You think university presentations are not your thing at all? You are certainly not alone! In the next four minutes, we will give you some helpful tips to prepare a really good presentation in a short time and to give a 1-A presentation.

  • Limit yourself to relevant literature
  • Designing a clear presentation
  • Tips for a convincing presentation

Limit yourself to relevant literature

You are at the beginning of your presentation preparation, have no idea about the topic and don’t know where to start? Then our first tip for you is: Get an overview first! And not with complicated and detailed scientific texts, but with the help of easy to understand sources. Maybe you even just watch a few videos on your topic. This will give you a first overview and help you to find out which aspects are important and which you can leave out.

Overview literature study presentation

What woman needs Botox and lifting when all she has to do is open her make-up bag?? We show make-up tips that will make you look a few years younger in no time at all.

Girls and young women want makeup to make them look older and more grown up. Once women have passed the 30s and 40s mark, they usually want the opposite: a fresh, rejuvenated look. Luckily, the right makeup products and makeup tips can act like an inexpensive and quick makeover. And you don’t need a Hollywood makeup artist to do it: We’ve put together a few makeup tricks you can use to cheat yourself a few years younger.

Less is more: not too much make-up

One thing right off the bat: the best makeup products won’t help if they’re not chosen to suit your type and dosed correctly. While it’s a fact that the face shows more spots and wrinkles with age – that doesn’t mean you should plaster it over entirely. Especially when it comes to foundation, some women overdo it and barely let a bit of skin shine through. The result: a rigid, unnatural overall image that doesn’t give our own complexion a chance and makes us look years older.

How to protect your phone from unauthorized access

Why cell phone security is important

Nowadays half of our life takes place on our cell phone. From the alarm clock in the morning to all social contacts – our lives can be easily controlled via our smartphone. The security of our mobile data is therefore comparable to locking the front door – it should be a top priority.

According to McAfee, the increase of malware is over 100% in the last year. So cell phone security is becoming a more important issue every year. There are many reasons why you could become a victim of cybercrime. You don’t have to be in a high-level position where handling sensitive data is commonplace to do this.


Collecting, identifying, pressing and labeling plants – creating herbariums is a popular project for science and technology classes in both elementary and secondary schools. Biology lessons. Here you get tips for the design and templates to print out.

What is a herbarium?

A Herbarium or Herbarium (lat. herba: herb) is a Plant collection. The plants are pressed and fixed on a herbarium sheet. There you will also find information about the plant and the conditions of the find. Cover page and table of contents complete the herbarium.

Just now the cat is purring, but suddenly it makes a leap and gives its patron a scratch. Whether a cat wants the affection of a human or feels uncomfortable or even threatened, is not always easy to interpret – and often changes in seconds. We have examined the most important signals of the multi-faceted body language of cats and give tips for handling.

Body language of cats

Gestures, facial expressions, but also noises can give information about the state of mind of a cat. These partly also small and inconspicuous signals should know humans to recognize and not ignore under any circumstances. The combination of several signals is often decisive.

Getting to know women

Getting to know women? Don’t do it casually, among friends or in the company? – Yes, but are these the women you are really interested in?? Read this article and find out how you can meet the really attractive women in 4 steps.

You would like to meet more women? Either because you are looking for your dream woman or because you want more exciting adventures with beautiful women?

Bitches in heat must be treated with care. Do you know how to recognize the signs of a lady dog in heat? Get informed and be prepared for what’s to come.

Dog and bitch in mating

Once or twice a year it hits all dog parents: the heat phase. There are many myths about spaying and neutering in dogs, which make the period of heat even more difficult. But how can you tell if your bitch is about to go into heat?? How long does this phase last? You have questions about questions and are looking for answers? With our tips& Tricks to get through heat with your bitch like a pro!

Gain weight healthily is still a topic that is rarely covered on fitness blogs. Helpful tips are lacking because most people struggle with too many pounds. That’s why in this article I’m going to tell you how you too can reach your feel-good weight with whole, healthy, and indulgent foods.

Those who suffer from underweight or are naturally very slim are often envied for their disposition. Because in Germany there is a diet culture. The majority of the population has problems with obesity. Many wish that the pounds would finally fall off.

Christmas is traditionally the time of year when we give gifts to friends and family. And every year, as the holiday approaches incredibly fast, we look for beautiful and special gift ideas. Finding a suitable gift for children is quite easy, but for people who actually "already have everything" it becomes much more difficult. With our tips, the search ends long before it turns into stress. Promise.

The best gift is time together

Hiking in nature © Shutterstock / Dudarev Mikhail / WWF

How to create an original character for your novel? There is no recipe for lively novel character. But with our tips, you can create a character that stands out and with which readers will sympathize.

How do you develop compelling and vivid characters for your novel?? You can find a lot of tips on this on the internet and in author’s guides. There is no recipe or construction kit for living novel characters. If you want to know how to develop a convincing hero, it is best to look at immortal characters from literature. There are a lot of fictional characters in novels, which seem to be living persons and have been developed by authors in a masterly way.