How to find free Internet üeverywhere

Free Wifi and Free WLAN Is emblazoned on the front doors of many cafes, restaurants, shopping malls and subway stations. In many places you can connect to the WLAN temporarily or permanently for free. But beyond that there are also hidden and above all safe tips to get free Internet. We’ll show you how to find it and how to get connected.

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Find free WLANs

Facebook Wi-Fi Finder

An app, which is probably already installed on your smartphone, can find WLANs after an update. On the options page of your Facebook app you will see between Pages and Saved the new entry Find WLAN. Facebook has read out the log-in data for the respective WLAN from the restaurant or cafe owners on their Facebook page.

Little puppy tangled in toilet paper

One of the many challenges new dog owners face is getting their new pet housebroken. You always hear about different methods and tics… but what really works?
Our team from heyhund.Today, they would like to share with you the most important tips to help your pet become housebroken as quickly and easily as possible! Everything important that you need to know, you will learn in this guide.

The most important in a nutshell

  • First we would like to give you some background knowledge about puppies, so that you can understand your little pet and why it can be so difficult to housebreak him at first.
  • Afterwards you will get methods from us, which will help you to master these challenges.
  • What if your adult dog starts doing things in the apartment again?? No problem, we’ll sort that out here too!

How to get a puppy housebroken

When talking about housetraining puppies, there are several aspects you need to consider. We would like to divide this topic into two subcategories:

Writing minutes in meetings is one of the tasks of secretaries. But is it as simple as it sounds? What to watch out for when taking minutes? What is the verbatim record, minutes of decisions, minutes of proceedings, minutes of results, and minutes of remembrance?? All the questions that arise on the subject of minutes and examples of them, the team of Workingoffice has summarized in this article.

The job of a secretary is varied and diverse. Globalization and digitalization have continuously changed the areas of responsibility of the assistant in the office. In office management, she organizes the secretariat professionally, creates successful presentations and can demonstrate extensive knowledge in general office communication and in the preparation of minutes.

After years of professional experience, in many cases she has a high level of competence in the Office. For this reason she is appreciated by superiors and management for her proactive work. Despite her wide-ranging responsibilities and future-oriented tasks, a secretary has above all core competencies in the classic administrative areas of responsibility.

How not to waste time on youtube

We added a browser extension, settings you can change in the YouTube app, app timers, and a few tips based on our usage. If you often spend hours mindlessly watching whatever YouTube algorithm throws at you, read on to the end to learn how you can take control of your YouTube viewing habits and spend less time on the platform.

1. Using the YouTube Rabbit Hole extension

One of the useful Google Chrome extensions I use to reduce distractions on YouTube is YouTube Rabbit Hole. You can Use this browser extension to hide the YouTube homepage, sidebar, comments section, trending section and even subscriptions. There are handy toggles that let you customize the home page to your liking.

Yahoo! Ten years ago mail was very popular. But not anymore. Gmail is on its way up and is becoming the first choice for most people. Personally, I use Gmail for all my purposes, z. B. to work, study and communicate with friends and colleagues. However, I still keep my Yahoo email account active because I used this email address to sign up for certain services and communities.

How to delete all emails on yahoo mail at once

One day I opened my inbox to reset the password for one of my services. Then I find out I have over 21,000 items in my inbox. That’s a huge number, I don’t even know where they came from. Maybe it’s because I subscribed to many mailing lists in the past. Now I want to clean up my inbox to free up space and make it easier to find important emails. However, I can’t spend all day clicking on each item and then deleting it. There must be a way to delete them all with a few actions. If you have the same problems as I do, follow these steps to delete emails from Yahoo!

Before you can start smoking hookah, you first have to make yourself a head Shisha head building. Roughly speaking, you have to put the hookah tobacco into the designated hookah head, which you later attach to the very top of your hookah. If you need assistance with building your shisha, check out our blog post!

"It’s easy!", you might think now. Simply fill the tobacco into the clay head and off you go. But that is not the end of it. I will show you how to build a perfect shisha head, so that you get your money’s worth when smoking shisha!

Before we start, you should know that it takes different methods gives to build a shisha head. This is among other things from kind of shisha head and from the preferred Procedure of the particular shisha smoker dependent. The bottom line is that you need to figure out for yourself what setup you will use to prepare your shisha head for smoking.

Download this agenda template for your next meeting.

Woman-sits-in meeting-room-and-writes-outcome-transcript

You have been chosen to write minutes for the next meeting? In most cases, the enthusiasm for this task among those involved is limited. Although it is taken for granted that everyone knows how to Results log but in reality very few people know how to do this straight away. How to write a conclusive result protocol, you will learn in this article.

Cybercrime and how to prevent it

Looking only at absolute numbers, ransomware attacks are currently the most common form of cybercrime. In such attacks usually a computer virus is used, which encrypts all your data. Once the system is hacked, the criminals demand money in exchange for the data. The attackers send the viruses via email to thousands of accounts. Every sector is affected. The perpetrators have no special preferences. The procedure is not particularly sophisticated. The scammers don’t need any extraordinary skills either. That is why this form of attack is becoming more and more popular.

A similar opportunistic approach can also be observed in phishing attacks, where fake e-mails are sent to thousands of addresses at the same time. The goal of these popular attack methods is to trick users into giving up their passwords. The passwords are then used by the attackers to make purchases on the Internet or to access the victims’ private data.

The power of self-reflection is often underestimated. Thereby the reflection and reconsideration can be enormously enlightening. Not only because of the numerous benefits and insights we gain in the process. Reflection is a mandatory requirement for happiness and success in life. It starts with the simple question: What was your biggest success today? – We show you how to sharpen your self-awareness and find out more about yourself with smart self-reflection questions. After all, no one but yourself can see so deeply into you…

Self-reflection: 60 questions + 5 exercises to the true self

➠ Contents: What you can expect

Yesterday you were still talking and laughing, today you can only hear a tired croak coming from your throat? Hoarseness is annoying because it can literally hit our voice and mood. But have we only strained our vocal cords … or is there perhaps more to it than that??

What exactly is hoarseness??

Basically, hoarseness is a symptom and not a disease in itself. Everything that makes it difficult for us to speak and makes our voice sound rougher, scratchier, more strained, quieter, higher or lower, falls under this term. Our larynx and the so-called vocal folds or vocal cords in the throat, which influence the sound of the voice, are responsible for this. If, due to an inflammation or irritation in the throat, they no longer vibrate freely, this can really leave us speechless. Fortunately, the reasons are rarely serious and hoarseness usually disappears on its own again after a few days.

Suddenly the voice is gone - the main causes and symptoms of hoarseness