Teaching office: should i become a teacher??

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prefer-lehramt.de, an initiative of the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts, I regularly provide information at my Instagram channel About the teacher education program, its prerequisites, conditions, and components. So far, the blog has been more about teacher training, digital learning and teaching. This article aims to broaden the scope of the topic: It is about why I decided to study teaching and never regretted it. And what you should bring with you when you become a teacher in the 21st century.

A special wealth of experience

Maybe articles usually start by describing how wonderful teaching is and how much you like working with young people. Maybe it would say that you have to be able to deal with people. Or that you should quickly choose a subject that you will then study. This article is a little different. I make the claim: Whether you want to become a teacher cannot be decided within a few weeks. After 12 years of school that is a very short time. Of course, there are a few quick ones who may not have regretted their quick decision either, but I plead to leave. All the way.

17-year-old Pauline Richter has a rare disease. She urgently needs a matching stem cell donor to get better.

Cheeks/Querfurt/MZ – Pauline is 17. Like others her age, she likes to hang out with friends. Her career aspiration is to be an elementary school teacher, says the student from the Nebra district of Wangen. But that could be delayed a bit, she adds. Because in the past two months she could no longer go to school, but had to spend a lot of time in the University Hospital Halle. Pauline is sick. She was diagnosed with a bone marrow malfunction. PNH (paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria) is the name of the rare disease.

A reading book on sustainability. by Christina Stange, published in issue #26/2014


Yesterday words to today for tomorrow

With the photo of our earth, which was taken by the crew of the "Apollo 17" If you were photographed from space in 1972, you’ll get started. And it serves her, our earth, too- the reading book on sustainability, which was especially designed for teaching in schools as well as for youth work and is supposed to serve as a basis for a creative examination of our future, for discussions, role plays, individual reflection- and will certainly serve.

The mathematical monthly calendar : Otto Toeplitz, the dedicated teacher

A man is standing in front of a huge blackboard full of mathematical calculations

When Otto Toeplitz was born in Wroclaw in 1881, his future career was almost predictable: both his grandfather Julius and his father Emil were active as mathematics teachers at grammar schools in Wroclaw and Lissa (Posen district), respectively; both had also published articles on mathematics education. In addition, Emil Toeplitz was known throughout the German Empire as the editor of the annual Philologenjahrbuch (Kunze’s Calendar), a directory of all teachers working at grammar schools and similar institutions that still exists today.

After passing the Abitur examination, Otto Toeplitz began to study mathematics at the University of Breslau. In 1905 he wrote his doctoral thesis on a topic in algebraic geometry ("On the transformation of multitudes of bilinear forms of infinitely many variables"). He then moved to Gottingen, where he habilitated in 1907 and became a private lecturer.

The search for a new job is usually quite arduous, because you especially in the case of advertised positions, you will be competing with a lot of applicants. It is all the more important that your application documents, consisting of cover sheet, cover letter, resume, references/work certificates and, if applicable, work samples look tip top. After all, this is the first thing the recruiter will hold in his hand from you.

What is a resume? It provides an overview of your career to date

What is a curriculum vitae? Provide an overview of your career to date.


Where does it actually come from that we celebrate birthdays??

The birthday is actually a day like any other. Or not? It is the day in the year we were born. For most people today it is somehow very important. It is important that friends and family remember and congratulate this day.

Everybody knows that poppies are bright red, grasses are green and lemons are yellow. Why should animals see it differently? "Because the world is not really colorful, but only looks that way to our eyes", explained Professor Christa Neumeyer to many astonished children who came to the Children’s University in Mainz despite the onset of winter.

Rods in the eye - the world of colors

In the eyes of most animals, the world looks very different from the way we know it. (Source: Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)

Our eyes deliver all kinds of impressions to the brain. We then perceive this information as colors and shapes. However, many animals have completely different eyes than we do, with which they also see the world completely differently.

Girls in Arizona died because of spurned love

A 15-year-old girl killed a peer and herself in Arizona. The motive now seems clear. (symbol photo)

Photo: imago stock&people / imago/Jurgen Schwarz

A schoolgirl shoots first a friend and then herself. The search for the motive leads to great feelings among 15-year-olds.

The night before 13. December, the day which is noted in all calendars with the name of St. Lucia, the city youth of Uppsala gathers at the Fyristorg, the weekly market place. Girls wear silvery glittering ribbons in their hair, in a semicircle they are woven similar to dainty princess crowns, and around the waists put decorative ribbons. The night echoes with the laughter and shouts of the people.

Cheers to the light bringer?

Many young people on the streets and squares of Uppsala get drunk. This is apparently their way of celebrating the Luciawache custom: by parading through the city in groups, bawling and boozing, and really letting off steam in the middle of Advent once again. Not much different from hundreds of years ago, at a time when the winter solstice was still celebrated rather crudely in village Sweden: With alcohol, pranks and brawls.

Saint Lucia of Syracuse

Why is Lucia celebrated in Sweden?

Lucia was a young woman from Italy who was executed in 304 for her Christian faith. She refused to marry her pagan fiance and became a martyr at the age of 20. The fact that she is still remembered in Sweden today is mainly due to her name: Lucia, meaning "The Shining One" (from lat. lux = light). The night before the thirteenth of December, Lucia’s death day, used to be the longest and darkest of the whole year. (At that time the faulty Julian calendar was still in use, not the Gregorian). And Lucia, the radiant, the light-bringer, whose day of remembrance coincidentally fell on the winter solstice, should symbolically usher in the days that are finally getting longer again.

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