Several services of the Facebook Group were affected by an outage on Monday. (Symbol photo) Photo: dpa/Uli Deck

Several services of the Facebook group were affected by an outage on Monday. (Symbol photo) Photo: dpa/Uli Deck

All of a sudden, Facebook services such as the online network and Whatsapp are no longer accessible for many users. Some web experts have found a possible cause for the problem.

New York – In an unusually large outage, several of Facebook’s services went offline across the board on Monday. In addition to the actual Facebook platform, the chat service WhatsApp and the photo app Instagram were also unavailable, as disruption reports on websites such as Downdetector showed. A Facebook spokesperson apologized via Twitter and assured that the online network was working on the fault clearance. Causes for the problems were not mentioned at first.

Soup with meaning

Man 1230 vienna

The annual winter relief action of the WIENER TAFEL is back again.

Lexmark WLAN printer

A so-called WLAN printer is an extremely helpful device, because no cables are necessary for the installation. It can be that the driver must be installed by direct cable connection with the PC. With this solution many employees or everyone in the family can access the printer from other rooms. Therefore a WLAN printer is very practical.

Where there is light, there is also shadow

How to solve connection problems with the WLAN printer

But what happens if there are problems with the connection? A printer without cable, resp. a so called WLAN printer is directly connected to the network. This is a very modern technology, and sometimes complicated can be. Unfortunately, the technology and the whole system with the WLAN are also prone to errors. Wireless printers are particularly susceptible to such problems – especially when you need to print quickly. Therefore it is necessary to follow some steps for the Troubleshooting to go through, so that a connection with the WLAN printer can be re-established.


Everyone has speech problems from time to time: You can’t find the right words, you slip up, or you repeat yourself. Stutter is different from these normal "difficulties.

Here you can find out what stuttering is, who you can turn to and how it can be treated.

Cloud Security

Recent successful attacks on and through cloud environments show that too many organizations are still dramatically underestimating cloud security hygiene requirements in some cases.

Orca Security, provider of a new cloud security technology, points out four key considerations around cloud security hygiene.

If your computer behaves strangely, this is possibly due to a nasty virus. Finding out how to remove viruses from your PC doesn’t have to be complicated. In this article, you will learn how to manually remove malware from your Windows computer or laptop, and then provide the antivirus tool you need to stay virus-free.

Get it for Android, iOS, Mac

Get it for iOS, Mac, Android

Masturbation- also called wanking for boys- is perfect to get to know your own body and sexual pleasure. How to do it right? Different techniques provide variety when masturbating.

Masturbation is quite normal for many guys! B.Muller/ BRAVO

You may already know that seppuku or harakiri is the Japanese art of committing suicide and dying with honor, preferred by samurai to execution. In this article we will go further and examine every detail of this suicide culture and some unknown facts.

Did you know that the most commonly used blade in seppuku was not a katana? Did you know that women also had a similar ritual? Do you know all the hara-kiri processes? Know the most famous people who have committed such an act?

  • 1. What do Seppuku and Harakiri mean?
  • 2. The complexity of a seppuku or harakiri
  • 3. What is the origin and history of seppuku??
  • 4. How did the seppuku ritual work??
  • 5. Kaishakunin – seppuku is not done alone
  • 6. Jigai – Harakiri for women
  • 7. Seppuku and Bushido – Samurai Code of Honor
  • 8. Japanese people who have committed seppuku
  • 9. Jumonji Giri – No cuts on the head
  • 10. How did Seppuko influence Japan?

What do seppuku and harakiri mean??

o Seppuku is a Japanese suicide ritual that is part of Samurai Code of Honor. The word sEppuku [切腹] means "to cut the belly.". Seppuku is used in extreme situations, z. B. If you do not serve your master or lose in a war.

During male sterilization (vasectomy), the two vas deferens are cut in the scrotum and the loose ends are then closed off. This means that sperm can no longer enter the seminal fluid.

The procedure

Father with his two children laughing

Vasectomy is usually performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia in a urologist’s office. The procedure takes about half an hour in total.

Gina Luckenkemper just won silver in the 100 meters at the European Athletics Championships in Berlin. Her recipe for success also includes neuroathletic training with a nine-volt battery. Photo: Getty Images

By Martin Lewicki | 09. August 2018, 13:31

German sprinter Gina Luckenkemper took silver in the 100 meters at the European Athletics Championships in Berlin. One of her recipes for success: she licks nine-volt batteries. Absurd? Not really, it’s part of her neuroathletics training. FITBOOK explains how it works and whether anyone can use it to boost performance.