Hackers can cause damage through theft, extortion or vandalism

Hackers can cause damage through theft, extortion or vandalism.

They are often portrayed in the media wearing a black hooded sweater. sit in front of a computer in a dark room and penetrate a foreign computer networks a. While incomprehensible columns of characters flicker across the monitor, a hack is taking place.

Dave Ryding makes history. For the first time a Briton wins on the legendary Streif in Kitzbuhel. In the slalom, one favorite after another flops, Ryding celebrates. German alpine ski star Linus Straber despairs on the mountain and curses loudly. The race to read.

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  • Alpine skiing, downhill in Kitzbuhel – Kilde wins on the Streif: No German in the top ten, two crashes end smoothly

The FIS Ski World Cup LIVE on DAZN

Alpine skiing: slalom on the Streif

The result:
1. Ryding (GBR) 1:41,26
2. Braathen (NOR) +0.38
3. Kristoffersen (NOR) +0.65
14. Strasser (GER) +1.69
17. Tremmel (GER) +2,16

The most important facts in brief: Ski racer Linus Straber did not get beyond 14th place in the slalom classic in Kitzbuhel. At least the Munich skier scored points again on Saturday after three no-shows in the previous four gate runs of the season.

Phones play an important role in our modern society. These small devices store different aspects of our lives: personal and professional data. Life without a smartphone certainly means less social interaction, especially for the new generation. In addition, it means a great loss of potential for people who do not value technology and use it in their professional careers.

This is why losing your cell phone can be a very painful experience. To protect themselves, people resort to some apps that offer security features to find the device if it is stolen or lost. However, most of the reviews are rather negative, as these tools do not really solve the problem and do not provide the user with adequate alternatives.

We have developed an easy-to-use and accurate tracking tool that will surely save many people’s lives and help them locate their cell phones. If you need to track or locate a smartphone by its number, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t give up hope of finding your phone, because our technology has helped and saved the privacy of many people who have desperately tried to locate their phone.

Waste your time with lame computers instead of working productively? 6 simple tricks from the experts on how to speed up your PC today without much IT knowledge.

The start screen only opens at a snail’s pace, programs don’t run properly or websites take an incredibly long time to load when surfing the web: If this sounds familiar, you know the frustration when lame technology keeps you from concentrated, fast work. Frank Termer, head of software at the Bitkom digital association, explains what you can do to speed up your PC – without having to call an IT specialist.

Handle 1: Clean up desktop, download folder and recycle bin

You download a document, automatically put it in the download folder or on the desktop, and after you no longer need it, you forget to delete it: Sounds familiar? Many people like to use the desktop as a quick place to store things, says Termer. However, it should not degenerate into a document graveyard, nor should the download folder, because that slows down computer performance: "One technical reason why a computer works slowly is that the memory reaches its limits," explains Termer. "If, for example, only ten percent free memory is available, then this should be an alarm signal." But: "I would think that a computer in normal use rather rarely goes to its performance peaks." It looks different if you work for example with video editing software that needs a lot of memory.

New standards in reporting: A modern IP, AV and intercom network lifted the 36. America’s Cup the boundaries between technical, sporting and media tasks on. This not only changed the audience experience, but also the work of the sailing crews, AV technicians, broadcasters and referees.

12 cameras: two at the stern (PTZ and 360 ), one at the bow, two at the bottom of the mast, 2 x 3 in the cockpits plus a body cam (Image: America’s Cup)

Building a house was based on traditional technology for a long time. Now the innovations alternate in rapid succession. Houses from the 3D printer are already yesterday’s news. EMPA and ETH go one step further and created the world’s first robot to become a construction worker.

"In Situ Fabricator": this is the name of the robot that will build a three-story house in Dubendorf from 2017 to 2019 under the direction of the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (EMPA) and ETH Zurich
Has. Dfab House is what the building is called, or in German, "the digitally fabricated house". In the process, the researchers have transferred several new technologies from the laboratory to the real world.

For many winter sports enthusiasts, speed is everything. We all love to go fast on the slopes. But there are many variables when it comes to speed. One question that is always debated is whether skiing or snowboarding is faster.

Skiing is about 20% faster than snowboarding with the same conditions. This is also reflected in the world records in speed skiing. The highest speed ever measured on skis is 254.985 km/h. The highest measured speed on a snowboard is only 203.275 km/h. This is mainly due to the lower friction of the skis on the snow and the skiing position, which allows for less wind resistance.

Speed in skiing and snowboarding depends on several factors. Nevertheless, skiing is faster than snowboarding under the same conditions.

Today I would like to take up a practical topic.
I will show you in this article what you need to make yourself professional product photos to make. I will go into all aspects, so that after this article you not only know how to do it, but also what you need for it.

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Why product photos in self-direction?

First of all, of course, the question of questions: Why should you create your own product photos for your online store at all??
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Building robots without programming – KOSMOS "Chipz" Experimental kit

building robots& Building obstacles

for older children from 8 years

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With the tree, nature has given man a tool that enables him to bind large quantities of CO2 that would otherwise contribute to the greenhouse effect and climate change in the atmosphere. This is exactly the starting point of TreePlantingProjects: Planting trees is meant to mitigate the disastrous effects that our thoughtless treatment of nature, forests and the environment inevitably brings. But there is a catch: as long as more forest area is destroyed than newly created every day worldwide through deforestation, slash-and-burn agriculture and natural disasters, humanity’s carbon footprint will continue to rise (d.h. we release more CO2 than we bind).

Rainforest institute e.v.

Brazilian rainforest. Photo: Rainforest Institute e.V.