Content is king – no success without content. But content is a purely technical term – soulless, bloodless. Storytelling is missing. Text alone does not touch or move anyone. Stories on the other hand do. Storytelling is the oldest form of sharing experiences, emotions and information. We tell each other what we have experienced, what challenges we have faced, how we have solved them. All this is already storytelling. But to tell stories, by word, picture or film, that inspire so much that they are immediately retold and shared – that is a small art. How to learn the art of storytelling…

Storytelling: definition, structure, 10 tips + 3 examples

➠ Content: What you can expect

Jan was born exactly on Rose Monday in Dusseldorf – who does not know carnival in the Rhineland – there goes nothing at all in our city *laughs*! In the evening, Philipp called me in the hospital: "You don’t believe it, but our washing machine has just broken down – motor damage – nothing works there anymore! What are we going to do with our cloth diapers when you come home tomorrow!?"And I answered him after a short hesitation: "Then run quickly to the drugstore and buy another pack of disposable diapers."

Sure, Philipp would have struggled to find a washing machine somewhere the next morning, or we could have gone to the laundromat, but the last thing parents need shortly after giving birth is stress! We wanted to start life as a family of five in a relaxed way, not rushed and completely out of breath.

Breastfeeding during pregnancy and tandem breastfeeding

Congratulations! You are pregnant! Again!
But your firstborn is not yet weaned.

Is it safe to continue breastfeeding? What should you calculate with?

First of all, it is not dangerous.

After initial successes, you will eventually reach a plateau phase when losing weight. Chrissy explains how you can get through it and continue to lose weight.

Weight loss frustration: The scale stands still

Welcome to the most annoying phase of your weight loss: the plateau phase. After initial success in the form of falling kilos, your scales stagnate for several days or even weeks. There is no reason to despair, because weight fluctuations, so-called plateaus, are quite normal during the weight loss period. And, as we all know, challenges are there to be met!

Culture and romance on a city break to Vienna

In the Spanish Riding School Vienna is home to the oldest breed of cultured horses in Europe. During the performances the white Lipizzaner stallions present pirouettes and jumps to the sounds of classical music. This Renaissance horsemanship has been practiced continuously only in Vienna for over 200 years.

During a shopping trip in Vienna’s city center you will discover charming little passages. The hidden passages in the alleys of the old town house small stores or cafes. Among the most magnificent is the Michaeler Passage, where there is also a magnificent fountain.

Is she into me? 10 signs that a woman is interested in you

She smiles, winks and runs her fingers through her hair – but what does that mean: does the girl just think you’re nice or is she secretly dreaming of a date with you?? Does she see you as a buddy or lover? If you could determine it so easily!

Many people (and therefore also women) are usually sparing in expressing their needs. That’s why it’s so difficult to tell what they really want. This can be annoying, but at the same time makes flirting more exciting.

Does she fancy me? These 10 signs indicate a woman’s interest

To help you at least minimize the risk of a rejection or a missed opportunity, here are 10 signs that a woman is interested.

Info about writing an opinion

Updated on 4. January 2022 by omer Bekar We give you tips on how to write a convincing statement.

The point of writing an opinion piece is to take a stand on a particular issue and, at the same time, to support your opinion with coherent arguments. The goal is not only to inform another person about one’s own point of view. Instead, the person should also be convinced of this point of view, if possible. When writing a statement, it is therefore important that you work with different arguments that are logical, plausible and comprehensible. There are different forms and different occasions for a statement of position.

The cover letter should convince recruiters that you are the perfect fit for the job and that you are also a good human fit for the company. And it’s best to do it without standard phrases, so you stand out from the crowd. We give you tips on how to build your cover letter step by step and additionally free samples to download.


How to write a cover letter?

  • The cover letter should state the position you are applying for, why you would like to work for this company and why you are the perfect person for the job.
  • The cover letter does not simply summarize your resume. In the motivation letter, you combine the requirements from the job advertisement with your skills.
  • The cover letter is usually one A4 page long.
  • Make sure that the layout of the cover letter is consistent. Font: Arial, Helvetica, Calibri o.a., Font size: 10 to 12 point.
  • Depending on the industry, you need to communicate the right skills.
  • The cover letter differs only slightly from the motivation letter or the English cover letter. Letter of Motivation; often the terms are used synonymously.

Tips for the job search


The cover letter must be absolutely error-free! So be very careful when writing a cover letter for your application and be sure to have someone proofread it before you send it out.

Online contests 5+5 tips to do so

Here are the 5+5 best tips for online contests

The Internet seems to be a constant source of gold: here you can find quite a few online contests, which make the great fortune seem to be in click proximity. With so many competitions, you should win something on a regular basis? The answer to this is: Yes, on the Internet you can actually take part in many things and win a lot.

You only need to know where to find profitable and serious sweepstakes – because here you will actually win something.. In the online jungle it is easy to lose the overview. If you want to win, you have to invest your time smartly. Our tips and tricks for Online contests help you maximize your chances of winning your dream prize.

The good old letter will remain with us for the time being. Reason enough to briefly spell out what the modern standards for business correspondence are.

The letter has lost popularity due to the speed, the casual manner and some technical advantages of e-mails.

But there are occasions when a Letter still more efficient is. If you send out information material, invoices or flyers, the addressee will receive the document ready to go and will not need to print it out first. And when it comes to legal matters, documents are only legally binding with an original signature.