The installation of Java 8 consists of four installation steps and is easy to perform.

For the development of Java applications, the current JDK (Java Development Kit) should always be installed. At the moment (as of April 2015) the JDK is available in version 8.

Notice: We have published a newer article on this topic, in which we show how to install OpenJDK 13 and how to install the Oracle JDK 13, the Oracle JDK 11 (LTS) and of the Oracle JDK 8 (LTS) on a Windows 10 PC. In addition, we have a large overview of the alternative Java distributions in the article How do I install Java?? summarized.

Many perpetrators on the Net work with false identities. Photo: glawo,

"Grooming": the term stands for intentional, strategically planned sexual initiation online. The target group is children and young people. How do the actors proceed? Why about fake profiles? And what can parents do about it?

  • "Grooming": how to protect children from harassment on the internet
  • "Grooming": how to protect children from harassment on the internet

"Don’t believe anyone who assures you of confidentiality on the Net. There is no confidentiality on the Internet."Michael Sandkamp has this warning for children and young people who are eager to learn and experiment on the web, in social networks, messaging services, video portals and online gaming.

Every year, on the eve of 6. The children put their boots in front of the door on St. Nicholas Day so that they can be filled by St. Nicholas during the night. But how did St. Nicholas Day actually come into being? The answers to all questions about St. Nicholas can be found here.

For many people, especially for children, St. Nicholas Day represents a special highlight in the Advent season. Happy St. Nicholas songs overnight filled plates or boots and maybe even a visit from St. Nicholas himself make the day quite fabulous. But where do these customs actually come from? And who was this St. Nicholas to whom this day is dedicated??

Germany’s schools lack teachers. At present, career changers in particular have the best chances of obtaining civil servant status and long vacations. But nothing is given to them at the desk either.

Susanne Wurm decided against a career in science and in favor of school

Susanne Wurm decided against a career in science and for school Photo: © Quirin Leppert

The curriculum vitae can easily be written as The heart of an application designate. After all, it lists your entire life – compressed onto one or at most two A4 pages.

Even though the cover letter plays a big role especially in internships, many employers decide who to hire as intern or. Hire an intern. It is therefore worthwhile to attach as perfect a resume as possible to your application for the internship. And in every respect: content, structure and formatting.

How to write the perfect internship resume? On this page we show you. You can also find our handy sample resume for free download below.

How to write a great term paper/seminar paper

If you like to write a lot and you like to inform yourself about interesting topics, you are surely looking forward to your term paper or seminar paper. Seminar paper. But what is it exactly? What is the best way to prepare? And how to write a good paper?

We will be happy to help you with these and other questions.

What exactly is a term paper??

A term paper or seminar paper is a written paper that is written according to scientific criteria.h. independently and on a high level) which you have to write during your Abitur. Mostly this work is done in the 11th grade. Class started. It serves as a kind of final paper and therefore usually has a strong impact on your final grades as well. Since the requirements for such a paper are at university level, you should put all the more effort into it. The regulations and the framework in which it is written and evaluated depend on the respective federal state.

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel caused her first political scandal at the age of 14. The diligent Angela Dorothea, maiden name Kasner, had won all of the GDR’s Russian language competitions and was allowed to travel to the Soviet Union on the friendship train in 1969. There Kasi, as her friends called her, stood smiling wanly in front of a memorial to fallen soldiers – in a miniskirt. The hosts were outraged.

And now? The USSR and the GDR are passe; the woman who predominantly wore the pants in Germany for 16 years is passe; women are now outraged topless – but the miniskirt is just being reissued. But haven’t we long since outgrown this peculiar fumbling and its statement-making function?

The short piece of material that slipped out of Great Britain at the end of the sixties, along with beat music, mushroom heads and other shamelessness, also slipped through the Iron Curtain, aroused tempers worldwide. Fashion always reflects the spirit of the times, rampant moods, incipient changes, it can become highly political. And the stiff British class and dress code has always lent itself to social and fashion revolutions.

In front of department stores, in advertisements and in movies we see Santa Clauses, St. Nicholas and Knecht Ruprechte everywhere during the Advent season. And then there is also the Christ Child. This is quite confusing. How did the figures and customs come into being and who actually plays which role in the (pre-)Christmas season?? What does the Coca Cola brand have to do with Santa Claus??

On 6. December is St. Nicholas Day. Saint Nicholas actually lived – in the 4th century. Century. (Source: Elementary school Krems-Lerchenfeld)

In GermanyAustria and Switzerland, people originally believed only in Saint Nicholas, who was born on 6. December with his servant Ruprecht came into the houses. And, of course, to the Christ Child, who was born on 24. December the children bescherte.

you finally want to fall in love again, but don’t know where to meet the right women? Don’t worry! You are not alone. Just like you, numerous other men feel the same way. I want to help you find the right place for you to start a romance.

There are certainly many places where you can make a nice acquaintance. But not every place is equally suitable for every man. Where to it is easy to make contacts, Depends on your hobbies and personality. If you feel comfortable, you will succeed more easily, To approach women.

It doesn’t matter if you just want to flirt or meet a new Find a girlfriend would like. If you’re wondering, "Where to meet sensible women?", you just need to find out where you like to hang out. So you have a good basis to meet like-minded women.

Writing a summary of the content 6 points

Leon has a problem: Once again he is supposed to write a table of contents. Reading different books and writing a summary of their content is a part of German lessons, both in primary and secondary schools.

Writing a summary – what to include?

If you know the main points of the synopsis, you can easily write a good grade in it. Leon has not yet succeeded. This should now be different. Leon gets help. He asks his friends, parents and also looks on the internet. Collects and compares all the information. Then he starts with the summary. Leon now knows how to.