Approach a woman when you are shy

You want to approach a woman, but you feel much too shy? Because of your shyness you have not had it easy with women so far? In this article you will learn how to overcome your shyness and approach women without fear.

As a shy man you have not had it very easy in the past. Your biggest worry when approaching a woman is to be rejected. But there are ways to overcome this shyness or even to stand by it with a trick and still have success with women.

Make-up tips with glasses | Image:

Make-up with glasses has to be learned: We reveal the best makeup tricks and give makeup tips for farsighted and nearsighted glasses wearers. This way to exciting moments and the perfect make-up with glasses.

Do you also have a five-year-old at home who would prefer to eat ice cream and "noodles without everything"?? Or a fourteen-year-old whose favorite foods seem to be frozen pizza and chips? How do parents still manage to get their children to eat healthy – and even enjoy it?? A nutritionist, a pediatrician and experienced parents share their best tips!

By Sarah Zollner


Black and white cat flowerpot

Calls for help from concerned cat owners or complaints from disgruntled hobby gardeners: In Internet forums numerous entries can be found because the house or neighbor cat has once again mistaken the plants and flower beds for the litter box. But why do cats actually like to urinate in house plants?? All about possible causes and how you can stop the unwanted cat behavior, you will learn here.


Why cats like plants

Whether flowerbed, herb garden, potted or houseplants: Many cats seem to be magically attracted to greenery in the apartment, on the balcony or in the garden. They love to play with the funny wiggling branches, nibble on the green leaves or dig in the soft flower soil. Cats are simply curious and want to explore everything around them and they have a weakness for such soft material as potting soil, which is great for digging and playing with. It is not surprising that some cats use the potted plant or the flower bed as a litter box and try to bury their urine or feces neatly under the ground.

Parents and child wash hands

The Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) warns: When it comes to transmitting viruses, your hands play an important role. Not only when you shake hands, but also when you touch surfaces and shared items, your hands can come into contact with germs and viruses. If you then touch your face with your hands, the pathogens enter your body through the mucous membranes of your mouth, nose or eyes and cause an infection there.

A simple but effective way to prevent infectious diseases is therefore thorough hand washing. What you need to consider when washing your hands, how long you should wash your hands and whether antibacterial cleansers or disinfectants are better than normal hand soap, you can read in our guide.

Bats are not dangerous for humans, despite all rumors. At least not if we do not annoy them. The only danger that bats pose in Germany is the disease rabies. However, as small as the danger from bats is, it is a big one for bats. Almost all of the 25 species living in Germany are endangered. Some are even threatened with extinction. But you can do something for bats and help them now! How to do this and why they are actually threatened, you will learn here. We have also collected some facts worth knowing for you.

How you can help bats?

An injured bat lies in a hand. This is how you can support bats

You do not have to watch bats fighting for their survival, but you can actively support the endangered animals now! We have collected 4 tips for you:

Apply online - the modern form of application!

The online application is already more the norm these days. If you apply online, you still need to prepare complete application documents.

The online application has become the standard form of application and has almost completely replaced the application with a classic portfolio. Except for a few and manageable application situations, as an applicant you need to have a Create online application. Familiar with the Internet, you may think that it is much easier to apply online. But this is not the case, because the requirements of the online application clearly exceed those of the classic application. However, once you have experience in the Creation of documents for the online application collected, so apply online much faster than with an application portfolio. You save the tedious work around the portfolio (buying, printing, compiling and mailing) when you apply online. In addition, the online application is much faster in the personnel department of your desired employer. But how do you apply online correctly? In this article we will give you answers based on our long experience as application writers.

Blah, blah, blah… empty phrases in the application are the reason why personnel managers hate the cover letter. Numerous letters of application still begin with "I hereby apply for the position as…" Deadly! Copied sentences and hackneyed phrases are the surest way to application rejection. The rest of the application documents are then no longer read. Opportunity lost: first work sample inadequate – someone else gets the job. We show you which phrases you should avoid at all costs in your application and give you tips for better formulations..

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You are interested in the fascinating world of bats? How you can protect the bat and help it in its natural environment is described in more detail in the following article. First of all, here are some facts and interesting background knowledge about the bat in general and its behavioral patterns.

Unfortunately, bats are considered an endangered species worldwide. Also in Germany many species are on the red list. The bat’s habitats often overlap with those of humans. Whether in the attic, in tree hollows or wall niches – the small mammals like to look for a summer and winter quarters near human dwellings.

Quick thinking is important, but sheer processing speed is often worth less than accuracy Precision of thought. Learn 14 ways to think faster and more efficiently in this post .

Do you often feel that it takes you longer to complete tasks than your work colleagues?? Do you feel like it takes you longer to absorb new information or read a book ? Are you the last one in your class to finish an exam ?

If these difficulties sound familiar, you might be interested in how to think faster .