather firewood? We planted the tree!

Kevin Feeser’s tree house design is one of the models that most quickly reached the magic limit of 10.000 supporters reached. Not even four months after the submission it was clear that Kevin’s idea will be in the selection. His design was created in over 300 hours of fine work and was rebuilt a total of six times. According to his own statement, he found inspiration in Robinson Crusoe. It wasn’t really surprising then that the model will be realized. Now lies the LEGO Ideas tree house 21318 officially presented, and one wonders: Who compares the pictures of the draft and the final product, you will quickly notice that much has been changed. Why that is, if it is good and what Kevin thinks about it, more about that later in this article. In this review, however, the final set is in the foreground.

I have tested over 20 homepage building kits. Here the 6 best in the comparison. All 6 are recommendable, but each has its individual strengths.

Great freedom of design, all functions.

Easy to use, beautiful results.

As Black hole is an object of critically high mass and density that infinitely bends the surrounding space-time. Black holes are essentially formed during the collapse of heavy stars.

A black hole produces strong gravitational forces, which can tear apart a spaceship in its immediate vicinity. (VOY : Voyager)

Quantum filaments have a certain resemblance to a black hole. (TNG : The cosmic band)

Here you can get information about a hurricane in Florida

Our Tenerife bargain
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Florida Hurricane

Florida Hurricane

In Florida one must also always be prepared with Hurricane calculate. This is a tropical cyclone that can also cause severe damage. This has happened many times in Florida, such as Hurricane Charly or Irma.

Windshield wipers provide a clear view in the car

With insight to clear vision: remember to change your windshield wipers in time

With insight to clarity: remember to change your windshield wipers in time

The front and rear windows on the vehicle are the most important viewing windows for every motorist. Only when he can see clearly through them is a safe guiding of the car Guaranteed. But moisture, bird droppings, insects, ice, dust and many other things dirty the windows while driving and limit visibility. Then only the wipers will help.

In Oyinkan Braithwaite’s debut novel "My Sister, the Serial Killer", men are either dead, doomed or in a coma

  • 02.04.2020

Oyinkan Braithwaite / Photo: Hannah Assouline/Opale/Leemage/laif

Femi gets the collar right on the first page. Ayoola rams her 22-centimeter knife straight into his heart. Then she stabs you two more times, sure enough. The carnage she caused in her lover’s apartment, however, is then cleaned up by her sister Korede, who is actually a nurse and was sitting at dinner when she got the call from Ayoola. It was not the first of its kind. Korede knows from experience: bleach removes even the nastiest stains. She even covers up the smell of blood.

A strange solidarity connects the two Nigerian sisters, although they don’t have that much in common at all. Already externally: "Ayoola is small, while I am over one meter eighty tall; Ayoola’s skin color is something between cream and caramel, mine, on the other hand, is that of a Brazil nut before shelling, it consists only of curves, I am composed exclusively of hard edges." While Ayoola is the mother’s darling and she drives all men crazy, Korede is responsible to the point of self-sacrifice. The mismatched pair of women shapes this somewhat different family story more than the stabbings Ayoola hosts on her dates – and where Korede regularly has to bail her out.

October 12, 2020

Serious error: what it is and how to fix it

A fatal error is a type of error that forces the closing of a computer program or the sudden shutdown of the entire operating system. This type of error is often associated with the blue screen of death in Windows, but less serious fatal exception errors only cause a single program to close.

In some cases, fatal errors occur spontaneously and temporarily, and you can safely continue using the computer without any additional problems. If serious errors persist, and especially if these errors reoccur when using the same program or performing the same task, there may be a problem with the hardware or software on the computer.

Since 2014, employees have been able to retire without deductions after 45 years of insurance. This is one thing above all for the German social security funds: expensive. The idea was a prestige project of the then SPD Labor Minister Andrea Nahles, who will now in all likelihood move to head the Labor Agency. There she hopefully shows more foresight. A commentary.

Last year, the pension insurance again approved hundreds of thousands of applications for the deduction-free pension after 45 years of work: 254.337 Working people given green light for early pension. They will all benefit from the SPD’s campaign hit, the so-called pension at 63.

They should actually thank Andrea Nahles (now 51) for this. After all, it was she who, as SPD Minister for Labor and Social Affairs, paved the way for this pension, which was introduced in July 2014. Today, she is a top politician out of office – but will now in all likelihood return as the new head of the Federal Employment Agency and celebrate her comeback. This was announced by the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA) and the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) on Tuesday.

Why cats look for new families? Find out the answer now!

Cats choose their people - reasons and measures

Cats have a mind of their own. And this also shows in the relationship with the owner. It happens again and again that cats run away and choose other people as owners. The reason for this is not always a wrong attitude of the animals, also the character of the cats plays a role in it.