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Permanent make-up Is a cosmetic technique that uses tattoos (permanent pigmentation of the dermis) to create makeup-like designs, such as. It is also used to create artificial eyebrows, especially in people who have lost them due to age, disease such as alopecia totalis, chemotherapy, or a genetic disorder, and to replace scars and white patches in the skin such as z vitiligo. It is also used to restore or enhance the areola of the breast, for example after breast surgery.

Most often mentioned Permanent cosmetics, other names include Dermapigmentation, Micropigmentation, and cosmetic tattooing, [1] The latter is most appropriate, as permanent makeup is applied under sterile conditions similar to those of a tattoo. [2] In the United States, inks used in permanent makeup are subject to approval as cosmetics by the Food and Drug Administration. The pigments used in the inks are color additives that are subject to premarket approval under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. [3] However, due to other competing public health priorities in the United States and a previous lack of evidence of safety issues specifically associated with these pigments, the FDA has not traditionally exercised regulatory authority over color additives for the pigments used in tattoo inks. [4]

In RDP hijacking, the attackers usually leave no exploitable traces. Here's what you need to know about the subject

The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) helps administrators manage Windows systems and assist users with problems. However, RDP is also very popular with criminal hackers: The attack technique RDP Hijacking allows them to gain access and control over IT systems as a supposedly legitimate user.

As remote administration and management, such as that enabled by RDP for Windows devices, has become much more important to companies in all industries in the wake of the Corona crisis, the risk of falling victim to RDP hijacking attacks is increasing. Not to mention the current developments: Simply due to the fact that in the majority of corporate networks, Windows and Windows server systems are interconnected and admins use RDP, it is imperative to be aware of the risks involved.

Investing in the future: the metaverse and how to invest in it

The Metaverse is a series of interconnected experiences that span both the digital and physical worlds, a new multisensory version of the Internet. Tech companies and well-known figures like Bill Gates often speak of its growing popularity and the transformative impact the Metaverse will have on our lives.

Because the technologies underlying the Metaverse are still nascent and evolving, there are a variety of exciting investment opportunities for traders and investors to explore.

If you're constantly tossing and turning at night, you should take it easy

If counting sheep gets boring in the long run, you should try this proven trick from World War II. He promises: In only two minutes you will fall asleep.

  • Those who are constantly tired, hardly get any sleep and have to struggle out of bed every morning are often in sheer despair.
  • In most cases, it’s because at night, when you get to rest, you just can’t shake off the stressful daily grind.
  • Financial worries, problems at work or with the kids keep your mind spinning deep into the morning hours.

The result: Man tossing and turning for hours in bed and just can’t fall asleep. But with this trick, sleepless nights are now a thing of the past – in just two minutes you should drift off into the land of dreams.

Freedom Column. Photo: Sighard Gille

Photo: Sighard Gille

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Today, Tuesday, 4. June, at 6 p.m. a special exhibition will be opened in the Stadtgeschichtliches Museum in Bottchergasschen. The museum shows works of the well-known Leipzig painter Sighard Gille, whose paintings are usually rather large in the neighboring Museum of Fine Arts to see. For years, however, Gille has also been working with photography – and with a very special kind of photography at that. One that very much suits his painter’s view of the world.

This can lead to them seeing images in photos that you consider extremely private, or browsing your contacts list or recent calls for people of interest, or sending direct messages via social networks to others pretending to be you.

The potential for mischief or more serious acts makes people wary of giving their devices to people they don’t quite trust.

However, there is a way to hand your iPhone over to someone else and know that it will be returned safely, without sneaky access to other apps. This is done with the help of Guided Access.

Imprint obligation in emails and newsletters

The German Telemedia Act (TMG) regulates the information that companies must provide in their business dealings when they present themselves to the outside world. An imprint with details of the company name belongs not only on web presences, but also in emails.

Imprint obligation according to TMG

In §5 of the TMG is regulated that in telemedia businesslike appearing service providers have to lead an imprint. By the way, already the indirect advertising of a product or service or the presence of an affiliate link is probably a business-like activity. Telemedia are electronic information and communication services. In addition to web pages, this also includes emails, of course. Email means "electronic mail", which sounds pretty clearly like an electronic communication service.

Sun protection saves energy: lower your energy consumption with roller blinds and co. Your power costs

Blinds, awnings and roller blinds not only protect you from blinding sun and prying eyes. Used correctly, a sunshade also helps to reduce monthly energy costs

Up to 30 percent of heating energy and even up to 50 percent of cooling energy can be saved if windows are equipped with modern solar shading, according to a recent study by the Industry Association for Roller Shutter Solar Shading Automation (IVRSA). Reason enough to rely on sophisticated sun protection systems when designing your living space. For example, on cold winter days you can use solar energy to generate heat in your four walls.

Shade providers, eye-catchers and energy experts – the new sun protection systems

Sun protection systems such as awnings, shutters and blinds are a must when decorating houses and apartments. Attached inside and outside, the modern systems finally make the home a little more cozy. As decorative elements, they even become color-coordinated eye-catchers on the facade or inside the windows. And as the name already betrays it, the different sun protection systems use in addition as dazzle protection on sunny days. At the same time, they provide reliable protection against prying eyes in the rooms behind them.

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Permanent Make-up

Taettooing permanent make up

Permanent Make-up& Microblading

Bright, expressive eyes, beautifully curved eyebrows and a well-formed mouth is the wish of every woman.
Permanent make-up is the solution for all those who cannot or do not want to wear make-up, suffer from allergies or simply want to look good at all times.
A permanent make-up should not replace an evening make-up, but underline the natural beauty, intensify colors and compensate for irregularities

Whether it is for finding the business idea, the first thoughts on the business plan or to-dos for a project: A mind map can help to structure all these things. At the same time, mind maps also stimulate creativity and thus help to further develop ideas of any kind.

We present the creativity technique mindmap and three free tools that help you with the graphical preparation of a mindmap in more detail.

What is a mind map at all?

A mindmap is a form of representation for ideas, tasks or concepts that revolve around a central theme. The core topic is placed in the middle of the graphic. Individual strands of thought are arranged around. Related aspects are connected by lines. The result is a kind of tree, which symbolizes a mind map. mindmap) symbolizes.