On 6. December we celebrate St. Nicholas. It has become accepted that children in Germany the night before their Put shoes in front of the door, to the next morning Sweets and small gifts to find in it. But where does this custom come from? Who was the Saint Nicholas really and where did he come from? What was he famous for and what was his merit?

Two figures merged to form the myth of St. Nicholas: on the one hand, the saint of children and on the other hand, the saint of children Bishop Nicholas of Pinora (6. Jh.) and on the other hand Bishop Nicholas of Myra (3.-4. Jh.). The latter was born around 280 in Patara (today Demre) near Antalya. When he was 19 years old, his uncle made him the Priest consecrated. After that St. Nicholas Abbot of the monastery of Sion and later Bishop of Myra.

Life, activity and legends

About the life and work of St. Nicholas is not much handed down. What is certain is that he was the one who received from his parents the Legacy to the needy passed on. Nicholas of Myra was known mainly for many other good deeds, Charity and helpfulness. He was a great Friend of children and Helpers of people in distress. That is why today he is one of the most popular saints in the Christian world. Also there are many legends in which his work is central.

The so called "Mind Mapping" (engl. loosely translated "thought map") is a learning method that aims to learn how to grasp and structure the main point of a topic. In addition, a mind map can be used to check whether and to what extent a learner has understood a topic.

Mindmaps and learning

For the learner, a mind map has the advantage that he can retain already learned knowledge for a longer time. can be refreshed quickly.

Structure of a mindmap

As an international company, REWE Group also offers its employees the opportunity to work abroad. In this interview, five colleagues report on how they dared to make the switch.

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From Belgium to Bulgaria: REWE Group is active in Germany and 20 other countries. Due to this internationality, REWE Group naturally offers its employees the opportunity to go abroad for their careers. In this interview, five "globetrotters" tell us why they dared to take this step and how REWE Group supported them in doing so.

"Courage to change"

Portrait of Arnd Riehl

Heal the wounded child in you

We all long for love and want to be appreciated. We all want inner and outer peace and a sense of connection. And though this desire is so great, we stand in our own way of doing it. It has been proven that most of them find it easier to give love, patience and compassion to their environment than to be good to themselves.

To ourselves we are rather critical and unyielding, hard-hearted and impatient. No wonder that as a result our relationship to ourselves and to other people does not want to succeed, remains superficial or is unsatisfactory.

Accusations against teacher at Auefeldschule not confirmed

Corona trouble in schools: many teachers are pilloried

At the Oskar-von-Miller School in Kassel, students are complaining about a teacher who is stirring up anti-vaccination sentiment. Such accusations are on the rise – but are often unjustified.

Lollipop tests in schools and daycare centers: How they work – and how reliable they are

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More and more German states are using lollipop tests in daycare centers and schools to test children for the coronavirus.

The school curricula specify that a part of the report mark should consist of subject-specific achievements. This includes u.a. Speeches or presentations. Some children benefit from this, as it allows them to compensate for written weaknesses. Other children have great difficulty presenting something in front of the class. To find out how to properly prepare your child and how you can support them, check out this article.

Schoolchildren, boys and girls learn together

Alone or together?

Often children are free to choose whether they prefer to create and present a paper with a classmate or alone. Discuss the pros and cons with your child! Performing with another child can give security especially to shy children. In addition, many children have more fun creating a presentation together. However, common dates for practicing must also be found.

A few minutes of this film is enough to know: Here we see a new Hollywood star. At least that’s what 15-year-old Gary claims. He struts through the schoolyard of a high school in the sunny San Fernando Valley, somewhere in Los Angeles, and tells a young woman about his amazing successes as a film actor. The young woman doesn’t know if she should believe Gary’s stories. And it’s precisely this adult incredulity at the freedom of youthful frivolity that Paul Thomas Anderson’s wonderful new film "Licorice Pizza" is about.

Gary Valentine dares to do anything. Not only does he dare to envision his upcoming movie career out loud in the schoolyard, but he also dares to tell all this to a woman whose age might be far beyond his adolescent reach. Alana is in her mid-20s and only in high school because she assists the school photographer in taking class photos. The last thing she might have expected is something viewers have long since realized: There really is something irresistible about Gary.

When parents don’t have the time or the inclination to explain to their children why they should or shouldn’t do something, some of them like to resort to lies. But this can have a negative impact on their development, as researchers have now discovered.

"If you lie, you’ll grow a long nose": This lie, which almost every child will have heard from his or her parents at some time or another, is rather grin-worthy in retrospect. Because the notorious long nose will be probably the fewest grown. But it could have been worse: children who were often lied to by their parents in the past tend to be less honest with their parents later on as well.

They also show behavioral problems more often and are poor at dealing with problems in everyday life. That is the result of a recent study by the Singapore University of Technology.

You’ve already decided on an apprenticeship? Now it’s apply, apply, apply. Your resume is one of the most powerful documents in your application. It not only gives insight into what you’ve already learned so far, but also gives a recruiter a first impression of you as a person. That’s why it’s important to write an appealing and structured resume. Here you will find helpful tips on how to achieve this.

Resume Education

Resume for your education

Table of Contents:

1. The resume for an education

Every complete application includes a resume. Especially when you are just out of school and want to do an apprenticeship you don’t have the longest career behind you yet. Therefore, in this article you will find some suggestions to fill your resume in a meaningful way. In the resume, you briefly and concisely present your life stages to date on one to two pages of paper. Here you should think carefully about which stages of your life could play a role in your application for training.