After her divorce Nadia Schafer enjoys her independence. So she gets to know Karim, a devout and educated muslim. She gets involved with him, even marries him, because Islam forbids love without a marriage certificate. She accepts the fact that Karim already has a wife and children and the marriage continues, because he carries Nadia on his hands. They move to Oman, where Nadia is only allowed to leave the house deeply veiled. She does it for Karim – a caring husband who also takes care of his first wife. Until one day he brings home wife number three ..

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I was constantly conflicted about my opinion of Nadia. Sometimes I wanted to shake her, so that she comes to her senses, sometimes I wanted to comfort her, because I could understand her very well.
After her divorce .

I was constantly conflicted with my opinion of Nadia. Sometimes I wanted to shake her so that she would come to her senses, sometimes I wanted to comfort her because I could understand her very well.
After her divorce she actually felt well. Lived in a shared apartment with a young, handsome man. Only platonically, of course. The only downer was their unemployment. After a vacation in Turkey her passion for the Orient was ignited.
She learned how to prepare Arabic dishes and belly dance.
When she received a call from a Karim who wanted to visit her, she didn’t know what hit her at first. Nadia was recommended to Karim by a couple who were friends of his. She fell in love with this wonderful voice right away. So when she picked him up from the Nuremberg train station, her knees got downright wobbly.
At home she spoiled him with Arabic dishes. Karim tells her about his life. Often he chuckled (laughed) which gave Nadia a tingle in her stomach. To make a long story short, they met in October 1995. November 1995 they got married in Amsterdam.
I had my problems with it. Karim already had a wife and three children.
He really wanted Nadia as a second wife. Since a divorce is impossible for a devout Muslim, he now had to take care of two women.
I wondered: Is it really Nadia?? Really? You as a self-employed woman, who had just divorced a cheater, now want to become a second wife? And that veiled from head to toe.
Of course, Karim was so vulnerable and lonely. He needed a woman who would see eye to eye with him was!
Nadia should still have to gnaw on this statement many a time.

Did you know that in Iceland there are 13 Christmas gnomes and in Spain there is a candy shitter? Crazy Christmas traditions from around the world.

What is the name of santa claus in sweden?

While in Germany, traditionally, Santa Claus comes on the 24th.12. snowing through the door and bringing presents to the children, there are some really curious Christmas traditions in some European countries around the world. To get in the mood for this time of year already, we’ve rounded up some weird and funny customs.

The solar plant on the roof of Siemens Mobility Austria's factory buildings in Vienna generates one megawatt. - © Siemens Mobility Austria

Siemens Mobility doubles the output of its photovoltaic system on the roof of its plant in Vienna. There the company manufactures night and subway trains.

More sun in subways and night trains: What sounds like an oxymoron has long been a reality for Siemens Mobility Austria. The company has been producing subways and night trains at its plant in Vienna-Simmering with electricity from a photovoltaic system with a capacity of 500 kilowatts, which is located on the roof of the factory halls. Now this plant has been expanded to one megawatt.

Anyone traveling by air should be familiar with customs and safety regulations. What can be carried in hand luggage? What are the rules for liquids? Which souvenirs and how much alcohol are allowed?

People on vacation abroad carry personal items in their luggage, and many take a souvenir home with them on the return trip. This often leads to problems at the security check at the airport or at customs. Which goods may be imported tax- and duty-free?? Which souvenirs are better to do without??

What not to take in your hand luggage on flights?

Cosmetics in a clear plastic bag with a seal. © dpa - Report Photo: Holger Hollemann

Veal breast with ribs, raw | Arthur's daughter cooks. by Astrid Paul, the blog for Food, Wine, Travel & Love!

Usually a breast of veal is stuffed. With this the cook wants to prove his artistry, I guess. Because this is not particularly delicate, rather – like most fillings – a bit boring. But braised, this strange meat produces a sauce that you lick off your fingers! ( Wolfram Siebeck)

Veal breast with ribs, raw | Arthurs Tochter kocht. by Astrid Paul, the blog for Food, Wine, Travel & Love!

Braised and under the grill caramelized veal breast | Arthurs Tochter kocht. by Astrid Paul, the blog for Food, Wine, Travel & Love!

A round trip to Japan is a dream, of which you should will never want an awakening. Experience a country full of wonderful extremes: flashing high-tech metropolises alternate with picture-perfect natural scenery and traditions thousands of years old.

Mysticism and secrets

Discover with Tokyo one of the biggest and craziest cities of the world, climb the unique Mount Fuji or let yourself be completely enchanted by the old traditions of the Geishas. It doesn’t matter if you want to go on a Japan package tour or if you want to design your Japan round trip individually: This country will never let you go again: You will receive fascinating answers to questions, that you would never have asked yourself.

The helper for your Japan travels

Here you will learn everything you need to know before Tour of Japan you need to know: Which Japan Sights you must not miss? What tips you absolutely must keep in mind when planning and how to get from A to B in Japan? You can find the answers here!

It’s all over for Meshkatolzahra Safi in the second round of the junior Australian Open, but the 17-year-old is still a winner. She has become the first Iranian woman to make it to a Grand Slam tournament.

Australia Open tennis player Meshkatolzahra Safi from Iran

Results and emotional worlds are not always in harmony. Meshkatolzahra Safi can feel like a winner, even though her match against Sofia Costoulas from Belgium is clearly lost. Her performance in the junior women’s competition at the Australian Open in Melbourne is too memorable to ignore. And it’s not because the 17-year-old is on court in the 30-plus degree Australian heat wearing a headscarf, long-sleeved shirt and leggings. She simply says: "I’ve been used to playing undercover since I was nine years old," she tells the Australian newspaper. I continue to do so. That is part of me."

Pregnant after miscarriage – 5 reasons why everything is different.

After a roller coaster ride of emotions, chaos, confusion, sadness and joy there is a ray of hope for us. Our vacation in Gran Canaria bore fruit. We are pregnant again. Pregnant again and finally after miscarriage.

Last year, too, the joy was great when I held a positive pregnancy test in my hands. Full of enthusiasm and overjoyed, I threw all our travel plans overboard and concentrated fully on the pregnancy. I was full of confidence and never thought in my life that a miscarriage would burst our dreams like soap bubbles.

I will never forget the moment when I was sitting happily in the waiting room, looking forward to a glimpse of the ultrasound monitor and the life that was tenderly growing inside me. And then, in the next moment, comes the big shock, when the doctor announces to me. "Your baby’s heart has stopped beating". I fell into a black hole and our plans collapsed like a house of cards.

Photo: Michael Luz

On 6. July is the international day of the kiss. A French kiss is more intimate than almost any other token of love between two people. However, kissing in public is not permitted everywhere. In some countries, an intimate kiss is even considered sexual foreplay.

Stuttgart – Mexicans like it passionately when they make out. The English, on the other hand, attach importance to not too wet kisses. Which kiss rituals in other countries in addition, in Germany are practiced, we explain on the occasion of the international day of the kiss.

Written by Denise. Published in Zodiac signs

Leo (Latin)

From the Greek-Roman mythology

The Greek mythical hero Hercules had 12 difficult tasks to perform. One task was to fight with the Nemean lion, whose skin was made of metal and stone and which devastated villages and towns near the city of Nemea.