Salary Federal Chancellor: How much earns a chancellor?

Were or are at home in the Chancellery: Angela Merkel and successor Olaf Scholz are among the few heads of government in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany

The Federal Chancellor is always under power. After all, the strings of government run together with him. But what does the chancellor earn at all? We look at the various salaries.

The Federal Chancellor holds the probably most important office in Germany. Although he is not considered the head of state of the Federal Republic, the formation and direction of the government is in his hands. This means that he ultimately stands for the political course.

Santa Claus – makes me think of snow, cold temperatures; winter, that is. So what does Santa do in the summer? Maldives vacation? Or diligently wrap presents? We visited Santa Claus and found out for you.

Where does Santa Claus live?

Clearly, in the north. But about the place of residence of Santa Claus there are different sources. "At the North Pole" I’ve heard. Then again, they say he has no fixed abode. But the Finns know better, because that’s where he’s at home: on Mount Korvatunturi.

In the middle of the loneliness of the Finnish forests and moors – this is where Santa Claus lives?

  • Santa Claus
  • But apparently it is too deserted for him and he has bought a second home: at the Arctic Circle, 5km north of the city of Rovaniemi. So, let’s go.

    on sunday, sonja and rudi seidel celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in schneckenlohe. A long-time married couple’s tip for a happy partnership: "Cohesion is the most important thing." they have raised two sons together and overcome many a low point. But the couple never lost heart. "We have always worked hard, been industrious and today we are doing well.", says rudi seidel. the pensioner had worked for 50 years in a carpenter’s workshop in weidhausen as a carpenter for construction and furniture. After his sons were grown, his wife sonja started working again. "but we always had agriculture on the side. We made our own butter and cheese, had a poultry farm, sheep and rabbits", she says. "And a big garden, he adds, and both say they have won several awards for their flower arrangements. "Since we retired, however, we have shifted down a gear.", says rudi seidel.
    Dancing is still one of the couple’s great hobbies. Sonja seidel: "where there is something, we are there. Now it’s mostly the dance teas on sunday afternoon." and they talk about their travels to poland, norway, france, switzerland and the netherlands. "our next destination is scotland. We are looking forward to it. We often travel with the farmers’ association or the district horticultural association. we know many travelers."
    And it’s not just traveling or dancing that keeps them fit. They eat healthily, do regular gymnastics and are interested in medicine and naturopathy, regularly go to medical lectures in the hospital. Rudi seidel: "when we go to the doctor, we tell him what we’ve got."

    Dusseldorf Airport is a perfectly equipped and customer-friendly modern airport for passengers, which is characterized by a well-designed functional. It goes without saying that the departure from Dusseldorf is undertaken by many travelers. Therefore, many different transportation options to and from the airport have been carefully considered in order to meet all, even the most demanding needs and specificities of the customer’s requests. Since the airport is located within the city, the connection is fast and easy.

    How to get to the airport and from there by train?

    Dusseldorf local transport works perfectly. For example, when airport passengers choose a rail connection, they can use one of two rail transportation options – conventional light rail or monorail. In Terminal C of the airport, there is a station of city electric trains that run at intervals of approx. Ride 20 minutes and connect Dusseldorf with Cologne station. If you decide to take this line, follow the sign "Terminal S / S-Bahn 11". The journey time is 15 minutes.

    Probably the most common question I get asked via Instagram direct message is how do you take your Instagram photos? Do you always have someone with you when you travel to take pictures of you?? And even if I prefer to travel with company (just to be able to share the beautiful moments with someone) it happens more often that I am sometimes alone on trips. This year, for example, I was in Scotland and in Holland alone on trips. Regardless, I have brought back beautiful pictures from each of these trips. How I did it and all my tips and tricks on how you can take beautiful photos of yourself even on solo travels (z.B. with self-trigger), I would like to reveal in this article. But not only for solo travelers these tips can be helpful. Because who would not like to have from itself and its travel company also times common pictures, or?

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    Do we really have to accept the climate-damaging effect of air traffic??

    Where is the problem?

    10. December 2018, Berlin. The water level of the Spree is so low that the river flows backwards in places. Even though it seems to be as wet and cool as usual outside, the 2018 heatwave summer has left its mark. Agriculture reports more than 20% crop losses compared to the previous year. Until now, global climate change was only known from afar, such as smog alerts in Beijing or hurricane "Irma" in Florida. But a drought in Germany – how could that happen?

    That we humans ourselves contribute to this is now clear.

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    Stage 6 People Biography Citizen Predecessor Stolen Supplies
    Successor Save Orphanage
    Arson attack on orphanage
    Save hospital
    Danger for the hospital

    Table of Contents

    Overview[ edit ]

    Infiltrate the bandit camp in the cave southeast of the city.

    Doing without makes you happy: what sounds like a contradiction to the promises of mass consumption is becoming a way of life for more and more people. They call themselves minimalists and reduce their possessions to a few hundred things. The average European, on the other hand, heaps 10.000 items on.

    Minimalism as a matter of principle: Everything Katharina Finke owns fits into two suitcases and one bag

    It’s just a little experiment. One thing, however, that could open the eyes of many: "Go through your home in your mind, room by room. Try to list all the things that are in it: every piece of furniture, every book, every object, no matter how small." This is what you can read on an Internet blog for the art of living. An unmistakable instruction – and yet a task that most people would fail at.


    Measles, mumps, scarlet fever, rubella: The typical childhood diseases are not always as harmless as some parents think. There is a risk of serious complications. Vaccinations can protect against most of these infectious diseases, but not against all of them. An overview.

    For a long time, the typical childhood diseases were considered harmless, according to the motto: "Children just have to get through it. A dangerous misconception, medical experts warn today.

    • Kays Al-Khanak

    Man infertile after clinic intervention: legal dispute over costs after artificial insemination

    After an operation in a clinic in Giessen, a man can no longer father children naturally. This is changing thanks to a special treatment. Now the clinic and the father are fighting in court.

    Giessen – The wish to have children does not always come true. For very different reasons, for which often absolutely no one can do anything. Sometimes life is not bloody fair. And then couples stand there and ask: Why us of all people?? Some people eventually find ways to cope with it. For others, there is always a gap in life that is difficult to close. But what happens when a child’s wish becomes a distant memory because someone makes a mistake??