A good memory has not everyone. But everyone can train it. With memory training you can improve your memory and prevent dementia in old age. We show you practical exercises and useful tips on how to train your memory.

What memory training is

A Miscarriage Is when the pregnancy ends when the baby is not yet viable. For the women affected, a miscarriage is tragic. At this point, we report on the reasons for Miscarriages And give tips on how to reduce the risk.

What is an early miscarriage?

The medical term for a Miscarriage Miscarriage is a term used when a pregnancy ends before the baby is viable. A child is viable from a birth weight of more than 400 g and after the 23rd week of pregnancy. Week of pregnancy (SSW). If the pregnancy ends after this time, then it is called premature birth, if the child is born alive. In such a case, there are special measures that doctors take to keep the baby alive. These are, for example, special drugs that help the lungs to mature as well as intensive medical treatment. If the child has died in the womb, it is called a stillbirth.

In addition, miscarriages are differentiated in time:

General information about trout

Brown trout

It is one of the most famous fish at all – the Salmo trutta or more simply, the Trout. It belongs to the salmon fish, is widespread and one of the most popular fishing and eating fish in Germany. In the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, in the Atlantic Ocean, in Western Russia, from Spain to Iceland and in numerous lakes and rivers of Europe you can find different species of trout. Depending on the genetics of the fish, trout species are distinguished between the Sea trout, which belongs to the anadorm migratory fish, d.h. it lives some time in salt water, and the Brown trout, rain trout and lake trout, which spends its entire life in freshwater habitat. There they like especially lakes, streams and rivers that are clear and rather cold (oxygen rich&nutrient poor). they eat mainly aquatic insects, but also their flying conspecifics if they are careless.

Best known subspecies – the rainbow trout

Trout caught

Hackers captured millions in crypto.

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It is the biggest heist in the crypto world so far: hackers steal $600 million in cryptocurrencies . How to protect yourself?

It is well known that practice is a big part of a good lecture. However, there is one more important thing that can significantly help your presentation succeed without years of practice. And these are the perfect index cards for your presentation. We show you what to look for when creating index cards for your presentation. From the right structure to other index card tips like the use of colors, everything is there.

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Building an index card: good structuring

You’re probably thinking to yourself now: seriously? This is not a tip! But, I’m telling you, not all index cards are the same! There are so many things that distinguish a simple index card, slapped down just before the lecture, from an index card that is well thought out and structured.

Wedding planning secret tips

Hello dear ones and welcome back to my blog. One of the most important planning points for the wedding is that the Invitation cards should contain all the information, guests need to know. Also visually the invitation card should be a first Insight into the future wedding give. Basically you can say that on the wedding invitation should be all the important data, to find. These important dates are the typical W-questions: Who? When? Where? Why? How?.

Wedding invitations make themselves: So gehts!

It is also important that Misunderstandings avoided will be and the guests can clearly read from the wedding invitation, when the wedding ceremony and when the wedding party starts and when they are finally expected. There are also individual information, Which the guests should know in advance at the discretion of the bride and groom. This can be that there is childcare and no babysitter must be hired, that the bride and groom do not want to receive gifts in kind or want something very specific or a hint that the guests should not take pictures with their smartphones, there will be a photographer and they can therefore enjoy the wedding to the fullest.

Building muscle is usually easier said than done. Sometimes you even need a completely new approach to your training and daily nutrition for this ambitious goal. Especially women often find it difficult to build muscle mass. This is not so much due to training or a bad diet, but due to the female hormonal balance.
While it has now been proven that there are a variety of health and physical reasons for strength training in women, muscle growth from this alone is minimal. In the female organism there are much less anabolic hormones than in the male organism, and it is exactly these hormones (such as testosterone) that primarily influence muscle building. Therefore, it will probably always be more difficult for women to build muscle mass than for men. Nevertheless, this does not mean that it is impossible for a woman to achieve a muscular body. It just requires a more strategic approach. These 8 tips should help you optimize your muscle building workouts and build increased muscle mass.

Eat enough

If you want to build muscles then it will not be enough to eat just as much as absolutely necessary. Eating adequate amounts of food is one of the most important basics for women who want to build muscle effectively. After all, a strong body needs enough fuel.

Many women can build up the amounts of muscle mass because they simply do not eat enough to support the muscle building process and the body optimally. If you have a calorie balance or even a deficit, then the body can not build muscle. Personally, I like the IIFYM diet (If it fits your macros), because it takes into account the individual requirements of the body and can support your training optimally. But as I said, to build muscle you should have at least a small caloric surplus – and that often means eating more than you thought you should.

Veronika Pepper

Carbohydrates, proteins, fats: eating right is part of strength training. Here you will find out which meals are important, how to plan your diet for muscle building as well as interesting facts about nutritional values and cool tips.

Table of contents:

How nutrition helps to build muscle?

During strength training, your body consumes a lot of energy, which is measured in kilo-calories (kcal). But you also burn calories while repairing and strengthening muscle cells (while your muscles are recovering = regeneration phase). You get this energy from food – mainly from the following 3 nutrients:

What is actually easier to learn, snowboarding or skiing?? What are the differences between these two sports? There are many questions that can be asked when deciding which of the two winter sports to choose. In the following we will get to the bottom of the most important questions.

Learning to snowboard or ski

Snowboarding or skiing: The differences

The biggest difference between skiing and snowboarding is, of course, that in skiing there are two skis and two poles, and in snowboarding there is only the board. The question of convenience can be answered clearly.

As long as the fire is known, there is also smoking. Many people immediately smell the scent of smoked fish when they hear the word "smoking". Today, you can also find smoked cheese, smoked eggs, sausage or even smoked vegetables on store shelves. Even teas, whiskey and beer can be refined in this way.

Who would like to try the smoking once itself, which should alldingiges some attention. In addition to the right smoker, smoking hooks are especially important. This is the only way to place the meat, fish or cheese correctly in the smoker, so that the smoke optimally surrounds the food. In the following article you will find out everything you need to know about smoking hooks and thus find your perfect product.

The most important facts in a nutshell

  • With the smoking hook you can smoke not only classic fish. Depending on whether meat, fish or sausage is chosen, a different smoking hook is more suitable.
  • Smoking hooks made of stainless steel are the best choice. This matieal is robust and lasts long.
  • The smoked hook should not be confused with a normal butcher’s hook, as it is specially made for the refinement of food with smoke.

Also interesting

Smoking hooks in comparison: reviews and recommendations

In the following section we have compiled some favorites for you. These are to help you make a buying decision. You will see that there is the right smoking hook for every smoking project. Each of these smoking hooks can also be easily ordered online.