Our brain consists of two halves – but there are people who can think and speak normally even with only one brain hemisphere. (Image: metamorworks/ istock)

Our thinking organ is known to have a characteristic dichotomy. But to what extent are both halves necessary for the brain to function?? Living with half a brain is possible, study clarifies. Although the loss of a complete hemisphere can have severe consequences for cognitive abilities. But in some cases, affected people can even think and speak like healthy people. The thinking organ can apparently compensate for the loss. According to the research, unusually strong connections between different brain networks are formed in the remaining half of the brain. It is possible that this functional adaptation forms the basis for the thinking organ’s amazing compensatory ability.

eyebrows permanent

The general problem with make-up and the advantages of permanent make-up

Our usual make-up requires a lot of time every day – unfortunately, we all know that only too well.

And that, although over the years each of us has developed her own routine and special technique to save as much time as possible.

The origin of this origami minibook goes back to 1975, this book is still one of my favorite origami crafts, and I often fold it and use it as a gift.

To fold a mini book, we need:

Square sheet of paper. If you use a 15 cm square, you will get a 2.8 cm high book.

Minecraft: how to craft, repair, enchant and shoot a bow and arrow

Bow and arrow are the weapons of choice against many enemies in Minecraft. We will show you how to make, repair, enchant and use a bow and arrow.

Minecraft: Bow and arrow crafting -recipe

Making a bow and arrow in Minecraft, fortunately, is not a magic work. The recipes or. Blueprints look like this:

If you grew up with mangas like Naruto, Dragon Ball or One Piece and the drawings fascinate you, then you may have already thought about, your own manga to create?

If it were easy, I think everyone would do it: You have to Basics of drawing master, but a mangaka is not comparable to french or american comic artists. From manga face to human body to coloring, drawing manga is an art in itself.

Cold smoking barbecue technique - GasProfi24-Blog

Cold smoking is currently on the rise. The goal is, in addition to the nuanced refinement of the flavor, the preservation of foods. With this cooking technique Gasprofi presents you today a supreme discipline of meat preparation.

What is cold smoking?

With the Kaltrauchern the average temperature of the smoke lies with 15 to 25 degrees Celsius – higher it should not be, since otherwise the protein in the meat coagulates. Smoking is done by means of a smoker or smokehouse. First hang the meat or fish on a hook. Fine wood flour, preferably beech flour, is then ignited with a smoldering piece of wood. The process of cold smoking can last several days or even weeks. Cooking time depends on the thickness and texture of the meat.

Nonnenmann is building up a new business field for automation technology and is adding the "Horst" robot to its portfolio for this purpose. This area will be presented in a new way at Fakuma.

With automation technology, Nonnenmann is also dedicating itself to a new business field. (Image: Nay –

The heart of the new business unit is the 6-axis industrial robot "Horst" from Fruitcore Robotics. The robot is offered in three different sizes. "Horst" stands for Highly-Optimized-Robotic-Systems-Technology and is the mixture of a conventional industrial robot and cobots.

Fully autonomous driving vehicles are expected to be on our roads in just a few years. The networking required for this requires a new dimension of digital protection.

With the imminent evolution of road transport towards fully autonomous vehicles, cars are increasingly evolving from a means of transport to a personalized information hub. As entertainment options and security systems in a motor vehicle become more numerous and connected to the driving environment, the requirements for fast processing of the growing amounts of data also increase. But all-round radar detection, permanent V2X communication, premium infotainment, ADAS and Co. not only increase the data volume. In parallel to the increased performance requirements, the permanent networking of many different components with each other and with the traffic infrastructure simultaneously makes the protection of the entire vehicle IT against cyber attacks increasingly important.

Corner DATA

The enormous amount of data to be processed in autonomous driving vehicles in the future requires not only extensive integration of all systems, but also new security concepts to protect against malfunctions but also to defend against cyber attacks. NXP has developed a high-performance broadband network that replaces all previous network protocols in the vehicle and defines the future standard as Automotive Ethernet.

With more options than ever before, it can be overwhelming to figure out which razor works best for you. The two main methods of shaving are the Wet and dry shaving. The decision between one Electric razor and a wet razor Is a matter of personal preference, but also which shave gives you the smoothest experience and least irritation.

Difference between wet shaving and dry shaving

A Dry shaving is only possible with a Electric Shaver possible as many modern devices can glide over your skin with or without shaving cream and hot water. Wet shaving, on the other hand, is often what first comes to people’s minds when they learn about, To shave.

Mike Hart offers tips to minimize hacker attacks

Mike Hart, Vice President Central Europe FireEye FireEye

It’s no secret that banks are one of the most popular targets for cyber criminals. The pre-commitment of the hackers is mostly similar in this respect. Attackers currently rely primarily on weak authentication to penetrate networks. Stolen credentials, inadequate access controls – hackers already have access to important data, people and systems. But how can banks protect themselves before the worst happens??