Romantic sayings: 60 examples and 9+5 tips

Romantic sayings make your partner a very special joy. We have 60 sayings, short texts and quotes for you and give you tips with which you can easily write romantic sayings yourself.

Romantic sayings you can use for different occasions. Write it in a love letter or in a card for Valentine’s Day, send it on WhatsApp and Co. or frame it as a gift.

Number porting: take your old cell phone number with you to the new contract

cell phone.en editor Published on 9. July 2020

Cell phone keypad - Touchpad

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self-discovery title

I had no idea who I was, where I was going, or what I was even doing with my life.

Do you feel the same way??

But of course there are remedies. Targeted precautions can protect lawn seed from birds. But even if the first birds have taken to the lawn seed, there are a few useful tips.

Protect lawn seed from birds

7 helpful measures to protect lawn seeds from birds

Scarecrow: not for nothing used by farmers back then

Even though bird scarers have been used for centuries, they are still effective today. A wide variety of designs help: from imitated humans to plastic ravens and chimes.

Visual disorders

As a result of a stroke, there are often limitations in vision. According to the professional association Orthoptik Deutschland e.V. According to the latest research, about 30 to 40 percent of patients with brain damage, e.g.B. after a cerebral infarction or cerebral hemorrhage, various visual disturbances occur.

Which visual disturbances can occur with a stroke?

A stroke can lead to the development of various visual disorders:

Stronger, more defined, healthier – who wouldn’t want to build muscle and enjoy all the benefits that come with a muscle-building workout??

The good news is: with electrical muscle stimulation, your muscles are built up more easily and quickly than with almost any other sport.

The bad news is: sports alone are not enough when it comes to muscle strengthening. It is more about the interaction of training, nutrition and regeneration. Ideally, none of these components should be neglected.

The Reports module allows you to collect data in Koha. The module is used to generate statistics, user lists, lineup lists or other data lists in your database.

Path in Koha: More> Reports

Custom Reports

The data in Koha is stored in a MySQL database. This means library staff can create almost any report they need, either via guided reports or SQL queries .

overcome self-doubt - contribution image

Who does not know it? We want to make a decision, maybe we even have to make a decision, but we are insecure. Again and again we have to overcome our self-doubt.

"Will this be the right decision?"
"What if I would do it differently after all?"
"Will it all work out the way I thought it would??"
"What consequences will my decision have for others?"

If food is also served on place settings? Can a salad bowl also be a soup bowl at times? Point the knife’s edge to the right or left when setting the table? Porcelain expert Tafelstern provides tips for a cultivated table culture.

A perfectly set table makes for happy guests

Anyone who wants to celebrate table culture by all the rules of the art would do well to know these rules. "The perfectly set table not only impresses with beautiful porcelain, glasses and cutlery – you can also show appreciation to your guests with the right arrangement of all the pieces," says Gabrielle Dettelbacher from porcelain manufacturer Tafelstern. Here are the most important tips.

Slowly it goes into the hot phase and in the back of our heads ticks a quiet countdown: seven, six, five, four, three, two, one days, then is Christmas Eve, the highlight of the Christmas season. Our care time budget is already maxed out weeks in advance, with gift lists, dinner plans, Christmas parties, Advent calendars, cookie baking or snacking dates and so much more, not to forget – the Christmas tree.

Little tree, decorate yourself

Of course, getting a tree and decorating it is also on our agenda, because if the Christmas tree isn’t up, where can we put the presents and the snapshot for the family album?? In big cities like Berlin, Christmas trees can even be left until 24.12. shopping, and so the biggest challenge is not organizing the tree on time, but getting it out in time for the festivities.