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Who does not know it? We want to make a decision, maybe we even have to make a decision, but we are insecure. Again and again we have to overcome our self-doubt.

"Will this be the right decision?"
"What if I would do it differently after all?"
"Will it all work out the way I thought it would??"
"What consequences will my decision have for others?"

If food is also served on place settings? Can a salad bowl also be a soup bowl at times? Point the knife’s edge to the right or left when setting the table? Porcelain expert Tafelstern provides tips for a cultivated table culture.

A perfectly set table makes for happy guests

Anyone who wants to celebrate table culture by all the rules of the art would do well to know these rules. "The perfectly set table not only impresses with beautiful porcelain, glasses and cutlery – you can also show appreciation to your guests with the right arrangement of all the pieces," says Gabrielle Dettelbacher from porcelain manufacturer Tafelstern. Here are the most important tips.

Slowly it goes into the hot phase and in the back of our heads ticks a quiet countdown: seven, six, five, four, three, two, one days, then is Christmas Eve, the highlight of the Christmas season. Our care time budget is already maxed out weeks in advance, with gift lists, dinner plans, Christmas parties, Advent calendars, cookie baking or snacking dates and so much more, not to forget – the Christmas tree.

Little tree, decorate yourself

Of course, getting a tree and decorating it is also on our agenda, because if the Christmas tree isn’t up, where can we put the presents and the snapshot for the family album?? In big cities like Berlin, Christmas trees can even be left until 24.12. shopping, and so the biggest challenge is not organizing the tree on time, but getting it out in time for the festivities.

With a Change of perspective put yourself in the position of another person and try to look at a situation through the eyes of the other person.

Such a change of one’s own point of view brings many Advantages with and can even lead to more success – however the conversion is everything else than simple.

Perception is anything but objective and people usually only see what they want to see. Through his own eyes and from his personal position. But it is worth working on a change of perspective and learning, not always only its own view of things to consider, but to think and decide more objectively.

February 2021 finally saw some movement around the 4. Order wave. The first online retailers offered after a long time again and again to buy the PlayStation 5. And in February 2022, it’s still going on. MeinMMO shows you where prospective buyers should lurk in the coming days.

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Daily reading tips for the waiting period:

It is now undeniable that our plastic consumption has a significant impact on the environment. Plastic is simply ubiquitous in our lives. Plastic as a disposable product is particularly worrisome: used as packaging, we encounter masses of the plastic every day. Often without us being aware of it. It’s not that hard to reduce your own plastic consumption.

Here are our tips on how to easily cut down on plastic or even avoid plastic altogether.

1. Ban superfluous disposable products from everyday life

Plastic plates and cutlery, straws and stirrers: They are only used for a few minutes and then end up in the trash. Does this really have to be? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a little more washing up after the picnic or party, thereby protecting the environment and, incidentally, our wallets?
Alternative: Use reusable tableware or offer only those drinks and snacks that do without the superfluous plastic. If you are too lazy to wash up after the party, you can ask the beverage supplier for glasses. Many offer the delivery of glasses and even the washing up afterwards as a service.

If you don't take your kids' online privacy seriously, they can get into serious digital trouble, or worse, take emotional or physical damage. (c) Malwarebytes

What kids (and some adults) probably don’t realize is that there are real-world consequences for the things you do online. We should always remind our children of this. To be honest, it’s easy to forget what’s at stake when you get what you want quickly and comparatively easily. And in most cases, children do not think about sharing personal information.

If you don’t take your kids’ online privacy seriously, they can get into serious digital trouble, or worse, take emotional or physical damage. When it comes to criminals specifically looking for children’s personal information, identity theft is something parents need to be concerned about. The sites they visit may be child-friendly, but that doesn’t mean they take special care of the child’s information.

Although there are many different variations of this classic dish all over the world, there is only one true recipe for it. But how to prepare the Boeuf Stroganoff flawlessly? We reveal to you the most important tricks around the Russian traditional meal.

The origin of one of the world’s most famous dishes

We can guarantee that everyone has heard of the famous Boeuf Stroganoff, even if they have not tried to prepare it themselves. The first historical mention of meat in creamy mustard sauce was in a Russian cookbook around 1871. However, the recipe did not achieve worldwide fame until a few years later in Paris, when a Russian chef competed with it in an international competition of upscale gastronomy and triumphed. From then on, the Russian-style beef stew made its triumphal march across the globe.

Boeuf Stroganoff

A password with the right length and complexity is essential to make it difficult or nearly impossible to. Depending on the length and complexity of the key, you can more or less know how long it will take to crack a password. The way we create our password determines its effectiveness against cybercriminals. Usually, passwords are often broken by brute force or dictionary. We also give some tips on how to create a password to make it as strong as possible.

How to create a good password to be safe and strong

Our first line of defense against cybercriminals is to, One word en pass Fort to properly protect our digital identities. In RedesZone we have created a complete tutorial explaining how create a secure password . Without a doubt, our Google, Microsoft, email and cloud services like Dropbox need to be properly protected, not only with strong keys, but also with two-factor authentication.

Whoever, for whatever reason, does not master the first discipline in the crawl, is faced with the question of how to at least tick it off faster. Because breaststroke costs energy and time. And you don’t have either in triathlon. So what to do to swim more efficiently?

I admit it: I already saw myself rowing through the lake as the only starter breaststroke in the competition. But since I finally got to watch a triathlon with age group athletes live and in color, I know I probably won’t be alone in this style of swimming after all. So far, so good. In the fact that I can not swim along at the top, it changes precious little. But is there anything I can do to make at least a little faster progress in the breaststroke?