Hand on heart: Do you want to get rich? Only very few people answer this question with "No" – After all, a lot of money can grant us a lot of wishes and give us a lot of freedom. But how do you actually become really rich – maybe even a millionaire?? And does it also have disadvantages, if one becomes really wealthy?

Wealth – what is it actually??

Sure, you’re rich if you have a lot of money – but can you be more specific?? From which sum is this the case? And can I feel rich myself even if I have less?

First of all, a official figure by which wealth is defined, there is no. According to the German Federal Statistical Office, you are officially considered rich if you earn more than double to triple the average income, but this also varies from state to state. A rough guide: If you have more than 4.000 euros net can already feel quite wealthy.

Winter is the fourth season in the temperate zones, it is the coldest and darkest time of the year. Depending on which hemisphere the winter is, we distinguish between the northern winter and the southern winter. The trees are now really bare, the ground is frozen and often covered with snow. In the depths of winter, the weather is just right for sledding, starting a snowball fight or building a snowman! What is typical for this season and what dates, cultural customs and festivals are associated with it? How does the animal and plant world prepare for the frosty months??

Seasons: winter

According to the calendar, the coldest season in the northern hemisphere begins on 21. or 22. December and ends on 21. or 22. March. Weather researchers assign the months December, January and February to winter. (Source: Wanderer / pixelio.de)

Winter, like the other three seasons, is also divided into three phases. Early winter begins at the beginning of December and lasts until the beginning of January. With the beginning of early winter also the onset of winter takes place at the same time. Now it can already snow and also frost is now the order of the day. The high winter lets the temperatures sink again strongly and at the beginning of the year it becomes really cold. Minus degrees are now no longer a rarity. This is followed by the so-called late winter, which prevails in mid-February. The temperatures rise gradually again and also snow falls in Germany – except the mountains – now more rarely.

After a long summer they are back: heating costs! They are a nuisance, but somehow they are part of living here. After all, home only becomes comfortable when you don’t have to shiver. Once you’ve chosen a prefabricated house, you’re making a valuable contribution to sustainable building – and you can also keep your heating costs well under control. Because the construction method combines energy efficiency and economy. Prefabricated house manufacturers rely on innovative technologies to save raw materials and money in the long term. To help you make the right choice in the breadth of the offer, in this article we show you the most common heating installations and the associated heating costs.

Heating costs for the heat pump

Modern prefabricated houses now have a high degree of smart technology in the house and so, for example, the heating can be controlled with end devices such as smartphones or tablets. Image: pixabay © hutti

On an annual average, a heating system with a heat pump obtains about a quarter of the required energy from the power grid. Picture: pixabay © globalergysystems

The new Bundestag met for the first time on Tuesday. However, of the 736 newly elected MPs, 23 AfD politicians were not sitting in the plenary chamber, but had to watch from the stands. The reason: the trio refused to comply with the House’s 3G rules and were therefore physically separated from the rest of the parliament – including their party colleagues – and banished to the back of the chamber. AfD MPs were sorted out for hygiene reasons.

And so they sat there like defiant children who have successfully rebelled against their parents and understood their punishment as a reward, without masks but at a distance, because Wolfgang Schauble (CDU), the president of the Bundestag who was replaced today, did not want anyone who had not been vaccinated, recovered or tested in the packed plenary hall.

One of the heroic 23 wore a sticker with the inscription "not vaccinated" and "Umbrella" during the meeting. Congratulations.

On 6. December we celebrate St. Nicholas. It has become accepted that children in Germany the night before their Put shoes in front of the door, to the next morning Sweets and small gifts to find in it. But where does this custom come from? Who was the Saint Nicholas really and where did he come from? What was he famous for and what was his merit?

Two figures merged to form the myth of St. Nicholas: on the one hand, the saint of children and on the other hand, the saint of children Bishop Nicholas of Pinora (6. Jh.) and on the other hand Bishop Nicholas of Myra (3.-4. Jh.). The latter was born around 280 in Patara (today Demre) near Antalya. When he was 19 years old, his uncle made him the Priest consecrated. After that St. Nicholas Abbot of the monastery of Sion and later Bishop of Myra.

Life, activity and legends

About the life and work of St. Nicholas is not much handed down. What is certain is that he was the one who received from his parents the Legacy to the needy passed on. Nicholas of Myra was known mainly for many other good deeds, Charity and helpfulness. He was a great Friend of children and Helpers of people in distress. That is why today he is one of the most popular saints in the Christian world. Also there are many legends in which his work is central.

You’ve asked a great woman out on a first date. Often at some point the moment comes when there is something to pay for it. What do you do now – do you invite her out or not?

And how do you react when she wants to pay her share – you let her? I hear these questions all the time, so today you’ll hear my thoughts on them.
Several things argue for and against asking women out. Let’s look at the arguments for this first.

Arguments for paying for the date

Men who are proponents of asking women out on dates usually cite one of these arguments to that effect.
– You want the woman to feel absolutely comfortable
– You want to spoil the woman
– You want to show the woman that you can afford it
– They want to prove that they are successful
– You feel most comfortable doing it yourself
– They think the whole thing is just part of being a man
– They are afraid to break the mood if they make the woman pay
– They want to conquer the woman
– You want to impress the woman
-You were raised to think that’s the way it should be

Statement of the hit star

Helene Fischer speaks out publicly for the first time after birth rumors

02.02.2022 updated: 13:55

Helene Fischer has reacted after rumors about her birth and denied one aspect.

Building muscles for beginners

How to build muscles? In this short article, I will go over the 4 basic steps to follow when building muscle for beginners!

Muscle growth is a protective reaction of the body.

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I would like to help!

Central America is in the midst of hurricane season – it could be the worst since weather records began. Storm "Iota" follows storm "Eta" with more than 200 deaths and threatens countless people. The emergency aid of Caritas is running at full speed.

"Especially elderly people, pregnant women, children and people with disabilities are in urgent need of help", says Julia Wiget, who oversees projects in Guatemala and Honduras at Caritas international. Honduras was already the one from "Eta" Hardest hit land in the region. There alone, three million people are suffering from the effects of the hurricane, 55.000 people are still in emergency shelters. More than 100.000 people are still cut off from the outside world today. "The situation is particularly dramatic for families living in rural areas", reports Julia Wiget.

The brain of humans is evolutionary designed to make short term decisions. After all, in the past life was often indefinite and events unpredictable. So it’s no wonder that the desire to earn money fast is so great.

Nowadays we have been trained to have a certain foresight, but our basic instincts are not so easy to switch off. But that is not a problem! In this article you will learn many different methods to make money fast. Some can even be done immediately.

Earn money fast - with these tips you're guaranteed to succeed!