Due to the Corona crisis, many families are currently facing a special challenge: daycare centers and schools are closed, many parents are in their home offices, and even public facilities such as zoos, museums, and playgrounds have had to close temporarily. So that camp fever doesn’t break out at home, we’ve collected some tips for you that will keep you busy against boredom at home help and keep children busy. We hope that in the next few weeks, or even on bad weather days, the ceiling does not fall on your head. Lots of fun :)

DIY bowling game

From a few empty PET bottles and one Ball you can make a bowling game in a jiffy. For the mini version, which you can also play on the kitchen table, take 0.5 L plastic bottles and a tennis ball or another small ball. With large PET bottles (min. 1 liter) and a soccer you can build an XL bowling game and also play in the garden. Small tip, if the bottles fall over too easily or on uneven ground, bspw. lawn, not stable: just fill some water into the bottles.

Build a cave

This is what we loved as kids ourselves: building caves or fortresses out of blankets and pillows. Cozy retreats and play areas for fantastic role-playing games. With a few fairy lights it becomes even more atmospheric.

Finding yourself

Finding yourself can be a mammoth task. My tips and free mini courses support you on the journey into your inner self.

30-sec. Summary

The colder the better – that’s probably what many people think when it comes to refrigerator temperature, and they set the refrigerator too cold. But many foods react sensitively to temperatures that are too cold. Vegetables and fruits last longest at 8 to even 10 degrees. Fish and meat, on the other hand, should be kept at 2 degrees. But how do you achieve the perfect temperature in the refrigerator, and where do cheese, butter and salad belong??

The perfect temperature in the refrigerator

The ideal temperature in the middle of your refrigerator is 6 to 7 degrees Celsius. For the freezer compartment -18 degrees are optimal. Most refrigerators have a dial with numbers for setting the temperature. The higher the number, the colder the refrigerator. We recommend placing a thermometer in the refrigerator and measuring the refrigerator temperature – ideally every now and then in the different zones. Temperatures that are too low consume electricity unnecessarily, and they can even be rather harmful to fresh food.

Tip: So that you can set the right refrigerator temperature ideally, it is worth measuring with a thermometer. Because even in appliances with their own temperature display, it matters where exactly the temperature sensor is installed. Depending on the food, a different temperature results.

During pregnancy your body becomes a miracle of nature. New life is growing and your body is adapting accordingly, putting some of its own needs on the back burner. But many women are afraid of the physical change, which brings especially the baby bump and the weight gain.

In this article you will learn everything about weight gain during pregnancy. We have put together a lot of important information, videos and tips to prepare you as well as possible for the coming months.

Weight gain is not only a positive thing, but is usually limited to the months of your pregnancy.

Travel and earn money: These 10 jobs make it possible

Travel and earn money: These 10 jobs make it possible

Working independent of place is the word of the hour. The possibilities are fascinating: traveling and earning money are no longer mutually exclusive; you can virtually swap your office for a hotel room or a cafe. The variety of the following jobs shows that this is by no means only reserved for the media industry.

Which trend diet is right for your own body? Should you give up carbohydrates, eat a stone-age diet, go Mediterranean – or go vegan right away?? What about interval fasting and is breakfast now actually healthy or not?

Who wants to nourish itself healthy, fails not rarely at the multiplicity of contradictory recommendations. "Many trend diets also work with renunciation and often you take too few calories per day," says Kathrin Burger, a certified ecotrophologist. "That’s why you usually keep it up for a limited time only." (Read also: Lose weight healthily: These are the 5 most popular diets at a glance)

Eating healthier on an individual basis

Kathrin Burger is the author of the book "Besser essen nebenbei" (Eating better on the side), which was published by Stiftung Warentest. "While many people would like to eat healthier," she says. "However, they lack the time to deal with nutrition and prepare elaborate recipes."


But first of all, a little problem with our society:

Self-love is often misunderstood as blind egoism.

Pruning measures on the hibiscus are not a must – but the ornamental shrub forms particularly many flowers in the summer, if you cut back his previous year’s flower shoots in late winter vigorously.

In this video we show you step by step how to prune a hibiscus properly.
Credit: Production: Folkert Siemens/ Camera and editing: Fabian Primsch

If you prune your hibiscus correctly, the ornamental shrub will thank you with a lush flowering in summer. The shrub tolerates pruning well and will even tolerate pruning down to the old wood – even if it then takes a little time for the slow-growing shrub to become nice and dense again. The type of pruning you use depends on how old the hibiscus is and the growth habit you want to grow it in. The following are instructions and practical tips.

There are plenty of speakers who write down their speeches almost verbatim before they go on stage with them. Because it is easier for them to keep the thread in sight, they don’t have to search for formulations during the performance and they simply feel more confident on balance.

However, I also see speakers who stumble over their own manuscript:

  • Despite the best preparation, they find it difficult to deliver certain passages fluently.
  • Happy, relaxed people suddenly seem wooden. Somehow the personality seems to be lost in the writing process.
  • Although you actually know exactly what you are talking about, you can hardly detach yourself from your speech notes during the presentation.

Have you also caught yourself at one point or another? Then you may have fallen into the "polish trap." Your writing is super-correct, only you would never speak like that in normal life! They come across as stilted and build distance from your audience.


Successful preparation stands and falls with the right topic. Therefore, start with the Topic search best as fast as possible. This way you can choose an area that really interests you, and also get ahead of other students who are on fire for the same topic.

If you just can’t come up with an idea, it will certainly help to have a have a lively discussion with fellow students or a direct request to the lecturer. If you are assigned an obscure topic, be sure to ask whether you should give a rough overview or whether special emphasis should be placed on a particular aspect. Don’t take on too much, but also don’t take on too little!