Nonnenmann is building up a new business field for automation technology and is adding the "Horst" robot to its portfolio for this purpose. This area will be presented in a new way at Fakuma.

With automation technology, Nonnenmann is also dedicating itself to a new business field. (Image: Nay –

The heart of the new business unit is the 6-axis industrial robot "Horst" from Fruitcore Robotics. The robot is offered in three different sizes. "Horst" stands for Highly-Optimized-Robotic-Systems-Technology and is the mixture of a conventional industrial robot and cobots.

Fully autonomous driving vehicles are expected to be on our roads in just a few years. The networking required for this requires a new dimension of digital protection.

With the imminent evolution of road transport towards fully autonomous vehicles, cars are increasingly evolving from a means of transport to a personalized information hub. As entertainment options and security systems in a motor vehicle become more numerous and connected to the driving environment, the requirements for fast processing of the growing amounts of data also increase. But all-round radar detection, permanent V2X communication, premium infotainment, ADAS and Co. not only increase the data volume. In parallel to the increased performance requirements, the permanent networking of many different components with each other and with the traffic infrastructure simultaneously makes the protection of the entire vehicle IT against cyber attacks increasingly important.

Corner DATA

The enormous amount of data to be processed in autonomous driving vehicles in the future requires not only extensive integration of all systems, but also new security concepts to protect against malfunctions but also to defend against cyber attacks. NXP has developed a high-performance broadband network that replaces all previous network protocols in the vehicle and defines the future standard as Automotive Ethernet.

With more options than ever before, it can be overwhelming to figure out which razor works best for you. The two main methods of shaving are the Wet and dry shaving. The decision between one Electric razor and a wet razor Is a matter of personal preference, but also which shave gives you the smoothest experience and least irritation.

Difference between wet shaving and dry shaving

A Dry shaving is only possible with a Electric Shaver possible as many modern devices can glide over your skin with or without shaving cream and hot water. Wet shaving, on the other hand, is often what first comes to people’s minds when they learn about, To shave.

Mike Hart offers tips to minimize hacker attacks

Mike Hart, Vice President Central Europe FireEye FireEye

It’s no secret that banks are one of the most popular targets for cyber criminals. The pre-commitment of the hackers is mostly similar in this respect. Attackers currently rely primarily on weak authentication to penetrate networks. Stolen credentials, inadequate access controls – hackers already have access to important data, people and systems. But how can banks protect themselves before the worst happens??

Facilitation techniques help presenters guide participants through workshops, meetings and other team events in a focused way. We present well-known techniques with their advantages and disadvantages.

Moderation techniques help you to guide the audience through the event with structure and system. (Photo: Unsplash)

What are the tasks of the moderator?

Both offline meetings and virtual meetings need a structured approach to ensure that the time spent together is used effectively. This is exactly what the moderator is responsible for:

Gas storage facilities are falling to a level of 36.88 percent, down from 53.71 percent at the beginning of the year (according to Gas Infrastructure Europe). We are not the only ones who have discussed this rapid emptying of the storage facilities over the last few days. Yesterday even the Handelsblatt headlined "Gas stocks fall below critical limit". Is politics to blame? Is it due to a kind of passivity, to inactivity in procurement??

Less and less gas in storage – federal government eyeing liquefied gas

The Focus mentioned it today. German Economics Minister Robert Habeck is increasingly relying on liquefied gas from overseas to make Germany less dependent on Russian gas. This might not go down well with the green party base. But first the geopolitics counts more? The German government now apparently wants to push ahead with the construction of two liquefied natural gas terminals in Germany – because there are none in this country at all. Robert Habeck said in the Bundestag last week that liquefied natural gas (LNG) would require an infrastructure to be in place. The two terminals that Germany had once considered – Brunsbuttel and Stade – could not yet be privately financed. This question will now be addressed vigorously. Where the LNG then comes from will also be market-driven, he says. One should buy where the LNG is cheapest, he said. As laudable as the idea may be in terms of future security of supply, it will be years before these terminals are even planned, let alone built!

Cryotherapy is becoming more and more popular. No wonder, because the areas of application of electric cold chambers for home are diverse. Mostly, cryotherapy is used in the medical field, but it can also be applied in the field of body shaping as well as for top athletes. Cryotherapy has also made it into the 2022 fitness trends, as it offers users a balance to their hectic daily lives. Cold chambers as spa for home offers for example Art of Cryo. The V1 Lux high-performance cold chamber with interior stainless steel design by Antonio Capristo is especially popular in luxury properties. Find out everything about cryotherapy as a luxury spa for use in your villa or penthouse here.

High performance cold chambers

Cryotherapy as a fountain of youth for your home

The V1 Lux Vaultz cold chamber from Art of Cryo is one of the most popular models for use as a home spa in your own luxury property. It combines the noble stainless steel design of Antonio Capristo with the high-performance refrigeration technology of Art of Cryo. The cold therapy helps to stop aging processes and stimulate regeneration processes. In addition, the body releases the happiness hormone endorphin during the application. So in addition to skin tightening, cryotherapy also puts you in a good mood. The endorphins also have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects and increase performance and motivation. Of course, the positive effects on the immune system are not to be neglected either.

Researchers calculate how likely it is that we are just living in a simulation

  • Do we live in a simulation? Two researchers from Canada have now found answers to this question in a new study, as "Scinexx" reports.
  • In the study, the researchers conclude that the probability is less than 50 percent because of the computing power required to do so.
  • Simulation theory, however, could explain why we humans have never encountered extraterrestrial life, researchers note.
  • Find more articles on Business Insider here

Is our world real or are we trapped slaves in a computer generated dream world, a simulation? This question is not only dealt with in science fiction novels and movies such as "Matrix", but has also been occupying researchers for quite some time. But is living in a simulation technically feasible at all? Scientists from Canada have now calculated how likely it is that we live in a simulation.

Supporters of the so-called simulation theory of philosopher Nick Bostrom there are some. Among them are also well-known representatives such as Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The entrepreneur believes that there is only a one in a billion chance that we are not living in a simulation. In his view, we live in a simulated world without knowing about it.

Color profiles ensure a uniform print result on different papers. You only need to install the current variants and integrate them into your print data.

Why you should use color profiles - and how to install them correctly

In September 2015, some color profile standards were revised and published by the International Color Consortium (ICC). These are being used more and more frequently, including by ONLINEPRINTERS – so you can already benefit from improved print quality today.

Top cable fire: If you take a look at fire statistics for Germany, one cause of fires has always been at the top for around 15 years: Electricity and especially the cable fire. According to statistics from the Institute for Loss Prevention and Damage Research (IFS), the distribution of fire causes is very stable over time. In second and third place are human error and overheating. Another reason is often outdated electrical systems. Cable fires often start in private homes. Here, in contrast to the commercial sector, there is no obligation to periodically subject electrical equipment to testing in accordance with the DIN VDE standards applicable in the commercial sector.

Cable fire - the top cause of fires

Cable fire risk – The dilemma of the private sector

Three circuits were a standard in the sixties. One circuit each for the electric stove, for the lighting and for the sockets. In the meantime, however, private electricity consumption has increased fivefold. Although the power consumption of individual devices is declining more and more due to better eco standards, the number of devices connected to the grid has increased enormously since the 1960s.