You still dream of getting together with your ex-boyfriend and husband? To conquer it back? To be eternally happy with him?

But how should and can you succeed? What tricks and tips really help? And what strategy should you use concretely?

Maybe these are the exact questions that are going through your mind right now. And you stand there, not knowing: What to do?? How to proceed? But do not worry: We have some helpful advice for you! Which will massively increase your chances with your ex..

Above the clouds … every third passenger feels uncomfortable! You also suffer from Fear of flying and do not manage to relax on the plane? You are troubled by the thought, "extradited" to be and you are afraid of Crash?

If your unpleasant thoughts still Heart palpitations and Sweat you will most likely suffer from Fear of flying. In any case, those affected should confront their fear of flying as soon as possible, because – regardless of whether they are vacationers who enjoy traveling, occasional flyers or experienced business travelers – fear of flying is a problem that should not be underestimated and restricts personal freedom.

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Dr. Lil Meyer-Arndt is a resident in neurology at Charite Universitatsmedizin Berlin and was a medical advisor and writer for Fernarzt until December 2019.

  1. What to watch out for if I forget to take the pill?
  2. Forgetting the mini-pill: what to do?
  3. Forgetting the pill in the first week
  4. Why there is a risk of pregnancy in the first week?
  5. Forgetting the pill in the second week
  6. Forgotten pill in the third week
  7. Forgetting the pill in the long-term cycle
  8. What can I do if I have taken one pill too many?
  9. Am I protected despite diarrhea and vomiting?
  10. Tips for taking the pill regularly
  11. Frequently asked questions about forgetting to take the pill

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It can be quite difficult to find the right words for a confession of love. The three words "I love you" can take a lot of overcoming. But only if you have the courage to say these words, you can find out if your crush feels the same for you. With which gestures and words you can formulate a suitable declaration of love, you will learn below.

Not only with words, but also with gestures you can confess your love to the one you love. To make it extra romantic, you can combine the two. We’ll explain to you what words and gestures go with a romantic declaration of love.

Pupils and students have to give one or the other presentation during their school time, training or studies. Even if it is a horror to many, practice (in front of an audience) makes perfect. On the one hand. But giving better presentations starts with the methodological basics and good preparation. In the following, we present important tips that will help you prepare your presentation properly and deliver it successfully at the end..

Giving a presentation: Tips for students and pupils

➠ Content: What you can expect

Do glasses stand to the right or left of the plate? How to set glasses at the table? And is it really important to put down an extra glass for each course? We reveal the most important etiquette rules for the arrangement of glasses. With our tips, you can put together the right table arrangement for glasses in no time at all.

Setting glasses: The correct arrangement of glasses at the table

Arrangement of glasses: this is how setting the glasses works

Three glasses are indispensable for a festively decorated table: White wine glass, red wine glass and water glass. Whether there is also a beer glass or champagne glass depends on the celebration and personal beverage preferences. When setting the table in style, there are two common ways of positioning glasses on the table.

Set glasses next to each other

A classic glass arrangement is one in which the glasses are positioned above the knives on the right-hand side. As with the other place settings, waiters or hosts work their way from the outside inwards. Above the knife for the main course is the white wine glass. The other glasses are at a 45° angle to it. So the water glass is below, the red wine glass above the white wine glass.

Create a website

Date: 16.05.2019 | Internet

Nowadays, anyone looking for a suitable company or wanting to find out more about a particular topic usually starts their search on the Internet. Therefore, it makes sense for companies to create their own website, on which you inform about your services, a subject area or generally about your person. You may even be able to earn money with your website.

How to get the job that is not advertised at all

recruitment - Businessman Set

recruitment - Businessman Set

Good advertising convinces people to want something they didn’t even know about beforehand. This also applies to the speculative application. This is how Jurgen Hesse from the application specialists Hesse/Schrader explains it. Potential new employees would have to arouse the interest of the HR department even more than in the case of a regular application.

ROLLY CAT | 7 ultimate tips when she is on heat

Today we devote ourselves to the question of the rolliness. What it is and what one can do as a cat owner, if it becomes too colorful to one because the cat is in heat.

Basic equipment

Protect private photos & data from hacker attacks

In times of rising digital crime, most have developed a sense that they should use strong passwords and not share account information. To find your protect private data from attacks by hackers, but you can do much more. In this article, we would like to give you some tips on how to.

Use strong passwords

Easy to guess number combinations like 123456, First names, birthdays, nicknames and short sayings like iloveyou are completely unsuitable as passwords and should not be used under any circumstances. Anything that is easy for you to remember is easy for others to guess or brute-force!

Uses instead combinations of lower and upper case letters, numbers and special characters, which – when read – don’t make sense, can’t be derived from somewhere (like your name, the name of your dog, etc.) and therefore cannot be guessed by anyone.