The new train still needs time

After the latest change in the timetable, the experiences of rail passengers who take the train from Zapfendorf in the morning in the direction of Bamberg are quite different. From "not much better to "a nice feeling are the first feelings after the railroad has at least offered the possibility of relief at Zapfendorf station with an additional train stop. The passengers would have to make use of this themselves, but that doesn’t seem to be so easy.

Until now, two trains left Zapfendorf for Bamberg at around seven o’clock. One stopped at 6.52 o’clock, the next one at 7.10 a.m. With both, especially students, but also workers who start at 8 o’clock should come to the cathedral city. But above all the train at 7.10 o’clock, the "school train was recently overcrowded, which is why the railroad has decided to add a regional express train, which departs at 7.02 actually drove through without stopping, since a few days additionally stop lets. The result?

"Now everyone fits in well

"It’s nice to see that something has changed", says the student Cornelia Porzner. It’s a "nice feeling, that a large company like Deutsche Bahn AG had listened to a relatively small number of its customers. The additional train has already brought relief "now all fit well nei". People felt "a bit fooled" by the previous conditions: The loudspeaker announcements to clear the aisles and – inside – to step back from the doors so that they could be closed. Both were simply not possible.

Twice it happened to her that she couldn’t get on the train and had to wait until later to get to school. There one had understanding for the situation, but often up to 30 – mostly smaller – children had to remain outside. "It felt strange", says Cornelia Porzner.

Mashup of Juliane Duda to the book of Nelly Sachs: Selected poems

The poetic work of Nelly Sachs is great and mysterious: two attributes that literary critics seldom have reason to give in our days. You are old-fashioned. Let’s explain about their importance. Greatness has nothing to do with talent; nor with the bourgeois concept of genius, which wants to make the creator of a work an absolute exception and take him away into the incomparable. The poet as superman, prince of spirit, Olympian, Titan belongs to the repertoire of the nineteenth century and has faded with it; greatness is of older origin, it can walk on dove’s feet. It is not earned and not rewarded, least of all by the premiums that our society suspends: by success or "celebrity". Greatness remains alien in the world, and the world can make no other rhyme for it than that of fame, which is itself an ancient replica. Fame, and silent fame at that, has also accrued to Nelly Sachs in recent years, late and unawares. But as much as greatness is attached to the person, not only to the work, it is not exclusive; on the contrary, it cannot be thought without a moment of substitution. She intercedes for others and their cause; from her mouth speaks more than herself. But that thing is nameless, not determined. This has to do with the mystery of this work, which is always, with God’s word, a revealed mystery, without comparison with mystification and murky depths.
The poems of Nelly Sachs are of this kind: hard, but transparent. They do not dissolve in the lye of interpretations. Easily, at the first go, they are not to be read. That it is difficult, one is accustomed to say of modern poetry as a whole and, as it were, unseen, and this gladly in the tone of reproach, as if it were only up to the authors to express themselves a little more accommodatingly. It is easy to forget where .the difficulty lies. In Nelly Sachs it is never of technical origin; she has neither alienation nor calculation in mind, her poetry is neither code writing nor conundrum; we are dealing here with riddles that do not dissolve in their solution, but retain a remainder – and it is this remainder that matters. There interpretation comes easily too early. The work demands less acumen than modesty from the reader; it does not want to be captured, not to be translated, but to be experienced patiently and precisely. Not what it means, then, would be to say here; at most we can allow ourselves hints, suggestions, to set the reading on its way – on a possible way.
Gottfried Benn has spoken of his poems as if they understood themselves individually, each for itself: precious, in the case of luck "bequeathable entities", detached from any context and self-sufficient. Not so Nelly Sachs, whose poetry cannot be thought of as a series of individual artifacts. Since her first collection of poems, published in 1946 In the dwellings of death she writes at the bottom of a single book. This primacy of the whole over the individual is not a formal peculiarity; it does not express itself in the law of construction, in composition, as a cyclical or epic structure; it is rooted more deeply. The idea of the book that underlies this work is of religious origin. Beda Allemann has shown in his essay "Hinweis auf einen Gedicht-Raum" that it takes the Kabbalah as a model, and especially the Book of Sohar, a commentary on the Pentateuch.

There wrote the writer of the Sohar
And opened the vein network of words
And introduced blood from the stars.

This year, the parcel packers of the humedica Christmas campaign "Gift with a Heart" are giving more than 97 thousand children a very special treat. In total, the aid organization distributed 97.403 parcels to needy children all over the world.

The majority of the packages were delivered with 85.571 packages packed again this year by people in Bavaria. The recipients are mainly needy children in Ukraine, Serbia, Moldova, Romania, Albania or Kosovo. Here, for example, the packages are distributed in orphanages or hospitals as well as kindergartens and schools to children who have to grow up under difficult conditions and are also supported by humedica or partners of the organization during the rest of the year.

Max Frisch, born on 15. May 1911 in Zurich, where he died on 4. April 1991 also died, was a Swiss writer, playwright, essayist and architect. His oeuvre is extensive, with Frisch most notable for the major novels Homo faber, Silent and My name is Gantenbein became enormously popular, while also his dramatic works Biedermann and the Arsonists and Andorra established his fame.

Almost all of the works mentioned are also part of the standard repertoire of German lessons. The central motif in Frisch’s work can be seen as the confrontation of his protagonists with themselves and their existence in postmodernity (cf. Epochs of Literature).

It is also characteristic that Frisch deliberately combines autobiographical experiences with fiction, thus creating his own individual style. His late work also includes a critical examination of his native country: Switzerland.

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Life with children costs more than without. In order to prevent parents with low incomes from falling into the Hartz IV system, there is a child supplement. Together with housing benefit, it is intended to improve the family’s finances so that they can make ends meet. But who is really entitled and how is the child supplement calculated?? In this article we answer your questions.

The most important facts in brief

  • The child supplement is granted from a gross income of 900 euros (for single parents from 600 euros) and up to a maximum income limit.
  • The maximum income limit is determined individually on the basis of standard rates depending on the size of the family, living space, etc. calculated and has nothing to do with income.
  • Exceeding the maximum income limit has been possible since 2020; the child supplement is then gradually reduced
  • Alimony and orphans’ pensions are considered income and are offset against the child supplement on a pro-rata basis for each child.
  • The supplement is only granted for children under 25 who live in the same household and are unmarried / unpartnered.
  • The calculation is complex and processing can take several weeks to months. The conditions of the last 6 months before the application are decisive for the calculation.
  • The child supplement is always granted for 6 months and is not paid retroactively (the date of application is decisive).

What is the child supplement?

The child supplement is a financial support for families with low income. It was created at the same time as Hartz IV in the course of Agenda 2010 and is a supplement to child benefit. The supplement is intended to prevent a family, and this includes single parents, from having to apply for Hartz IV (unemployment benefit II). The last increase took place in July 2019 by the "Strong Families Act". In 2022, the child supplement was adjusted to maximum 209 Euro per month and child (2021: 205 Euro).

Everything on it, everything in it: a good resume is a door opener

All in, all out: a good resume is a door opener

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Berlin has more than 50 islands. The team from the Tagesspiegel newsletter "Checkpoint" has visited them all. We present the most exciting ones here.

Caribbean? Kalberwerder! Berlin is also built close to the water

Who needs the Caribbean, when he has the Wannsee? Berlin’s waters are home to more than 50 islands. The Checkpoint team has visited them all, the ten most exciting islands present the colleagues to you here:

Girl with anorexia does not want to eat

Eating disorders have increased sharply in recent decades. The best known form is anorexia, colloquially known as anorexia nervosa.

Puberty is a big challenge for both the psyche and the body. Questionable beauty ideals and high social pressure have unfortunately ensured in recent decades that more and more young people – especially girls – develop an eating disorder. In the best-known form, anorexia nervosa (anorexia, anorexia), the person affected has a disturbed self-image. He feels that he is much too fat, often even when he is already severely underweight.


  • Those affected by anorexia consider themselves to be inadequate because of a distorted self-perception or. a disturbed body self-image for being much too fat.
  • Possible causes or. favoring factors are among other things a low self-esteem, private problems and perfectionist tendencies.
  • Severe underweight can lead to, among other things, sleep disturbances, deficient blood circulation and, in women, the absence of menstruation.
  • A major challenge is that the affected person recognizes the problem and admits the disease to himself or herself. Under this condition, psychotherapy is a promising treatment approach.

Frequency of anorexia in Austria

Official statistics on the prevalence of anorexia in Austria are scarce, as the disease has only gained relevance in recent years. The MHAT study (Mental Health in Austrian Teenagers) sees an increased risk of developing an eating disorder in around 31% of adolescent girls and 15% of adolescent boys. Other figures, however, speak of a prevalence up to 16 times higher in girls than in boys. It is undisputed that anorexia and other eating disorders have become increasingly common in recent decades and by far the most frequent occurrence is in adolescence.

Dog licks the floor

Your dog licks the floor and of course you wonder why he does it so often. Actually logical, if you consider that the tongue is one of the most distinctive sensory organs of your four-legged friend. Sometimes it happens that the dog licks the floor and does not stop.

Why this is so and what medical causes this can have, we tell you in this small article.

We are enormously attracted by euphoria and dedication. We really admire them. May the hero in the epic perish in the end – he stood up for his cause and burned for it. Sometimes even literally. What we give him credit for is a quality that unites all successful people: passion. Passion makes us persevere when setbacks or critics come along. Passion outlasts short-term enthusiasm. It makes our eyes sparkle when we tell of our ideas or successes. And passion infects people who see and hear it. Passion often makes the difference between fortune and fiasco. But what constitutes passion?

Passion: That's why you need more passion to succeed

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