Are you just starting to build muscle, or maybe you have been trying to build mass for a while without success? Whether you’re just getting started, or have been training for your mass gain for a while, we’ve got all the information you need to know about building mass.

In our article you will find all the basic rules, tips and tricks about building mass. Furthermore, you will find training plans with which you can immediately start to build your muscles.

The most important things in a nutshell

  • Building mass, or more specifically, building muscle is a popular beauty ideal these days.
  • To build mass you have to roughly consider 3 areas. You have to eat right, train efficiently, but also pay attention to some supplements, so that the muscles can develop effectively.
  • Muscle building is not only good for aesthetics, but also has many other positive effects on our body.

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While most problem areas can be easily concealed in everyday life, there is a solution for hamster beaks, double chins and co. Few tricks to hide. So what to do about the moon face? We reveal whether you can really lose weight specifically in the face and what helps against curves and double chin.

Round face and double chin, what are the causes??

The face could be described as the biological business card of a person, hardly any other part of the body gives so much information about health as the face. While fat deposits on hips, belly and thighs can somehow be concealed by clothing, this is not possible on the face.

The causes of a double chin or full curves on the face can be different. Although a few kilos too much on the hips usually play the decisive role, especially in the case of hamster cheeks and double chin, slim people can also be affected by the less beautiful curves in the face. In this case, the reasons are usually of a hereditary nature, and sagging skin tissue and age are also involved in the shape of the face.

Shaver, epilator, wax, cream – there are many methods to get rid of body hair. The experts from Stiftung Warentest introduce them and give tips on hair removal.

  1. For the industrious: shaving
  2. For experienced users: epilation
  3. For fearless ones: Wax
  4. For the anxious ones: Enthaa-rungs-creme
  5. For the annoyed: laser and flash lamp
  6. Avoiding rashes and injuries
  7. What helps against ingrown hairs
  8. Things to know about hair removal

For busy ones: shaving

Popular. For men and women in Germany, shaving is the most common method of removing unwanted body hair. © Shutterstock / Rido, Thinkstock (M)

The razor cuts the hair on the surface of the skin. Stubble grows back after just one to three days.

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For many users, PC security is a topic that gets somewhat secondary treatment. Because often you get the impression that you can’t protect yourself anyway or that the whole thing is too complicated. However, this does not correspond to reality: If you take a few tips to heart, you can directly ward off a large number of dangers and optimally protect your computer. Some of the measures run in the background, so you don’t have to be active at all.

Set up virus scanner

A virus scanner should actually be the basic requirement for optimal protection on every PC. We present you with three options to activate your PC protection:

But that’s exactly where the difficulty lies for you. You simply lack a bit of practice so far. You’ve been flirting more and more lately, but you’re still unsure when you can take the next step and touch her.

8 tips for the first kiss

Evaluate your situation correctly

Pay attention to what she says, how she says it and how she behaves. People are constantly sending signals through their body language. This happens unconsciously. So body language easily reveals how your counterpart feels.

Many men find it difficult to tell if the lady across from them is really flirting with them or if she is simply being polite and therefore having a friendly conversation with them. If you also find yourself in this situation, you should pay more attention to how she acts during the conversation with you. Maybe she plays with her hair?

Man addresses a woman

Do you know this: You see an attractive woman on the street, but you are too shy to approach her immediately?. While you are still thinking about what could happen and how best to proceed, the lady has already moved on and the situation has developed on its own. And not in your sense.

But this does not have to be. Because approaching women is not difficult at all. Any man can manage to approach a lady quite openly and strike up a conversation with her. So that this succeeds, already simple tricks help.

Baby spits up milk after drinking

The baby spits up a lot – Do you know this all too well yourself?? After each drink, your baby’s milk comes out again posthaste? Your baby is in good company, because a large proportion of babies spit up regularly after drinking. There is a popular saying: "Spitting up children are thriving children!"But if you have a child who spits up a lot, the saying can be annoying. The mountains of laundry then quickly pile up towards the sky. Nevertheless, the saying contains a lot of truth, because you do not have to worry in most cases. Children who spit up a lot and still gain weight are usually healthy and develop well. A few little tricks can sometimes work wonders and help the milk stay in the stomach better. Here are my 10 tips that may also help your baby.

Why do babies spit up at all??

If you have a so-called spitting up baby at home, you know that it can be uncomfortable. At the same time, a spitting up baby (or spitting child) is usually not sick. Often it is simply because the child’s stomach is still very small and just can not absorb too much.

12 months of Minime must be celebrated! Even if the little rascal doesn’t understand yet why there is such a fuss about him: no celebration is no solution either. After all, your child hatched exactly one year ago and now accompanies you every step of the way (or vice versa). It is okay to celebrate! We have a few tips on how you can best approach the first birthday party.

What a wonderful day

You know your child best. Depending on your personality, you can use the 1. Orient your birthday to it. If your sweetheart is more reserved, the best gift on this day is time and attention. A celebration with all the relatives and friends is too much for the little birthday girl. How about a trip to the countryside or the zoo instead? On the other hand, if your child likes to have people around him, invite his closest caregivers for coffee and cake. The cozy coffee party should last no longer than two hours. Is the nap indispensable? just organize a late breakfast.

Start birthday traditions

Even small customs within the family can make the birthday special. Whether it’s chocolate cake for breakfast, a serenade from grandma and grandpa, or birthday decorations like a Happy Birthday garland or one Birthday train with candles, which are used every year, become beloved family traditions over the years, which the children look forward to days in advance. Just try a few things you feel like doing, you’re sure to find out pretty quickly what brings you and your family the most joy.

Which island is the right one for me? Here you can find the most beautiful Caribbean islands

Last updated: 16.11.2020 21.04 clock

Hey dear eagle owls! You love turquoise water and white sandy beaches as much as I do? Then the Caribbean islands just right for you. Not without reason the Caribbean, which consists of the Greater Antilles and no Antilles, is so popular.

The diverse islands span more than 1.06 million square miles between North and South America, and each has its own unique charm. However, it is not so easy to decide which island suits you best.

You have been caring for refugee children in your daycare center for many months now? You’ve studied the issue, attended training sessions and discussed it with colleagues from other daycare centers. Priority is always given to the question: How do children learn German and how do we teach the children the German language quickly and sustainably??

With all good will – there is no time for individual language support programs or elaborate language level surveys. What do you think, therefore, about language support "virtually on the side" – without a great deal of effort in terms of materials, preparation or time? And by doing so, you are in no way devaluing their importance! On the contrary, they focus on what is essential and achievable. And this is what you will find in these 6 tips for your everyday life. How to help children learn German:

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Fire, water, numbers – a numbers game

1. Tip: You are a role model – take advantage of it!

It’s been a long time since Ivan visited our daycare center. And yet it has always remained in my memory. Because he invented a neologism that at first puzzled me.