The Kingdom of the Netherlands consists not only of the neighboring country of the Netherlands, which we like to call Holland. The so-called ABC islands Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, as well as Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius and Saba are also part of the Dutch kingdom.

All six islands are located in the Caribbean. The ABC islands only 25 to 60 km off the coast of Venezuela in South America, the remaining islands belong to the "islands above the wind" and are located east of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Until 2010, five of the six islands – Aruba left in 1985 – belonged to the overseas territory of the Netherlands Antilles and were therefore part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Even today the islands are often still called the Netherlands Antilles (I will use this name here for simplicity’s sake), but officially this association was dissolved in 2010 and the political situation was reorganized.

Christmas in the summer vacations and sweets in abundance. To the 3. During Advent, we travel to North, Central and South America to experience the local Christmas traditions.

North America

In Mexico, the Spanish colonial period has left its mark on the country. From 16. From December 25 to Christmas Eve, the so-called Posadas are celebrated: two people dressed up in costumes process through the streets in memory of Mary and Joseph’s search for shelter and knock on the doors of the houses with the request for accommodation. Families and friends gather in the houses and on the streets to celebrate.

The last house is selected in advance. In this one, seekers are invited into the house. They are served food and drink, including pinatas. The clay jars filled with sweets symbolize evil and must be smashed to bring blessings for everyone. Traditionally, everyone gets a taste, children first.

Costs six months of traveling

Sabbatical: The cost of six months of travel

15.000 Euro I had saved for the six months sabbatical without working, but with a lot of traveling. Beside the costs for the travels as such, the money had to be enough also for the current fixed costs.Quite a lot of money, the largest sum I have ever owned. And in fact I came up with it quite exactly.

Invests in lifelong memories, countless unique moments, the best chocolate in Belgium, paragliding in Switzerland, a helicopter flight in Greenland, lavender fields, visits to temples, monks’ breakfasts in Japan, Chinese water villages – my happiness.

How to approach women easily in any situation

Do you often feel like you really want to approach this one woman…if only you knew what to say to her?

How am I going to approach them?

Welcome to the #1. 1 problem of being a man today. In this article, I’m going to reveal to you why you’re even wondering what to say to her, what you should actually say to her (and you can apply this in any situation!) and what you should also do so that the toilet doesn’t get stuck in your throat and embarrassing silence occurs, but you two will actually have a flirty conversation.

The Google Maps app has become a permanent everyday and travel companion for most smartphone users. Many users have no idea how helpful the app can actually be. These tips will make your life much easier.

1. Save data with offline function

Anyone who wants to use Google Maps to find their way around a foreign environment or needs the app for navigation needs mobile access to the Internet to do so. This can be a problem abroad, for example. And frequent users will also notice that the Google app noticeably melts down their own data volume.


Bahasht, a 13-year-old Kurdish girl, has been living in a Belarusian camp near the Polish border for two months – and hopes for help. t-online spoke with her to get an up-close look at her life in the camp. (Source: t-online)

"It feels very sad": 13-year-old Bahasht shows in the video the terrible conditions in her Belarusian camp- and finds clear words. (Source: t-online)

St.-veit street: cyclists are allowed to ride in the opposite direction

How an afterthought can put everything into perspective. "Only three percent of road users drive on the st, according to an undercover survey.-veit street too fast", mayor jurgen kohmann (CSU) informed his councillors. "However, they were all traveling in the wrong direction on the one-way street." and yet: the city council will turn the six-month test phase into a permanent solution.

Review: at the end of 2018, the building committee had ordered that a one-way street regulation be introduced for st.-veit-street (where the realschule is located) and the adjoining dr.-hummer-street to test. the maximum speed was limited to 30 kilometers per hour. Afterwards, the city asked residents, bus drivers and the police for their opinion. And in the meantime carried out the aforementioned undercover ten-day measurement, in which 226 vehicle drivers, including some with articulated lorries, drove unperturbed the wrong way round and also still too fast. The councils were shocked, but could not be dissuaded from enacting a permanent regulation. Only cyclists are allowed to pedal against the direction of travel: the road is wide enough, says kohmann. Although dieter leicht (SPD) noted that not all residents were happy with the one-way street regulation by any means. For some, this means long detours.

Winfried ernst pointed out that it was the independent voters who had put forward this proposal: "We should try out sensible traffic solutions in practice more often instead of rejecting them immediately on the basis of what supposed experts say."

"ora et labora."the motto of the order of the benedictines is well known. "pray and work."but does that also apply during the vacation season?? the fact is: even monks sometimes have time off. "but we don’t take a vacation from being monks," stresses father maximilian grund of munsterschwarzach abbey.

In the monastery in the district of kitzingen, each monk with perpetual profession has 21 vacation days per year at his disposal, according to a press release from the abbey. But there is no wrangling over vacation planning, as is common in companies, among the 80 monks. On major holidays such as christmas and easter, "in principle, no vacation is taken anyway," says leipold. Nor between new year’s eve and Epiphany, when the convent days take place, when all the monks come together and discuss a particular topic.

Abbey fire department must also be ready for action during the vacations

"you always clear absences with those who represent you," explains father maximilian. The cantors had to coordinate their work with one another. Or those responsible for the abbey fire department. Because the monastery’s daily routine has to continue as normal even during the vacation period.

Tara has a crush on Filip, but he doesn't return the feelings. 'We are not in a relationship,' he scolds the ATV beauty

With the big jungle love it will probably nothing. On day seven in the jungle camp Tara confessed: She has a little crush on Filip. But during a debate the sparks flew again. In the end, the ex-"Bacherlorette" contestant gives the former ATV party girl an ice-cold rebuff. Or maybe there is still a small chance for great feelings?

"For three or four days now there is nothing between us," Tara said sadly to Manuel while washing the dishes. The Austrian confessed to her fellow camper that she had already developed feelings for Filip. "If a man wants you, then he shows you that too."

Before heading inland with the Landcruiser, Achmed has to refuel at the city highway of Muscat. Converted a little more than 20 euros for the 120 liters of diesel, for European motorists Oman is a paradise. The only worrying thing is that the engine is running when you fill up the tank. Because of the air conditioner, says Achmed. He knows his guests and knows that they first have to get used to the dry desert climate.

Whether women are also allowed to drive here? Strange question, Achmed thinks, but remains extremely polite: Of course there are female drivers in Oman, after all, this is not Saudi Arabia. Women even sit on the Council of Ministers, albeit only four. And like all parliamentarians, in Oman’s absolute monarchy they are only advisors to Sultan Qabus, who is also head of state, prime minister, foreign minister, defense minister and commander-in-chief of the armed forces and the police.

The sources of wealth are finite

Since exiling his own father in 1970 and placing himself on the throne, Sultan Qabus has catapulted the country from the Arab Middle Ages to Western modernity in just a few decades. With the oil billions still gushing from the desert floor, he has given his people free schools, universal health care and infrastructure. But stocks will only last for another 15 years, experts estimate. Until then, the state must break away from its dependence on oil, and alternatives and perspectives must be found. Now tourists are also expected to bring money into the country.