If you want to sit for the tax accountant exam, you must have completed the appropriate training or. of a course of study. In addition to this previous education, practical professional experience must be proven. Here you can get an overview of formal and personal requirements for the tax consultant examination.

Table of Contents

  • Formal requirements for admission
  • Personal requirements
  • Costs of the tax consultant exam

You have the goal to become a tax consultant, but do not know exactly what it takes to follow this path. Perhaps you already fulfill one of the various requirements for admission to the tax consultant exam and are just not clear about it yet.

We bring light into the darkness of the "admission jungle" and have prepared the different ways to become a tax consultant in a visually appealing way. Also about the personal requirements, which the tax advisor examination places to one, inform like you.

Leo zodiac sign character traits. The zodiac sign of Leo is from July 23. In English also called Leo. You can book with her your own personal Astro Reading for the year. With the code 'MATCHAMORNINGS11' you get 11% discount

Characteristics of the zodiac sign Leo. The zodiac sign Leo is from 23. July. In English also called Leo.
You can book your personal Astro Reading for the year with her. With the code "MATCHAMORNINGS11" you get a discount of 11%.

The emotional Cancer time is over and we start 4 weeks full of pure creation and strength, love, warmth and an extra portion of joie de vivre!

The zodiac sign Leo is located in the fifth section of the astrological zodiac, which the Sun will be between 23. July and the 23. August passed through. Therefore, all people born in this period have the Leo as their zodiac sign.

The constellation of Leo stands out very clearly in the evening sky and, with a little imagination, resembles a reclining cat of prey. The zodiac sign Leo is assigned to the planet Sun and the element Fire. The symbol of the lion looks like this ♌︎

Many couples dream of their own four walls. Financing is a long-term project. Sometimes it outlasts the relationship. If you don’t take precautions, it can be expensive – for both partners.


The purchase of the home is for couples the largest financial joint acquisition. Numerous questions need to be answered beforehand. This includes not only how much property is available for the money available, but also who signs the loan agreement and stands as the owner in the land register. The economic and legal security of both partners in the event of a separation should not be left out of the equation.

The best thing to do before buying a house is to agree on rights of use and cost sharing in the event of separation: Who stays in the apartment? Who pays for the financing? The agreement should be reviewed regularly to see if it still fits the living situation.

Hard coal operators expect that the fossil fuel will still be needed until 2050. Thanks to the EEG reform, they could be right.

  • Hard coal will soon be 100% imported
  • Battery storage could relieve the power grid
  • Hard coal important for grid frequency

Mining of hard coal is declining in Germany, just starting in India. (Image: Burghard / Pixabay under CC0 Public Domain)

In May, the spring constellations of Leo, Virgo and Bootes dominate the night sky. Astronomy teacher Uwe Schierhorn explains how the lion of mythology came into the sky and when, where and how Comet Johnson can be observed.

The constellation Leo

Spring brings not only warmer temperatures during the day, hopefully soon, but also the nights should become milder, making stargazing more pleasant. The day length increases thus in May further. While on 1. May the sun is 14 hours and 57 minutes above the horizon (SA 5.35 o’clock; SU 20.32 o’clock), the day lasts on 31. May already ca. 1.5 hours longer (SA 4.52 o’clock; SU 21.4 pm).

Some constellations are well visible in February. But we have to do without shooting stars. © dpa, Mohssen Assanimoghaddam, ass wst

Even in the brightened city sky the main stars of Gemini are visible in February, but also the constellation Leo has placed itself in the night sky. With binoculars, however, the star forge Orion Nebula can be observed. On the other hand we have to do without meteor showers in February.

Jupiter on farewell tour

Stargazers will have to do without Jupiter and Saturn in February. © iStockphoto

Jan was born exactly on Rose Monday in Dusseldorf – who does not know carnival in the Rhineland – there goes nothing at all in our city *laughs*! In the evening, Philipp called me in the hospital: "You don’t believe it, but our washing machine has just broken down – motor damage – nothing works there anymore! What are we going to do with our cloth diapers when you come home tomorrow!?"And I answered him after a short hesitation: "Then run quickly to the drugstore and buy another pack of disposable diapers."

Sure, Philipp would have struggled to find a washing machine somewhere the next morning, or we could have gone to the laundromat, but the last thing parents need shortly after giving birth is stress! We wanted to start life as a family of five in a relaxed way, not rushed and completely out of breath.

Breastfeeding during pregnancy and tandem breastfeeding

Congratulations! You are pregnant! Again!
But your firstborn is not yet weaned.

Is it safe to continue breastfeeding? What should you calculate with?

First of all, it is not dangerous.

Observatory talks (faq)

This homepage, as well as our observatory, shall serve the care and promotion of popular astronomy, with the aim to make the spectacular events and developments in this field more understandable to the interested and open-minded person.

Observatory Talks (FAQ)

Here we give answers to questions frequently asked in the guided tours at the observatory, and explanations of astronomical terms.

The position of the moon

Why is the position of the moon at the equator or on the southern hemisphere of the earth different from ours?

The horizon is the reference line for the observer. An observer on the north pole stands in such a way that his head points in the direction of the north, his feet to the south. Its horizon is parallel to the equator. An observer at the equator is exactly perpendicular to an observer at the north pole. Therefore its horizon is also perpendicular to the horizon of the observer at the north pole. Thus it comes that in equator proximity the points of the moon crescent lie with the rising or setting of the moon frequently horizontally to the horizon. At the south pole an observer stands in such a way that his head points to the south and the feet to the north. He therefore sees the moon from exactly the opposite direction as an observer at the North Pole. So, while on the northern hemisphere the illuminated side of the waxing crescent is to the right of the observer, an observer on the southern hemisphere sees it to his left.