With good smart home products and systems, it is possible to check and set which data may be transmitted to the manufacturer, for example

L ights, music systems, cameras, thermostats, door locks, lawn mowers, roller shutters: More and more can be networked at home. Smartphone or tablet become the control unit, with which the smart device army can be directed via apps.

But as connectivity increases, so does the flow of data, and many consumers are questioning which path the data actually takes and how secure the connections are.

Permanent makeup is the name for special cosmetic pigmentation on the face, through which permanently durable artificial eyelid lines or lip contours with shading are created. Permanent make-up is a permanent contouring and / or filling by microfine color pigments of eyebrows, eyeliner or lips. However, with permanent here is not the lifelong contouring resp. Filling meant. It can be assumed that, depending on the skin type, an effective durability of several years is achieved before the permanent make-up needs to be refreshed. In pigmentation, colors are implanted into the upper layers of the skin with a fine needle, which can be compared to tattooing. These needles are extremely thin, so that skin stress and irritation are largely avoided.

How does permanent make up work?

La belle cosmetic studio permanent make up drawing in preparation face eyebrows

Drawing in the new contours

Link PDF file in Word

electronic documents are widely used mainly as Word files, but also as PDFs. So it inevitably happens at some point that you want to insert a PDF file into Word. One possibility is to embed the PDF file into Word. This method combines it with the Word document. This increases the file size of the Word document. There is no connection to the original PDF file. Should it be updated at some point, the Word document will still contain the old version.

The behavior can be undesirable in some cases. For example, many PDF files in companies are frequently updated and stored in a central location, z.B. Monthly reports. If you want to link PDF files that are frequently updated in the Word document, it is a good idea to link them in Word.

Permanent make-up is a fine pigmentation method using an extremely fine needle and only medically approved materials
color pigments are gently pigmented into the top layer of skin. Our permanent make-up gives your face more expression.
With Team Hautnah permanent make-up, on the one hand, the natural beauty of each person is emphasized, and on the other hand
Irregularities compensated. The perfect reinforcement or supplement for brows that are too thin or missing, pale
Lip contours, a too small lip line or tired, expressionless eyes.

Permanent make-up should emphasize you in your beauty perfectly, but discreetly,
but not as "make up at first sight" to be recognizable.
Kerstin, permanent make-up expert

Why permanent make-up?

What advantages do you enjoy if you decide on a gentle and permanent permanent make-up by Team Hautnah??

Mindmap example

In school I found mindmaps stupid. I associated them with wasting time and couldn’t imagine them helping me learn. On the other hand, the learning technique has been and is still being touted as an indispensable tool for exam preparation.

So I recently decided to give the mindmap a second chance. For one of my exams at the distance learning university I fully relied on the for me unusual learning method. And what can I say? The result was surprisingly positive, although not suitable for all applications.

Until now, scientists assumed that the blood-brain barrier was a barely permeable barrier for substances from the blood. It was known, however, that their blocking effect decreases with age. However, as a U.S. team has now shown, more proteins cross the blood-brain barrier than previously thought. This could open up new approaches to the treatment of neurological diseases.(1)

Illustration of the most important cells of the brain: neurons (yellow); astrocytes (orange); oligodendrocytes (gray); microglia (white)

What enters the brain is strictly controlled

The brain is a highly complex network of countless different nerve cells. However, hormones, ions and other molecules from the bloodstream can disrupt this balance of electrical and chemical signal transmission between neurons, so their entry into neural tissue must be tightly regulated. In addition, the cells of the blood vessels in the brain form a particularly dense wall through which an uncontrolled diffusion of substances from the blood is not possible – the blood-brain barrier. In addition, these vessels are lined with a thick layer of protective and transport proteins. (1)

Log4shell gap: what makes it so dangerous and what can be done about it?

If one wants to put it harmlessly, once again a new spectre haunts the security world of IT. The Java library log4j threatens to become a serious problem for countless systems and programs (National Vulnerability Database -NVD- CVE-2021-44228). Affected are the Java log4j libraries as of Version 2.0.1 to 2.14.x (Version 2.15.0 is already fixed, but contains further security holes, version 1.x is not affected). In the meantime, version 2.16.0 are available, which should definitely be used. An update to the newest version is, wherever possible, urgently recommended.

To avoid mistakes – the log4j is a library of the Apache Software Foundation (open source software), which is not automatically used or installed by every Java version. Therefore, to upgrade log4j to the latest version, it is not sufficient to simply install the latest and most recent Java. The current version of the log4j library can be found on the Apache website.

Life on the Pacific Ring of Fire is never really calm and sometimes dangerous. This also applies to Japan, because experiencing earthquakes in Japan is almost part of everyday life. Volcanic eruptions or tsunamis also happen much more frequently here than in large parts of the rest of the world. Every month, an average of more than 70 earthquakes with a magnitude of over 4.0 shake the country – about 17 times a year, the earth even shakes with a magnitude of over 6.0 on the Richter scale. Recently, German media also reported that the Sakurajima volcano has erupted again – however, this is not uncommon for the permanently active volcano near Kyushu. There are more than 240 volcanoes in Japan, of which more than 40 are considered to be very active.

But why is the risk of natural disasters so high in Japan and how do the Japanese provide protection from the forces of nature??

Geographical location causes earthquakes in Japan and creates many volcanoes

Seismographs record earth tremors and their force. This is how the magnitude can be determined

Calculating percentages is particularly suitable for integrating basic information technology education into mathematics lessons. In this subject, the PC can be used in many ways as an exercise and work medium.

  • In the Internet one finds numerous exercises for the percentage calculation, which z.T. can be done online.
  • With the help of a spreadsheet, different types of percentage charts can be created effortlessly.
  • If students have mastered the use of formulas in a spreadsheet, they can creatively solve simple and complex tasks involving percentages and interest calculations.
  • When drawing up savings and redemption plans, the advantage of the medium becomes obvious through the saving of writing, calculating and therefore time.
  • The understanding of the content of formulas is deepened by suitable tasks.

Calculating percentages with Excel

The following pages are intended to help students in secondary school 1 to solve tasks from the percentage calculation with a spreadsheet program, here MS – Excel. It is helpful if the basic use of a spreadsheet has already been practiced. The use of formulas is first worked out with the basic arithmetic operations, followed by exercises in percentage calculation. The exercises are all in an Excel file, the solutions and explanations are in this html document. Online you can work with these two documents in parallel. Alternatively, this content can also be downloaded as a zipped Word – document in the attachment and modified. The Excel file, consisting of 7 tables with 8 exercises can also be downloaded there. Use the tabs at the bottom of the table to access the individual exercises.

1. Addition – subtraction – multiplication and division with Excel

Excel, like a pocket calculator, can perform arithmetic operations. If you work with Excel z.B. If you want to perform an addition, as in example 1 below, the program must know in which cells the numbers to be added are located. In this context, one speaks of Cell references . In our example (1. Sum) there is a 9 in cell C4 and a 3 in cell C5. The sum should be in cell C6. For this you have to enter into this cell a so-called Formula with the corresponding Cell references type. In cell C6 the value of the sum, i.e. 12, is then displayed.

Reading time: 4 minutes SingStar, the karaoke game par excellence, is back and for the first time challenges you and your friends to the next generation singing duel. Compete with your friends on the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 at SingStar: Ultimate Party the latest part of the series by Sony Computer Entertainment. Published since 2004 Sony Computer Entertainment regularly new parts of his successful SingStar-Series. As the first part for the new console generation sets SingStar: Ultimate Party now new standards.

As with the previous installments, there are of course also Ultimate Party no real storyline or plot. Players insert the CD and compete in one singing duel after another. Till there’s no more voice to sing or the neighbors complain.

Party mode on?!

And as already known, you plug the microphones into the PlayStation and then sing happily away. Stop! Mikes? No, these are – if the players want it – a thing of the past. Everything you need now for SingStar needs is a modern smartphone, on which the SingStar-micro app must have installed. With this, any smartphone can be connected to the PlayStation 4 via WLAN. This also means that the game can only be played if the WLAN is stable. And if you don’t get mobile notifications, because those tend to shut down the app quite a bit. Who has no desire for the modern technology, can therefore continue to rely on classic microphones.