Getting to know women

Getting to know women? Don’t do it casually, among friends or in the company? – Yes, but are these the women you are really interested in?? Read this article and find out how you can meet the really attractive women in 4 steps.

You would like to meet more women? Either because you are looking for your dream woman or because you want more exciting adventures with beautiful women?

Bitches in heat must be treated with care. Do you know how to recognize the signs of a lady dog in heat? Get informed and be prepared for what’s to come.

Dog and bitch in mating

Once or twice a year it hits all dog parents: the heat phase. There are many myths about spaying and neutering in dogs, which make the period of heat even more difficult. But how can you tell if your bitch is about to go into heat?? How long does this phase last? You have questions about questions and are looking for answers? With our tips& Tricks to get through heat with your bitch like a pro!

Gain weight healthily is still a topic that is rarely covered on fitness blogs. Helpful tips are lacking because most people struggle with too many pounds. That’s why in this article I’m going to tell you how you too can reach your feel-good weight with whole, healthy, and indulgent foods.

Those who suffer from underweight or are naturally very slim are often envied for their disposition. Because in Germany there is a diet culture. The majority of the population has problems with obesity. Many wish that the pounds would finally fall off.

Christmas is traditionally the time of year when we give gifts to friends and family. And every year, as the holiday approaches incredibly fast, we look for beautiful and special gift ideas. Finding a suitable gift for children is quite easy, but for people who actually "already have everything" it becomes much more difficult. With our tips, the search ends long before it turns into stress. Promise.

The best gift is time together

Hiking in nature © Shutterstock / Dudarev Mikhail / WWF

How to create an original character for your novel? There is no recipe for lively novel character. But with our tips, you can create a character that stands out and with which readers will sympathize.

How do you develop compelling and vivid characters for your novel?? You can find a lot of tips on this on the internet and in author’s guides. There is no recipe or construction kit for living novel characters. If you want to know how to develop a convincing hero, it is best to look at immortal characters from literature. There are a lot of fictional characters in novels, which seem to be living persons and have been developed by authors in a masterly way.


Laura Knechtel thinks life is twice as much fun with kids, which is why she enjoys every second with her godchildren and nieces to the fullest. A kindergarten teacher has lost her way – at least that’s what she keeps hearing from parents. When she is not writing with heart and soul for moms and wives, you can find her on her yoga mat or on Fehmarn at the windsurfing spot.

A healthy and balanced diet is especially important for children. After all, they need lots of energy to grow, and proverbial good "food" for the brain. Many parents therefore like to keep an eye on what their little ones eat every day. But is that possible even in the kindergarten?

When mini Dickmanns are provided for the little ones at a party at the daycare center or you overhear that the supposedly healthy juices at the childminder’s are full of sugar, alarm bells start ringing in your ears? That’s why you would always like to pack your child a lunch box before you take him or her to kindergarten, daycare, or daycare provider?

Quick and easy: take a Windows screenshot, edit it or save it as an image! We show the various key combinations and practical additional programs: So you can make screenshots fast and easy, also of websites. We also show tips on how to edit or crop the image afterwards. In fact, the Windows Screenshot can be used to quickly "photograph" the screen: The screenshot saves the current image on the monitor or a specific section of it.

Taking a screenshot with Windows: Quick guide!

These are the options for taking a Windows screenshot and editing it further or saving it as an image:

  1. Whole screen as screenshot in the clipboard
  2. Save entire screen to file
  3. Screenshot of a window in the clipboard
  4. Take free selection
  5. Screenshot of a web page
  6. Tip: Video tutorial for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10!

1: Screenshot of the whole screen in the clipboard

This also works with older Windows systems without any problems: Pressing the "Print", "Prt" or "PrtScr" button in the upper right corner will save the screenshot to the clipboard. From here it can be inserted with the key combination CTRL + V in another program again. How this works exactly, we show here!

Confident man smiles at the camera

Would you like to be stronger? Have a greater sense of self? Dare to be more you and to do your thing? Easier to approach people. Just say, ‘Hey, I’m o. k. how I am, no matter what the others think. Could these be your thoughts? If so, then you are right here. Because we show you the way to more self-confidence. So come with us on a journey that will make you stronger and more like the person you want to be. We know this works.

Self-confidence: What is that anyway?

  • … within the philosophy a man’s awareness of himself as thinking and feeling beings; the consciousness of their own existence.
  • … in everyday life being convinced of your own abilities and one’s own value as a person, which one can also show outwardly.

So self-confidence has less to do with walking upright, maintaining eye contact or smiling a lot. It is rather the feeling ..

Which fork to which course and where to put the napkin We show you how to make a good impression at the table

A basic knowledge of how to behave properly at a table setting is good business etiquette. Especially when there are several courses in a restaurant, it can get a bit confusing with all the cutlery and glasses. But fortunately, there are some simple basic rules that you can follow during the meal. This also applies to the use of the napkin and the question of which foods may be eaten with the hands.

The most important tips on cutlery

Appetizer, main course, intermediate course, dessert – and for all courses cutlery is ready on the table? Don’t panic, because there is a simple rule of thumb here. Basically, the outside cutlery is used first. With each course you then work your way further inwards.

Some time ago your partner left you or you fell unhappily in love with a good friend of yours. But now, after weeks and months, you realize: "I can’t forget her!"

You’re desperately wondering: