Many wish for a soul mate. They are like a gift. But how do I find out if someone is my soul mate?? That one person who understands you completely without words and takes you as you are? It is not only about sympathy or acceptance. It is about a deep feeling of inner, spiritual connection and support in difficult life situations. Here are 17 sure signs of how to recognize your soul mate…

Recognize + find soul mate: 17 magical signs

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A fine for a child who didn’t have a bus ticket causes outrage. Now research shows: Infants are even recorded in a new database.

Under-six-year-olds ride for free in Switzerland. But there's an exception

Under-six-year-olds ride for free in Switzerland. But there is one exception.

A five- and a ten-year-old girl ride together in a Schaffhausen bus. The older of the two sisters has a season ticket with her, the younger one travels without one. Because the mother thought children under six would be allowed to use public transport for free in Switzerland.

Hunger, thirst, lack of sleep – Surely you know from your own experience how uncomfortable it is when basic physical needs are not met. In the long run, this can even lead to physical damage. It’s not quite the same with the lesser-known basic psychological needs, yet there are many similarities.

Basic psychological needs

We are confronted with our physical needs every day. Unpleasant sensations such as tiredness or stomach growling make us aware of them and cause us to comply with them. It is similar with the psychological needs. If they are not fulfilled, unpleasant feelings occur. However, since we usually have much less experience with them – in contrast to physical needs – and they do not entail any consequences that are essential for survival, we find it more difficult to deal with them. No wonder, because which and how many basic psychological needs there are, is controversial even among experts.

Prague is an ideal destination for a romantic city break in the fall

In autumn cities show all their charm. The low sun bathes the sights in a mysterious light. The colorful foliage colors the avenues and rustles as you walk through the park. Couples enjoy the romantic atmosphere during an autumn city trip.

If you still have vacation days left, grab your partner and treat yourself to a few days off together. Autumn is the ideal time for a city trip for two. Away from the hustle and bustle of the high season, time with your partner can be enjoyed especially well.

Writing as a profession-Writing as a profession

Writing as a profession is quite diverse. Luckily. On the other hand, it is somewhat confusing for many people that there are so many different names for this activity. I notice this again and again, for example, when I tell people that I am an author. "Ah, you write novels!", it says then. Or when I say that I am an editor. "Ah, you work at the newspaper!", is usually the answer. Or when I talk about my blog. "Oh, you’re an influencer!" then comes. No, no and no again. I think it’s high time for some clarification.

Writing as a profession: here’s how the different job descriptions differ

I have studied business administration and have a degree in business administration. My first and only job took me to a specialized publishing house, where I worked as an editor. (Although I was hired under the job title "editor". But that’s another story.)

Oskar Pastior / Photo 1997 - -

P astior is not the first Romanian-German author to be exposed as an informant for the Securitate, but he is the first for whom leniency seems to be universal. At least it looks like it at first glance. Dieter Schlesak, the colleague from Bucharest youth years, already announces by title in the ZEIT: "I understand my friend, the poet and Securitate informer Oskar Pastior". Even Herta Muller, who usually passes harsh judgment, and rightly so, found kind words in the Pastior case.

This may seem surprising, but it is also explainable. Pastior was close to her, his experiences in the Soviet forced labor camp of the post-war years flowed into her great novel "Atemschaukel", but his informant activity has hardly anything to do with the camp, in any case it took place much later, in the sixties – and thus still before the entry of the "Aktionsgruppe Banat" and Herta Muller into the Romanian-German literary scene. Pastior’s informant activity had nothing to do with Herta Muller, nor with the other authors of our generation.

A roar like the sound of an approaching airplane resonates ominously through the air. Then thundering masses of water from huge waves grab at everything in their path. Trees collapse, people scream and try to escape from the floods, others disappear in the waves. Finally, the tsunami has run riot and is taking everything that is not nailed down with it back into the sea.

These or similar were the descriptions of the survivors after the tsunami catastrophes mostly. And there were quite a few of them. The Hawaiian archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean alone has been rocked by major tsunamis 13 times this century.

What actually are tsunamis? What causes can they have? Can you predict tsunamis? We will try to answer these and other questions on the following pages.

The Pleiades, also known as the Pleiades, "The Seven Sisters", the Gluckhenne or the Ladder Car, have a different but always special meaning for many cultures. It is always associated with a dove and the Pleiades are also called the "dove flock.

The Pleiades, which also Pleiades, "The seven sisters", Gluckhenne or ladder wagons are called, have for many cultures a different however always special meaning.

In Greek antiquity they were considered daughters of Pleione and her husband, the Titan Atlas, the one who carries the vault of heaven in the north. In some places it is said that Aphrodite herself was the mother of the Pleiades, whom she gave birth to under the name Pleione.

Who doesn’t know this situation – you are packing for the return flight and suddenly you ask yourself if you are allowed to take all of the following back to Germany legally. If you want to be on the safe side, read this post. Here you can find out everything about the applicable customs regulations for your return trip to Germany – without any officialese. Whether you are coming back from non-EU countries or from the Schengen area: the appropriate customs regulations are right here.

Customs regulations for the return journey to Germany from an EU member state

As an EU citizen you have the right of free movement within the European Union. This includes, for example, "borderless travel". This means, among other things, that you can import goods for your own use from another EU country duty-free into Germany. However, this does not apply to all goods. For stimulants such as tobacco products, alcoholic beverages and coffee, maximum quantities have been set. These are necessary, among other things, because otherwise the criterion "own need" is difficult to define. Excise duty is uniform throughout the EU.

However, you may also bring more than the exemption limit. If you exceed the guideline values, the customs officials will assume that you are not only importing the goods for your own use. In this case you have to declare the goods at the German customs and pay duty on them.

Travel planning

Some would like to sip delicious cocktails at the pool in a luxury hotel, others would like to go on a cruise, others swear by round trips through one or more countries and some simply go off on their own with their backpacks. No matter which trip you have in mind, and which country is the destination, it is important in all cases to plan the trip accordingly.

The offer of activities, sightseeing, accommodation, etc. is very interesting. is incredibly versatile, and many a traveler may be a little perplexed by the topic of travel planning. In this article we would like to take a closer look at this topic together with our readers.