The mindmapping tool impresses with its simple and intuitive handling. To get started right away, here are the first steps and tips for a quick and smooth start. In the article about mindmapping tools I already briefly mentioned the tool Mindmeister received. Here again the advantages from my point of view:


  • No installation necessary
  • Data available everywhere
  • Free of charge
  • Mobile usable
  • Very easy to use
  • Beautiful user interface and templates
  • Work in the group

1. Step: Registration

Why run network cables / LAN cables when there is WLAN available?


WLAN routers have a limited range. In order for the WLAN to reach every room in the house, several WLAN repeaters need to be set up.

In our modern society, many people feel lonely. If you feel the same way, you are not alone! The good news is that it is possible to understand and change the situation. We’ve summarized 7 useful tips to help you feel better and avoid chronic loneliness.

7 tips against loneliness

The first step: Do not underestimate your loneliness!

Since the beginning of 2018, the UK has had a minister for loneliness. You might laugh and ask: Why is it necessary to tackle loneliness on a political level? A number of studies have shown that loneliness can have a serious impact on our health and wellbeing – so it’s definitely an issue that needs policy attention too.

Your girlfriend and you had a fight. And you don’t even know how to reconcile again.

You are sick and have to cancel your trip to Spain. And you have been looking forward to it for ages.

February 2019: Just before my Mazi proposed to me, I decided to start my life over again. Spring in your step – just do it! In this blogpost I mentioned that I really want to learn how to snowboard. (And surf, play ukulele on the beach in Cuba, get a tattoo, take an American road trip, etc.pp.) That was also not only stupid babble because of "Leeeuuutee, I’m going to detox now and only drink green smoothies and do everything better anyway!" but my bitter seriousness.

Now – exactly one year later – I can proudly pat myself on the back and tick off the snowboard point. As an old ski bunny who has learned to ski since childhood, this was really an uphill battle. CLICK And since I often get questions about it, I’ll chat a bit about it now!

Linux has become comfortable. This is not only true for the variety and user-friendliness of the programs, but also for the installation routines. Thanks to well prepared documentation (e.g.B. the Ubuntu Wiki), a well-functioning Linux system can be set up today in a short time and without basic knowledge.

Choosing a Linux distribution

As distribution in the software area a composition of software to a well usable total package is called. The multitude of Linux distributions differs essentially in which programs are basically installed, how often updates are done and how much configuration the user usually wants to do manually.[1]

Missed abortion: what is a restrained miscarriage??

It’s the moment every pregnant woman dreads I guess. You go to the check-up, looking forward to finally seeing your baby again on the ultrasound, and then comes the sentence that changes everything: "I no longer see a heartbeat." You were actually feeling well and did not notice any signs. This is unfortunately not that rare and is called a missed abortion or also restrained miscarriage. What it is, how to detect it and what happens after diagnosis:

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New Year's Eve Dog Tips

For many dog owners the New Year’s Eve a delicate subject. Not every dog puts the Firecrackers without further ado away. Many dog owners are already thinking about how best to get through this day, actually days, as before and after New Year’s Eve also already the Firecracker are to be heard, with its dog comes. Because many dogs are too New Year’s Eve a pure bundle of nervesEvery walk becomes a gauntlet. Some dogs refuse this completely.

The turn of the year thus becomes absolute stress for dog and owner. There are many means in the specialized trade, however so really one does not see through there. Also not every means helps with each dog to New Year’s Eve and thus one is each year before 31. December anew in search of THE remedy.

Ah, finally I get to my favorite social media platform: Instagram. As a former fan of the APP, I was worried whether the takeover of Facebook will not break everything. But amazingly – everything has remained very nice. Nevertheless again a view of the emergence of Instagram.

The application was developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, who launched their HTML5-based check-in software in San Francisco burbn had created. You expanded burbn subsequently on photos and published Instagram finally on 6. October 2010 in the App Store. (Wikipedia)

Instagram started out edgy and cool and blurry and kind of weirdly questionable. Did you like it at all? The look of Polaroid photos in an app? However, the creative community on the web quickly discovered Instagram and took a very artistic approach to it. Here was a potential, even if no one knew exactly where? Or, okay, Zuckerberg knew it, who, shortly after the APP was also available for Android, struck and bought the company for 1 billion dollars. Oops! Now Instagram has 1 billion users, the investment was worth it. And for you, it’s not only worth getting involved with Instagram, I would even strongly advise authors to use this platform quite intensively. Why? Well, it is, so to speak, a concentrated Facebook.

Google Maps: Tips & Tricks to get to your destination quickly and safely

Google Maps was once a simple maps app. Meanwhile, it’s a travel guide, navigation device, cab call and more. You can even tell your friends where you are in real time. We have compiled the most important tips for Google Maps here for you.

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    : explore cities, find stops, order cabs : avoid traffic jams, find gas stations, augmented reality : show friends where you are and where to go : optimize GPS, calibrate compass, save data

Research with Google Maps

Finds busy places in foreign cities

Maybe you have already noticed the new bright orange colored areas in Google Maps. You show areas in cities where there are particularly large numbers of people. Often this is because there are bars, stores or restaurants there.