Domestic cats rank at the top of the popularity scale as pets. More than 14 million live in Germany. Cat lovers can do a lot to keep the number of garden birds killed within limits. The NABU has some tips ready.

A difficult relationship
A difficult relationship
A difficult relationship

Domestic cat - Photo: Helge May

Only a very hard method helps against a broken heart, says a psychologist

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Got a broken heart? These tips will help

Separations hurt and are often not easy to cope with. Our heart then sometimes does not heal as fast as we want it to.

Appealing to men: how to flirt with him the right way

Men should approach women, so many think until today. But why? Men are equally shy or inhibited to approach women. You know about your role – that actually the man should approach the woman and finally you do not dare to do so. How many promising relationships might not have happened for such reasons?

We have compiled the best tips for you to do away with the stereotype of male-dominated flirting.

Tips: Intimate shaving for men | © Oleg -

Here are my 10 intimate shaving tips for men.

Tip 1: To shave or not to shave?
Tip 2: Shave or wax?
Tip 3: Cut back
Tip 4: The preparations
Tip 5: A frothy experience
Tip 6: Move forward with caution
Tip 7: The care afterwards
Tip 8: Little aches and pains
Tip 9: A simple solution
Tip 10: Pluck step by step

alt="Thomas" width="80" height="80" />by Thomas, Thomas has contributed the technical know-wau uh know-how to dogbible and is not only enthusiastic about Japan, but also calls the Shiba his favorite dog, which hopefully will soon be allowed to take up residence in his Rooftopgarden.

My dog is not yet housebroken – what should I do??

If you have decided to give a young puppy a new home, you will most likely face the same question as all new puppy owners: How do I get the little four-legged friend housebroken as quickly as possible?? Anyone who has ever raised a puppy knows that the cute animals do not yet have their bladder and intestinal sphincter under control. This inevitably leads to the puppies having to relieve themselves very frequently. It is not uncommon for mishaps to happen on the beloved carpet or the freshly cleaned parquet floor. In order for your puppy to learn to do its business exclusively outside and thus become housebroken, patience, understanding and loving consistency are required. So in this post we would like to explain how to quickly and safely housebreak your new family member.

Getting your dog house trained

A man looks in his refrigerator

It’s time to think about a new refrigerator if the old one consumes much more electricity than a new economical one. To find out if a "breakup" better would be, you have to calculate the power consumption of your refrigerator. Electricity meters, which you can connect between the appliance and the socket, help here.

With this you measure the power consumption of the refrigerator for 7 days and extrapolate the power consumption to one year. You can then compare this data from your old equipment with that from new, energy-efficient equipment. Simply take the difference between the electricity consumption times the electricity price, i.e. 27 cents/kWh. Now you know how much more your old refrigerator is costing you.

Two police officers were fatally wounded by gunfire during a traffic stop on county road 22 in the Kusel district of West Palatinate on Monday night. Two suspects were arrested on Monday evening. On Tuesday at noon, investigators will provide information about the case and the suspects. All information in the news ticker of FOCUS Online.

Two police officers were shot dead during a routine police check in Kusel (Rhineland-Palatinate) on Monday night. Police were able to arrest a 38-year-old and a 32-year-old suspect without resistance in the early evening, after the older man’s ID card and driver’s license were found next to the policewoman’s body. An arrest warrant has been issued for both of them, they are in pre-trial detention.

The motive according to the current state: cover-up poaching. However, the police are still in the middle of the investigation, as they announced on Tuesday at noon. Police officer reportedly fired 14 more times after attack, but suspects were not injured. The policewoman died at the scene of the crime. Details about the course of events and the motive are not yet known.

In a poem analysis there are some things to consider. Above all, it is important that the text makes sense structurally, that the poem is described in detail, and that the analysis is well grounded and justified.

Preparation of the poem analysis

Before beginning the analysis, it is important to look at the poem in detail. At best, read through the poem several times and mark and stylistic devices and note their effect directly on the poem. It is also helpful to make notes on the basic structure of the poem (meter, number of stanzas, rhyme scheme, etc).).


Friendship is a close bond between two people who like each other. Friendship is expressed in respect, trust, affection and care. This is the foundation of a friendship.

"Friendship is a door between two people. It can sometimes creak, it can jam, but it is never closed."
– Baltasar Gracian y Morales

Conquering a woman-conquering a woman's heart

Although women are very independent nowadays, they love it when men take things into their own hands and take care of everything. "Being a gentleman" is not extinct yet. But you should be careful: If she feels that he is working for her because she can’t do it on her own, expect a bad response from him. So we share with you some skills that women love in their men.

Here we write some tips on how you can get your dream girl.