The school curricula specify that a part of the report mark should consist of subject-specific achievements. This includes u.a. Speeches or presentations. Some children benefit from this, as it allows them to compensate for written weaknesses. Other children have great difficulty presenting something in front of the class. To find out how to properly prepare your child and how you can support them, check out this article.

Schoolchildren, boys and girls learn together

Alone or together?

Often children are free to choose whether they prefer to create and present a paper with a classmate or alone. Discuss the pros and cons with your child! Performing with another child can give security especially to shy children. In addition, many children have more fun creating a presentation together. However, common dates for practicing must also be found.

A few minutes of this film is enough to know: Here we see a new Hollywood star. At least that’s what 15-year-old Gary claims. He struts through the schoolyard of a high school in the sunny San Fernando Valley, somewhere in Los Angeles, and tells a young woman about his amazing successes as a film actor. The young woman doesn’t know if she should believe Gary’s stories. And it’s precisely this adult incredulity at the freedom of youthful frivolity that Paul Thomas Anderson’s wonderful new film "Licorice Pizza" is about.

Gary Valentine dares to do anything. Not only does he dare to envision his upcoming movie career out loud in the schoolyard, but he also dares to tell all this to a woman whose age might be far beyond his adolescent reach. Alana is in her mid-20s and only in high school because she assists the school photographer in taking class photos. The last thing she might have expected is something viewers have long since realized: There really is something irresistible about Gary.

When parents don’t have the time or the inclination to explain to their children why they should or shouldn’t do something, some of them like to resort to lies. But this can have a negative impact on their development, as researchers have now discovered.

"If you lie, you’ll grow a long nose": This lie, which almost every child will have heard from his or her parents at some time or another, is rather grin-worthy in retrospect. Because the notorious long nose will be probably the fewest grown. But it could have been worse: children who were often lied to by their parents in the past tend to be less honest with their parents later on as well.

They also show behavioral problems more often and are poor at dealing with problems in everyday life. That is the result of a recent study by the Singapore University of Technology.

You’ve already decided on an apprenticeship? Now it’s apply, apply, apply. Your resume is one of the most powerful documents in your application. It not only gives insight into what you’ve already learned so far, but also gives a recruiter a first impression of you as a person. That’s why it’s important to write an appealing and structured resume. Here you will find helpful tips on how to achieve this.

Resume Education

Resume for your education

Table of Contents:

1. The resume for an education

Every complete application includes a resume. Especially when you are just out of school and want to do an apprenticeship you don’t have the longest career behind you yet. Therefore, in this article you will find some suggestions to fill your resume in a meaningful way. In the resume, you briefly and concisely present your life stages to date on one to two pages of paper. Here you should think carefully about which stages of your life could play a role in your application for training.

Children in the household

Whether and to what extent children help out in the household varies from parent to parent. In fact, it varies even from culture to culture. In this country, for example, children tend to help out little in the household, while in other regions of the world they are firmly planned in and are expected to take on a great deal of responsibility. What is a good way for children to help in the household? How much should they do? And why at all?

Children in the household – the legal situation in Germany

Writing about the legal situation in Germany in connection with children in the household and their assistance right at the beginning will certainly seem unusual to many at first. In fact, however, children and adolescents legally obligated to do so are obliged to help in the household according to their level of development and environment.

"My husband got professional problems because of two months of parental leave."

"My family is going through a difficult time right now. But from the beginning: My husband works as a cashier in a retail store. At his old employer, after almost five years of good cooperation, there were suddenly problems because my husband dared to take two months of parental leave.

Shortly before my husband came back after parental leave, we already heard rumors that he was going to be ‘kicked out’ by the store manager. The deputy branch manager is a good friend of ours, so at least he was able to give us a heads-up. Then it started: Suddenly it was said that everyone was complaining about my husband and that my colleagues had a problem with him.

Whether math, physics or computer science: German schools lack qualified teaching staff. And although much has been done in recent years to make teaching degree subjects more attractive, the short-term solution is to be found elsewhere. Career changer teacher are an increasingly common phenomenon.

Table of Contents: What to expect in this article

Career changers teachers: for whom is the profession the right choice?

One reason that fewer and fewer students are choosing to study to become teachers is, without question, the very unique challenges of the profession. We often hear and read about teachers facing disrespect in classrooms. Parents and their attitudes toward the school system are also an increasing problem. In addition, teaching is a profession that carries enormous responsibility. After all, the success of the teacher is crucial for the future of his students.

Red, braided, protruding braids. A colorful curled sock. Extremely large, black shoes. And many, many freckles. Well, did you automatically have Pippi Longstocking in mind when you heard these words? Then you are like most people in Germany – and in many other countries around the world. Astrid Lindgren’s most famous book has been translated into 77 languages. But the Swedish author was not only successful with Pippi. Also "We Children from Bullerbu", "Ronja Raubertochter", "Lotta", "The Brothers Lionheart" and many others are still read (or read aloud) with pleasure today.

It is easy to forget that some of the books are more than 70 years old and that the author is no longer with us. 20 years ago, on 28. January 2002, she passed away in Stockholm. Nevertheless, her books fit effortlessly on children’s shelves among titles currently popular with children such as "The School of Magical Beasts," "Greg’s Diary" or "Harry Potter".

How did Lindgren manage to write such timeless books?? What fascinates young readers about the rural world in Bullerbu, without cell phones, television and cars?? What does a children’s book have to have to become a classic?? And what current books might be contenders for this title? We talked about this with three experts.

Family benefits : What parents need to know about child benefits 2021

Child benefit: What parents should look out for - entitlement, application, amount

Children need love and attention, mothers and fathers need financial security. Child support offers the necessary security for parents, on which it depends for the well-being of the child. In this sense: Read here everything important about child benefit.

Michael Frantze

If you want to break your dog of the hunting habit or to steer his hunting instinct into calmer channels, you have to be patient. Your dog will hunt anything that moves because it gives him pleasure – he won’t let you take that away from him so easily.

If you reach a point in dog training where you are at your wit’s end, seek help from a dog training school that offers so-called anti-hunting training or hunting training.