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Kyoto was the second stop of our Japan trip after Tokyo. The old imperial city with its insane density of shrines, temples, gardens and palaces had to be, we thought, and if we ever come to Japan again, we will go there again. Nevertheless Kyoto with children is not such a simple thing at all.

Natural forests are essential for bats. They offer both varied hunting grounds and old trees with numerous living cavities. Even in small natural forest areas, many species can be found.

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Bats are fascinating because they find their way in a world that is almost completely closed to humans – darkness. Their sense of hearing and locating is so fine that they can detect insects only a few millimeters in size during flight. The different bat species differ in the technique they use to hunt prey. The fringed bat, for example, hunts just above the ground for small mosquitoes – gladly near damp areas. The Bechstein’s bat, on the other hand, relies not only on ultrasound but, thanks to its large ears, can hear the crawling sounds of insects on dry leaves – and pick the prey directly from the ground. The long-eared bat, on the other hand, has such high-resolution ultrasonic hearing that it can detect the subtlest of movements, such as the crawling of a beetle. While hovering, they scan the bark of trees or branches for prey and grab the insect as soon as it moves. All in all, bats consume enormous amounts of insects and spiders. In order to become full, a bat must consume a quantity of food in one night, whose weight is about 2.000 mosquitoes.

The most important bat habitat

In Germany, there are more than 20 different species of bats, with some species being widespread throughout the country and others occurring only in certain regions. The different hunting and living habits of the various bats ultimately lead to the fact that most species are found in near-natural forests. Only here they find a colorful mosaic of open and closed areas, and old and young tree stands. Bat experts agree that natural forests in particular are ideal bat habitats. This is because, in addition to the varied hunting grounds, these also offer the tree hollows that are so important for bats as roosts.

The situation in the flooded areas around the Ahr valley continues to be dramatic. Still much to do. Helping hands are urgently needed. The flood reporters show how you can support those affected quickly and directly.

Donations to those affected: help that goes straight to the people

Every day, our flood reporter team in Bad-Neuenahr-Ahrweiler receives numerous requests for donations. The warehouses for donations in kind are well stocked: Clothing, toys and articles of daily use are in sufficient supply.

The most important thing now is to help people rebuild their destroyed houses or apartments.

To take the necessary precautions against the further spread of COVID-19, many retailers cancel certain services you may have purchased. Some of these services are live concerts and events, airline tickets and other travel services.

We ask that you contact the retailer directly to inquire about the status of the booking/event. Klarna will refund orders only to the extent that the merchant refunds them. Please contact the retailer directly to solve problems with your order.

In this regard, Buyer Protection is a service provided by Klarna to buyers residing in Germany to assist you after ordering physical goods, such as receiving defective goods, and therefore does not cover the ordering of services such as events, vouchers or travel services.

Sometimes the world breaks apart at dinner. Just like that, without a loud bang, quite unspectacularly. Tatjana Jung clearly remembers the phone call that interrupted her dinner with her family. To the telephone conversation, which went so matter-of-factly, that they with a friendly "Yes, thank you for calling, until tomorrow then!" ended. Talk again tomorrow, operate quickly, do not wait long. The doctor did not pronounce the word cancer. Nevertheless it seeped into Tatjana Jung’s consciousness. What she did then seemed quite natural to her at the time, but today she shakes her head about it: "I continued eating for a while, then dropped my fork and got up to make a phone call." – with a colleague who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. To whom it was not necessary to explain what fog feels like in the head.

Tatjana Jung is a cheerful person. Freckles, the red hair cut to a pageboy head, laugh lines around the eyes. So this is what a woman looks like who has cancer. Who took up the fight against a deadly disease, knowing by now that she will lose it. Tatjana Jung tells that her hairstyle is not chosen voluntarily. "I used to have thick, long curls. But the hair did not grow back like that after the many chemotherapies."

Tatjana Jung

For the switching of suitable brokers ImmoScout24 receives a commission.

If you want to sell a property privately, you normally have to pay tax on the resulting profit as income, unless the property has been in your:possession for at least ten years. However, there are exceptions to this rule. What you have to consider if you find a buyer and want to sell your house or apartment after two years, and how you can avoid taxes with a few tips, you will learn here.

Sell house after 2 years

Having my biography written? Yes. It is your book for the people in your life



Your life as a book – professional author makes you immortal

Your life is a great adventure that should be written down. Professional authors/ghostwriters do this for you, literary and visually in top quality. After six to eight months, you will have your biography or autobiography in front of you, covering either a particularly exciting period in your life or many years of your life, as you wish. Give yourself, your family and friends the book of your life or have the life of your parents, grandparents or good friends written down.

Our offer includes:

View of the ballroom, with the stage boxes in the background. Photo Credits: Vienna State Opera / Michael Pohn

Photo: Vienna State Opera / Michael Pohn

The ball of balls, the Vienna Opera Ball, takes place on 24. February 2022 at the Vienna State Opera. You will celebrate a glittering ball party that begins at 10 p.m. and ends at 5 a.m. the following day. We have excellent seats for you in the ballroom at a stage logo table of the 2. reserved for you in the first row, from which you have a very nice view of the Opening and have the dance floor.

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 Delta variant in mallorca, italy, turkey: how a vacation with the delta variant runs off in 2021

With conditions, tests and proof of vaccination, vacations can be taken in almost all of Europe in 2021.

 Delta variant in mallorca, italy, turkey: how a vacation with the delta variant runs off in 2021