You want to save your data volume? Your phone does not find the WLAN? Help him to find it! Often this is quite simple.

Smartphone with WLAN sign

The Internet source is actually in range, but your otherwise reliable cell phone just can’t find the WLAN? Don’t worry, this can happen. Often the problem can be solved with a little trick. We show you what to do in such a case.

Morocco ends flight ban on 7. February to resume the closure of its airspace after more than two months. As reported by the Maghreb Post, the decision is justified by the authorities with the positive development of the pandemic situation in the country. However, it is not yet clear who will actually be allowed to use the resumed air traffic to enter the country, and what rules will apply.

View over the roofs of Marrakech

Morocco opens from 7. February, the airspace for international flights was reopened.

In a press release, the Moroccan government announced on 27. January announced that international air traffic would be reopened on 7. February is to be resumed. This had previously been suggested by a technical and scientific committee overseeing the development of the Corona pandemic. At the same time, a committee was tasked with determining the specific conditions for opening the border. The decision must also be made as to which groups of people should be allowed to enter the country and what the conditions to be met for this are. Whether, for example, German holidaymakers will be able to travel to Morocco again from 7. February will be possible again, has not yet been determined. In the past, Morocco had already used entry bans and airspace closures several times as a protective measure against the spread of the coronavirus.

Reindeer eat mainly grasses and moss. (Photo: dpa)

Surely you have heard about Rudolph before. The famous Christmas song from 1939 is about the reindeer with the bright red nose: "Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer". Reindeer do not have shiny noses. But they have many other great features and abilities.


Reindeer belong to the deer family. They live in the far north of the earth: in Scandinavia, Siberia, Mongolia, Alaska and Canada. In Canada and Alaska they are called caribou. They live together in large groups with up to 100 000 animals. There is even a herd with 500 000 reindeer!
In Lapland, reindeer have been kept as pets and livestock for a very long time. Lapland is a region that spans Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia. There live the Sami, that’s how the native people are called. Many of them breed reindeer. They use meat and milk for food and the warm fur for clothing. Seeds move around with the animals so that they can find food. But the natural habitat of reindeer is often cut by roads. And so you can see traffic signs in the region showing a reindeer in a red triangle. The seeds have another way of warning motorists: they hang bags on street signs or branches. Then car drivers know: Here are reindeer in the vicinity. Drive carefully!

New World – Isabella © Amazon Game Studios

Isabella is a strange and mysterious character in New World. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

New World has some interesting features that set it apart from other MMORPGs. The game is set on the mysterious island of Aeternum during the Age of Exploration, and many explorers who reached these shores were carried off by madness, starvation, undeath or a series of other unkind fates. Isabella, a name that catches the eye as it reappears at various points in the game, seems to have been one of those lost travelers.

Venice Airport Transfer – the world famous lagoon city, with at last count well over twenty million visitors per year, is easily accessible due to its geographical position on the edge of the Adriatic Sea. Tourists arrive by car, buses of all kinds, train, cruise ships or plane.

Venice itself is car-free and the journey itself ends for all means of transport in a parking lot, bus or train station or at the cruise terminal. For all means of transport, see this article. Only the airports through which you can fly to Venice are located a little outside on the mainland and require an appropriate airport transfer.

City view Mannheim - Reiseburo Mannheim

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