How to write a weekly internship report

Since an internship is usually completely different from school or university, interns often do not know what is important for a report afterwards and what should be recorded. However, if you follow some hints, you will be able to write an informative and exciting weekly report about the internship without any problems.

Find and follow the red thread

The purpose of an internship is to give students the opportunity to gain their first practical experience and to apply their theoretical knowledge in the real world. Such experiences are of course exciting, so that in retrospect it is difficult to separate the important from the unimportant. Who Write a weekly report about an internship must, therefore, think about a red thread and follow it strictly. For example, you can create a chronological plan in which you record certain time windows day by day and describe your tasks. Alternatively, highlight the different tasks of the respective internship days and additionally name a highlight and explain it precisely. For both variants, it is important that you use the weekly report to describe your tasks and activities, what you were able to learn and where, which things you really liked and what you yourself might improve on. Of course, you must not forget the regulations of your school. You should definitely follow and take to heart the rules for an internship report that apply there.

Celebrity sisters

P ippa was allowed to be Kate Middleton’s bridesmaid when she married Prince William, heir to the British throne – an honor that is only bestowed on best friends and sisters, even at civil weddings. And often the sister is just that: the best friend. Still, no one knows how much it really bothered Kate that, for many observers, Pippa was the real eye-catcher. Because the sister is just also always competitor and standard.

Sociolinguist Deborah Tannen has now written a book about this unique relationship between women and women. "You’ve always been mommy’s favorite!" it says (appears 26.09.2011 by Mosaik-Verlag), and it should help to understand one’s own sister better.

Writing a bio on Tinder is never an easy task, but if you leave it blank, you might look like a catfish. Therefore, you need to make sure it sounds like you while showing off some of your best personality traits.

If you’ve been wondering how to change your bio on Tinder, read on. We will tell you more about how to change it and how to write a good letter that will help you make meaningful connections.

How to change your bio on Tinder

Changing your bio on Tinder sounds more complicated than it really is. All you need to do is follow these steps:

Saša Stanišic is one of the most important contemporary German authors. His novels and short stories have won awards. Most recently, the Hamburg native published two children’s books.

by Janine Kuhl

At the latest with his novel "Origin", for which he received the German Book Prize in 2019, Saša Stanišic has risen to the top ranks of the country’s writers. His use of language is virtuosic, poetic and spiced with a pinch of humor, his stories dreamy and intricate. Yet they only met in 1992, the German language and Saša Stanišic, when he came to Germany from Bosnia at the age of 14.

Learn faster by heart

"How to memorize faster?", that’s the one question my participants often ask me. "Does memorization bring anything at all?", is the other question. "Memorizing is useless, you have to understand it!", a false assertion, which is very widely spread.

Maybe you landed here today because you want to know how to quickly memorize. But maybe there is also this doubt in the back of your mind that tells you that all this is of no use at all. Or maybe you’ve already had bad experiences with memorization and think to yourself: "That’s just tedious and exhausting and soon I’ll have forgotten everything again anyway!"

Increased temperature is a reaction of the body and not in every case a bad sign. Learn what to watch out for when you have a fever.

Most people suffer from elevated temperature on average about once a year. Some lie in bed with a high fever and feel tired and listless. Nobody really likes fever, but in the majority of cases the "fire" in the body is a helper of the affected person. Because an elevated body temperature helps the organism to fight pathogens. The body’s immune system is activated, so that many processes in the body run faster. This fights unwelcome "invaders" and inhibits their multiplication in our organism. The reason is simple: viruses and bacteria feel most comfortable at the regular core body temperature of 36 to 37 degrees Celsius – higher temperatures, however, are hard on them.

Metabolism is boosted

The thermoregulation center is located in the hypothalamus, which is located in the diencephalon. It ensures that the brain, heart, kidneys and liver always have the same "set point" of about 37 degrees Celsius. In the case of an infection or inflammation, this value is pushed upwards. Now the hypothalamus commands to adjust the previous set point and heat up the body. To reach this new set point, metabolism and muscle work are cranked up and heat is generated. If this happens in a very short time, it manifests itself as chills. At the same time, heat dissipation is reduced: the outermost blood vessels contract so that no heat is dissipated through the skin. Other typical symptoms of fever are sweating, feeling hot, pulse increase, circulatory problems, fatigue, loss of appetite, sensitivity to pain, increased breathing rate, and sensitivity to light and sound. Often cold symptoms such as cold, cough, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing or sore throat are also present.

The choice of courses of study is huge. But not with every school degree you have all opportunities. There are three types of university entrance qualifications that entitle students to study at different types of higher education institutions.

First education

1. General university entrance qualification
The general higher education entrance qualification (the "Voll")-Abitur) is the certificate that you receive after successfully completing upper secondary school at the Gymnasium. Even at vocational high schools (z. B. Technical, economic or social-pedagogical grammar school), specialized grammar schools (only exist in some federal states) or comprehensive schools, the full-value Abitur can be acquired.

Where can I study?
With this qualification all doors are open. One has the unrestricted right to study (as long as the average corresponds to the NC)

Everyone has certain ideas about the ideal of the most valuable personality traits. People are guided by these qualities in the process of self-education. What qualities do you value most in people?? These ideas are not the same for different people, and therefore the results of self-education do not coincide. What are your ideas about the ideal? The following task will help you to understand this, which is done in two steps.

Divide a sheet of paper into four equal parts, label each part with the Roman numerals I, II, III, IV.

Four groups of words are given, which characterize the positive qualities of people. In each set of qualities, you should emphasize those that are more meaningful and valuable to you personally and that you prefer to others. What are these qualities and how many of them – everyone decides for themselves.

Beautiful colorful world. Unfortunately, not all of us see them equally colorful. People with red-green vision impairment find it difficult to distinguish between the two colors. For most, however, this is not a problem. You do not know the world differently. Red-green vision deficiency and color blindness are congenital and occur much more frequently in men than in women.

What is a red-green visual impairment?

What are the causes of a red-green?

It is genetically conditioned, thus innate. The reason: visual pigments in the receptors ensure that they respond to light with certain wavelengths – the visual pigment of the red cones to long-wave light, that of the green cones to light of medium wavelengths.

If the gene for the respective visual pigment is defective, the chemical structure of the pigment changes. The receptor responds less well or no longer responds at all to light. The consequence: The brain can no longer determine exactly which color a visual stimulus had during subsequent visual stimulus processing. If a receptor fails, it is primarily the color discrimination ability that suffers.

How long do trainees have a probationary period during their training – can it be extended or shortened?? What applies when apprentices get sick or pregnant during their probationary period? And what happens if you resign? Answers to the most important questions.

By Max Frehner

Answers to the most important trainee questions probationary period in training: 17 facts about termination, duration& co.

Does it fit, or does it not fit? During the probationary period at the beginning of the training, both sides have the right to terminate the cooperation without major legal or formal hurdles. – © pinepix –