No one can match it. Every new man is compared to him. Time and again, your mind wanders back to the past – back to him. "I can’t forget my ex" this is a real problem that can get in your way significantly during the getting-to-know-you phase. How to get involved with someone new when your heart is set on someone else? This leads to confusion and frustration. Put an end to it!

It’s time to look ahead and really enjoy dating again. How to finally break up with your ex-partner and what experts advise, you can find out here.

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It is often worth applying to a company even though there is no job offer. But with wrong formulations and contentwise errors you are sorted out fast again. FOCUS Online gives you twelve tips on how to score points with a speculative application and what you should avoid at all costs.

Most companies have a positive attitude towards initiative applications. According to a survey by the career portal Stepstone, 44 percent of applicants get an interview afterwards. And if there is no vacancy at the moment, 64 percent of all companies save such applications for later.

Tip one: score points with your own initiative

If you become active yourself and send an application without a job offer, you prove your own initiative. And good self-promotion can convince a company of something it previously knew nothing about.

frightened looking woman in the interview

A question like you would expect in a job interview. Once the question is asked, the candidate feverishly considers why he or she should be hired, compared to all the other equally or even better qualified candidates. What the candidate doesn’t know, however, is that this isn’t the only thing the recruiter is getting at. The pitfalls of open-ended questions on the part of the recruiter are that they include many more questions. Not only does it want the obvious answer to the question it is asking, but in the process it wants to gain as much information about the applicant as possible. It does not matter how the question is formulated, because "Why should we hire you??" is not the only option. In question are often also u.a. the following formulations:

  • Why you are a perfect fit?
  • Why you are the best qualified person for the job?
  • What added value does hiring you give us compared to others??

Why all this questioning?

Every employer is interested in finding the best candidate for the vacant position. A miscast would cost a lot of money, that’s why there is an interview, often even supplemented by an assessment center. In such an open-ended question, the recruiter will check various skills of the applicant. Depending on the level of detail and the number of details, a recruiter can get an idea of how the applicant will work in the future. This is evident from how analytically-systematically the respondent proceeds when answering the questions. Also the personnel manager sees how smart and eloquent the applicant is.

Who his Accelerate muscle recovery can do is clear in advantage to other athletes.

This counts not only in competitive sports, but also for hobby athletes. Especially the growing generation is anxious to make their way of life healthy. Be it healthy diet, lots of exercise or the workout in the gym.

Too much sport without proper regeneration results in illnesses, injuries, loss of performance and listlessness.

If your kids are allowed to use your iPhone occasionally, or perhaps already have their own iOS device, you can restrict access to certain websites or. restrict adult content, and even individual Block websites completely. We show you how it works!

Safari set up parental controls

You can block certain Safari pages on your iPhone or on your children’s iPhone. Below, we’ll show you how it works on your own iPhone. If you set it on your children’s iPhone, you will have more parental control settings that you can manage directly from your iPhone. The setup is only slightly different from the one shown here.

So, on your iPhone, open the Settings app, tap on "Screen time" and goes on "Activate screen time". When you enable the feature on your own iPhone, you select "My iPhone". On your child’s iPhone, on the other hand, you go to "My child’s iPhone".

Grow long hair in men: tips for the transition

You are tired of your short hair? Then just let your hair grow. There are also great hairstyles for men with longer hair to match the styling. Our tips tell you how to grow your hair faster as a man and what you can do in the transition phase.

1. Growing hair: how long it takes

How fast hair grows, depends on various factors. In addition to age and gender, one’s physical health also plays a role, as well as hormone status. In addition, hair does not just grow straight out, but in cycles. So also not all hairs grow the same length or the same amount every day. While some hairs are growing, other hairs may be in the resting phase.

No one likes to argue – but sometimes a conflict on the garden fence or with other tenants seems insoluble. In order to prevent the neighbor dispute from escalating, both sides should try to talk to each other and not immediately threaten the police or a lawsuit. Here are some tips on how to settle disputes peacefully.

1. Infor-mie-ren: What is the neighbor actually allowed to do??

With all potential causes for neighbor disputes, it is good to be in the picture: What behavior do I have to accept – from a purely legal point of view – and where is the arc overstretched?? Being informed often helps to keep a cool head. And you need that, so that your neighbor dispute does not escalate immediately.

For example, your neighbor is constantly too loud? You are not alone in this: Noise pollution is the number one cause of dispute in many apartment buildings. Whether it’s loud music, barking dogs or children shouting next door: on our topic page you can find out about your rights.

Learn when your dog is too cold, tips and measures to help your dog enjoy this time of year.

The icy temperatures do not only make us humans to create, also many dog races are strongly affected by the icy temperatures. But under what temperature do dogs really freeze? And does your dog fall under those dog breeds that suffer the most from it? Learn now when your dog is too cold, as well as tips and measures so that your dog can enjoy the white season to the fullest. Only when you know when your dog starts to freeze, you can get your four-legged friend the perfect winter coat!


Cats are picky by nature. Why? Because they can afford it!

Being a solitary hunter, no one will steal their prey from them and they can eat as much of it as they want, or not. They are also real gourmets – they eat only the parts of the prey that taste best to them! Whether a food is eaten or not, is also strongly connected with the smell, because the cat "checks" its food before it eats it over the nose!

Why go far when the good things are so near? Employees who are unhappy in their jobs don’t necessarily have to change location or industry. You do not even have to change employers. With one internal application you can leave monotony and annoying colleagues behind and start all over again. So that the internal application But if you succeed, you have to avoid the biggest stumbling blocks..

Internal application tips advantages

Internal application: alternative to changing jobs

Changing jobs and changing employers – they are not the same thing. Especially in bigger companies there is the possibility to look for a completely new challenge – via internal application. Typically, it comes particularly often to an internal application..