After a long summer they are back: heating costs! They are a nuisance, but somehow they are part of living here. After all, home only becomes comfortable when you don’t have to shiver. Once you’ve chosen a prefabricated house, you’re making a valuable contribution to sustainable building – and you can also keep your heating costs well under control. Because the construction method combines energy efficiency and economy. Prefabricated house manufacturers rely on innovative technologies to save raw materials and money in the long term. To help you make the right choice in the breadth of the offer, in this article we show you the most common heating installations and the associated heating costs.

Heating costs for the heat pump

Modern prefabricated houses now have a high degree of smart technology in the house and so, for example, the heating can be controlled with end devices such as smartphones or tablets. Image: pixabay © hutti

On an annual average, a heating system with a heat pump obtains about a quarter of the required energy from the power grid. Picture: pixabay © globalergysystems

News from Speaker& Motivational trainer Steffen Kirchner

Steffen Kirchner Blog

Steffen kirchner blog

One of the most frequent questions I was asked in the past years was: Steffen, how do I actually find my purpose? There are several answers to this question, because there are different methods how to find your purpose. Today I would like to show you times a completely creative method, with which you can recognize and find your determination actually in a completely different way. I am sure this approach will change your perspective and give you a new outlook on yourself and your life. Let’s dive into this topic together. Let’s go!

Boltenhagen. Where to go with the little bag? While "He" When the driver has long since arrived at home in the deep seats of the Wiesmann roadster and is curiously fiddling with the many erotic toggle switches in the leather-covered, fragrant dashboard, "She" is standing there still at the car door and hesitates whether she should take her utensils to the front or stow them in the small trunk. This situation should remain the only irritation during a breathtaking 407-horsepower outing from an equally impressive hotel, the Iberotel in Boltenhagen on the Baltic coast- a special arrangement of the Schwerin Internet portal "".

Past poppies and cyclists

Over the freeway A 20, departure Wismar, one approaches Boltenhagen, the third-oldest German seaside resort, on the arrival day in the most beautiful way. For it goes over land and past colorful poppy fields to the Wohlenberger Wiek (bay). Here at the sea, the first view of one of the largest German vacation resorts, the "Weibe Wiek", opens up. It runs like a white and ochre ribbon along the end of the coastline and becomes a fine home for the next two days. No house is higher than the trees that surround it, that catches the eye already positively. Just before reaching the destination, a hint of the Iberotel, the journey ends at a representative traffic circle. Behind it lies the four-story, four-and-a-half-star house. To the left of the entrance, the Wiesmann Roadster MF 4 in balloon white metallic is already parked on a lawn as if ready to pounce. Now just walk through the revolving door and step onto the plank-like dark parquet floor of the Mediterranean lobby. But then don’t head straight for the reception, but first walk through to the other side of the hotel. There the wide windows give a view over the terrace to the sea and the marina (the marina for 290 boats)- and that magically attracts every new guest.

The push of the starter button makes the audience shiver

The next morning, a hotel employee hands the keys and Wiesmann papers to the short-break guests in a dark brown folder made of the same fragrant cocoa leather as the entire interior of the roadster, whose racy lines combine old tradition and the latest technology. And this on a highly individual level: as you can read, the handmade noble sports car from Dulmen is not only equipped with the desired leather color; even the color of the stitching can be determined by the future owner himself. When the engine is started for the first time with the silver starter button, it is not only the two Wiesmann occupants who react. No, all the other guests who hear the sonorous bubbling at a great distance shiver and look around.

spy camera to camouflage yourself. The instructions for do-it-yourself installation

Of course, you can also build a mini spy camera yourself and install it in various objects. For this you need a small mini-camera, such mini-camera-modules are available below the size of a thumb. It should have a viewing angle of at least 90 degrees. However, the camera alone does not make a spy camera system, because it needs yes one more Power supply, a Storage possibility and or a Transmission possibility. Theoretically you could build a simplest model yourself, for this you need:

  • Mini camera module, z.B. Adafruit 3202
  • Microprocessor z.B. from Adafruit Trinket
  • Battery, z.B. a 100 mAh 3.7v Lipo
  • Switch
  • Backpack for Adafruit Trinket module
  • Micro SD card

With these materials you can – provided you have a knack for electronics and a lot of patience – also build yourself a mini spy camera that records several hours of footage. (still images in quality 1280 x 720 pixel z.B.)

THE KLUB GaNG INSPIRES BREMEN WITH EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCES… Elementary school kids who want to know how cows are milked, burglaries work, and flying into space – and all of this up close and personal instead of in frontal lessons The CLUB GaNG is perfect for you if you are an elementary school child full of thirst for knowledge and experience.

The reportage

How do you actually build a robot? What do you have to do to breathe life into a little machine so that it can dash from A to B at lightning speed?? The KLUB GaNG has set out to find answers to these very questions. The little researchers found what they were looking for in the technology studio at Universum® Bremen.

CURRENTA soundproofing technology experts support customers with expertise

Dr. Robert Tischtau (left) and his employees Volker Thele (center) and Markus Fuchs (right) advise CURRENTA customers on noise protection.

An alarming trend is emerging in Germany: more and more people are already hard of hearing by the age of 60. Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common occupational diseases in Germany. CHEMPARK sites are exposed to a wide range of noise levels – from quiet to loud. The experts at CURRENTA’s noise abatement technology are familiar with all the nuances. "We measure our customers’ operations at fixed intervals and provide advice on preventive and protective measures", says Dr. Robert Tischtau, Head of "Noise in the Workplace" at CURRENTA. Together with his experienced team, he is on the trail of sound at CHEMPARK.

Every plant manager is legally obligated by the Noise and Vibration Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance to protect his employees from hearing-damaging noise above 85 dB(A)*. Tischtau advises its customers intensively regarding all existing regulations and is constantly expanding its know-how for the benefit of its customers. This means that CURRENTA customers can benefit from his many years of experience and in-depth knowledge and, with the support of the noise professional, can fully comply with this officially monitored process for noise protection of their employees.


The homepage construction kit – not only an unding for most web designers, also in terms of understanding a bad thing. Many misunderstandings could be avoided if product managers and marketing managers at 1&1, Host Europe, Strato, etc., were to be more transparent. try a little bit more for linguistic correctness.

Our (working) everyday life is full of misunderstandings – hosting service providers have a not insignificant share in it. Obviously, they are not aware of the bad influence they have on the language, on the interaction between web service providers and customers, for instance. Otherwise, they wouldn’t keep coming up with language monstrosities like "Do-It-Yourself Homepage" or "WebBuilder Homepagebaukasten", which are primarily aimed at private customers and small businesses and only describe the services associated with them to a limited extent. Basically, 1&1’s TV commercials are partly responsible for the fact that in common parlance there is an inadequate distinction between "homepage", "website", "web presence", "website" and "Internet presence". But exactly such a differentiation is indispensable for the planning and realization of an internet presence. I would like to take up a topic suggestion of several readers at once and make the differences clear.

SSDs are fast, quiet and compact in size. As they no mechanical components In certain application scenarios, they are considered to be more robust than conventional HDDs. However, you will find a limited lifespan said to be. Is that right? We explain how long SSDs last, how their lifespan is extended and which warning signals indicate an imminent failure.

How long does an SSD last??

SSD technology today Mature, even if there were premature failures in the first period after the market launch of flash memories. Sudden defects are relatively rare over the years – especially in the first few weeks, when production errors from the factory become apparent, for example. According to current Failure statistics SSDs are generally more reliable in practice than classic HDDs.

SSD vs. HDD: There are other differences between the two storage technologies than just lifespan. SSDs and HDDs also differ from each other in terms of performance and ultimately price. So depending on the usage scenario you should choose the right technology.

The GPS tracker from PowUnity can not prevent the theft of the bike. But if the bike was stolen it helps to find it again.

PowUnity BikeTrax practical test

A GPS tracker can not prevent theft. You still need a good lock. But if the bike is gone, he offers you a good chance to find the bike again.

1: Epidemiology – Frequency of amputations in Germany

Altogether the number of the amputations in Germany is in the last years increasingly. However, there are now fewer major and more minor amputations. Causes are v.a. the growing number of cases due to (old-age) diabetes (keyword: diabetic foot syndrome) and circulatory disorders, which are often the result of obesity, smoking and lack of exercise. In recent years, there have been between 60.000-80.000 amputations in Germany. These numbers fluctuate and there is no exact data, because until today a central amputation register is missing in Germany. However, it is safe to say that the number of amputations in Germany is among the highest in comparison to other European countries (per 100.000 inhabitants). At this point in time, we can only speculate about the reasons for this.

Source: German Society of Angiology 2011; Federal Health Report 2015

You are also welcome to watch this video of Dr. Tobias Weigl to this topic to. In detail, he goes into the various causes and distinguishes v.a. between the causes and frequencies of the sog. Micro versus macro amputations.