AI cheats in video games: Bye-bye, online gaming

An AI-powered aiming aid for Call of Duty gives PC and console players superhuman abilities. Is this the beginning of the end of competitive online gaming outside of controlled environments?

Activision has a vested interest in keeping its own online games like Call of Duty cheat-free: The microtransactions alone, which require regular use and thus enjoyment of the game, bring hundreds of millions of US dollars into the game publisher’s coffers every quarter – and the trend is upwards.

One Mindmap is according to its translation and definition a map of your thoughts. Creatively and graphically illustrate the paths your thoughts take when they revolve around a particular topic with a mind map. On the mind map you collect your associations. You use it to represent your mental connections and thus leave visible traces of your brainstorming session.

Creating a mind map: this is how you do it right / Photo: bruno cervera / unsplash

With the mind map you can:

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It may sound exaggerated, but there are actually numerous dangers lurking on the Internet. Trojans, viruses, hacker attacks. With these tools and software solutions you can protect yourself in a simple way – on a small as well as on a large scale.

Writing history in a double sense: Historical novels are often a special experience for authors as well as for readers. They offer the opportunity to immerse oneself in historical events and to experience them up close and personal, without coming across as boring as school lessons.

But historical novel is not historical novel. What a good book in this genre, you can find out here.

Facts and fiction

Writing history_what are good historical novels

Most of us probably know it. The first puff on a cigarette, what a cough and scratchy throat it was? He did not want to stop. Well, even the new generations can’t avoid this experience. Not even if they take a drag on an e-cigarette instead of a cigarette. Some newcomers to vaporization complain of an unpleasant feeling in the throat, coughing or scratching when they take their first drag on an electronic cigarette. Some therefore give up directly and put the electric cigarette aside again. This is a pity, because the electric cigarette is definitely a good Alternative for quitting smoking and tobacco prevention is, what last even the German medical profession found.

What can be the causes of coughing when vaping?

Steamers are individualists. Except when it comes to coughing and itching the first time you vaporize, because Around 50% of vaporizers cough in the beginning. Research also confirms this by now – Coughing, itching and headaches are the most common side effects among newcomers. While every cigarette tastes more or less the same, even if tobacco smokers always claim the opposite, the world of e-cigarettes and liquids is just sprouting with possible combinations, mixtures and settings, for a lot, medium or little vapor. But every person reacts differently to Ingredients of the liquids. So while every cigarette tastes similar, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to electric cigarettes to ensure flawless vapor enjoyment. Especially if hardware, liquids and also e-cigarettes as a whole are new to you, scratching or coughing is likely at first, especially on the first puff. Flavors, PG / VG content and water content of the liquids, The nicotine content and also the vaporizer heads used have to be coordinated. And in the end tailored to you. The draw technique also has a big influence on it, as well as the power and voltage used (see also: Sub Ohm vaporizing).

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, which are generally smoked from the mouth to the lungs in Europe, e-cigarettes are distinguished between moderate vaping from the mouth to the lungs (MTL) and subohmic vaping with direct lung inhalation (DL). In MTL mode, rather lower power (10 to 15 watts) is vaporized at comparatively high resistances (about 1.0 ohms), while in the DL range, power of 80 to 100 watts at resistances between 0.1 and 0.2 ohms can also be encountered. If an inexperienced vaper starts with a setup that is not designed for the particular draw technique, this can lead to unpleasant side effects. Also, a nicotine-containing liquid is often used, since people usually start smoking slowly and rely on a lot of nicotine in the liquid to get started. Direct inhalation via lung draw now further enhances the effect of nicotine. So the possible solutions in this example would be either that the steamer should reduce the Nicotine content in the liquid reduced, uses nicotine-free liquids or chooses a different model that also supports the lung draw. But first, you should simply try out your E-cigarette draw technique Adjust, because it is also a common source of error, which initially leads to unpleasant side effects. Just try out the bake draw. Almost always it is user error that leads to coughing and scratching. But not always.

Whimsical twist This jewelry is supposed to protect against 5G radiation. Now it turns out: He is radioactive

Fear of the 5G mobile communications standard is taking on strange forms. One manufacturer promised to protect the wearer from radiation with jewelry. And exposed them to a much greater danger.

Rarely has the introduction of a new technology caused so much headwind as with the new mobile communications standard 5G. Long before providers began converting their networks, citizens in many countries protested the new standard, fearing disease and mind control. Numerous manufacturers then began to market products to concerned customers with questionable sales promises. Several of the products are now turning out to be dangerous themselves.

The Dutch nuclear authority ANVS warns against this. According to the report, alarming amounts of radioactive materials have been found in ten products that are supposed to protect against radiation. They include bracelets, pendants and even a sleep mask, which is considered "anti-ionic" or "Quantum were advertised, the agency said. There was also a bracelet explicitly addressed to children. Some of the products, such as the "Quantum Pendant, a stone pendant, is to be acquired as import also in Germany. A full list of proven radioactive products can be found here.

I’m not a one-night girl. Not a one night stand slut. Then rather a girl for a kiss. One-Time-Kiss could also be said. I love making out! A kiss has something so wonderfully innocent, and yet can be so passionate. If – mind you – executed correctly. It would be the worst thing for me if the man I adore turns out to be an absolutely incompetent kisser. An insurmountable flaw?

Long, short, wet, deep, tender, hot, sensual – the kiss

Spring is coming and I can see it now: snogging couples everywhere. I’m happy for them, honestly, and still I envy them a little bit. Snogging is just great. However, I notice that one or the other is not so good at the technique. In the subway I sit across from a newly in love couple who can’t get enough of each other . I look twice briefly, and avert my gaze again as quickly as possible. The sight of two tongues, which push themselves unrestrained in the throats of the partners, and besides still lick the breakfast Nutella from the corners of the mouth, produces in me a discreet gag urge. Fie! Nevertheless, both seem to like it – incomprehension spreads. What do we perceive as a "good kiss"? A good kiss is probably one that combines best with your own technique. Stormy guy with lots of saliva and tongue will probably not land a hit with the shy bus girl. The passionate seduction kiss at the uptight fish mouth just as little.

Can you learn this?

Opinions differ on this question. You can or you can’t? Some say kissing can be learned. You just have to tell the other person what you don’t like and then they can change it. Good. "You darling… the people look at me already always quite strangely, because I get from your over-motivated and with much too much saliva accompanied Abgelecke meanwhile already a rash around the mouth. Think it goes a little more restrained?" Optimally, one would probably teach the partner such a concern more gently. But still. But you can not learn that! At least I think so. One kisses just as one kisses, that comes out from within. I think very few give serious thought to how they kiss. You just do it and it either feels good or just…irritating. Kissing is not like sex. Talking about sex, saying what you like, hinting at what can be left out. The kiss, on the other hand, is something wordless. Somehow a feedback conversation would rob him of all magic.

However, Harald Gloockler’s fans are always irritated by two details: On the one hand, there has been wild speculation on Twitter since episode 1 about what cult designer Gloockler’s short hair is all about – on the other hand, viewers have recently been wondering where the blue discoloration on the 56-year-old’s face came from. MANNHEIM24 reveals what it is with the changed appearance of Harald Gloockler in the jungle camp:

Name Harald Gloockler
Born 30. May 1965, Maulbronn (Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany)
Spouse Dieter Schroth (verh. 2015)

Harald Gloockler: Several beauty surgeries before moving into the jungle camp

Harald Gloockler is known for shaping his appearance according to his taste – and for going under the knife to achieve his desired look. Of course, he could not refrain from preparing for his time in South Africa with various beauty measures even before entering the jungle camp. In order not to look old next to the often only half as old jungle camp contestants, the designer underwent a three-day beautification marathon, as he explained before the start of IBES. "If such a 20-year-old poison sits next to me, then I want to shine next to it, of course," said Gloockler in the RTL program "Punkt 12".

Among the procedures Harald Gloockler underwent, according to the report, was Botox treatment on his forehead. In addition, the 56-year-old had his eyebrows lifted, among other things. "The idea is of course with me that first nothing slips in the jungle, everything remains in place. And that one also really endures 15 days without cream."

Huawei P40 series: Install Google services - this is how it works

Successful product design is important. He goes about his daily life mainly with Apple. Besides his life as a technology nerd, music and sports fill his time.

Article from 18.08.20

Language has its pitfalls. If I search the Internet for "new fishing rod", I could mean one of two things: Either I want to go fishing soon – or my bedroom door creaks annoyingly. How should the computer know what I want??

Search engines like Google’s solve the inaccuracy of our language through sophisticated algorithms that also rely on artificial intelligence (AI): The AI learns over time what the user actually means and optimizes the result accordingly.

Google for everyone

Inappropriate results often lead to frustration, because visitors thus receive hundreds of answers, of which only a few are really suitable. In addition, the search processes are often very slow. aiPhilos is a search that changes that. It is capable of learning and can search semantically – that is, understand the meaning of the search input.