How long do trainees have a probationary period during their training – can it be extended or shortened?? What applies when apprentices get sick or pregnant during their probationary period? And what happens if you resign? Answers to the most important questions.

By Max Frehner

Answers to the most important trainee questions probationary period in training: 17 facts about termination, duration& co.

Does it fit, or does it not fit? During the probationary period at the beginning of the training, both sides have the right to terminate the cooperation without major legal or formal hurdles. – © pinepix –

Can you explain percentages so simply that everyone understands them?? We try it here. Imagine a student comes to his grandmother after school and tries to explain to her how calculating with percentages works. Do you think a real granny would understand the following explanations?

Student: Tomorrow there will be a 20 percent discount when you go shopping. Do you know what that means?

Granny: That it becomes cheaper?

The Max Grunebaum Foundation honored on 5. October 2016, in Cottbus Artist of the Cottbus State Theater with two Max Grunebaum awards and one sponsorship award. A Max-Grunebaum-Award as well as a sponsorship award were given to young scientists of the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg (BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg).

Thomas Harms - Acting, Photo: Michael Helbig

Thomas Harms – actor

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olson: The twin sisters appeared in the same role on the U.S. series 'Full House' when they were toddlers, even sharing the same name ('Mary-Kate Ashley Olson'). Since 1991 they have jointly owned a marketing company, and since 2006 they have jointly owned the (expensive) fashion brand 'The Row'. They are also usually seen together at public appearances. Their fortune is said to be 325 million dollars each. Incidentally, a still third sister, Elizabeth, and a brother belong to the immediate family

F rior, when she was little, she often went to the garage next to the house to sing. Two, sometimes three hours long. Singing just made her happy, she couldn’t get enough of it. She had barricaded herself in the garage because her singing in the house got on everyone’s nerves terribly.

"Shut up already!", her sister often screamed, says Katharina. Margrit, who now lives several hours away from her by plane, will probably tell us how much this drove her crazy at the time.

Schutzwald | give away rainforest

The earth’s rainforests are threatened – and need your help! Whether for yourself or as sustainable gift with personal certificate – For only 5 Euro you can 5 square meters protect valuable rainforest for half a century together with us – or give it away! – and preserve the forest, the environment and the climate for the future.

In the heart of Panama lies the protected forest "Los Monos": a living, species-rich rainforest in the province of ChiriquI. The SchutzWald not only provides a home for capuchin monkeys, mangrove trees and numerous parrot species, it is also our most important climate protector.

Seven to eight hours of sleep per night? This rule was once. Today, experts recommend other guideline values – and they vary depending on age and fitness. Read here which sleep time is optimal for you.

Optimal sleep time by age:

People’s optimal sleep times vary immensely. While an adult can get by on just seven hours of sleep, an infant needs around 19 hours a day, according to the U.S. National Sleep Foundation Reports.

Exciting, but no time right now?

Newborns (0 to 3 months):

The ideal bedtimes for the youngest are 14 to 17 hours per day. However, these values vary: eleven hours are enough for some children, while others need up to 19 hours.

Professional authors live in the limbo between absolute freedom and precariat. How to endure? Peter Stamm, Urs Mannhart and Erika Do Nascimento tell their story.

Author: Simon Leuthold

Writers who make a living from writing don’t have it easy. You are in a profession that many people don’t see as such. In addition, they have neither a secure income nor a retirement plan. To make matters worse, many are struggling with low sales numbers. Due to the Corona pandemic, cancelled readings are added to the mix.

In Russia people like to celebrate passionately. Many Russian holidays initially appear somewhat strange to visitors from the West, with a mixture of old Russian, Orthodox and Communist traditions. In addition to nationwide non-working holidays, there are also countless red dates in the calendar, which are significant only for certain groups of the population. Thus almost every profession has its own professional holiday, which is celebrated in the circle of colleagues, be it the "Day of the Railwayman" or the "Day of the Geologist. The Rhine-Volga Canal provides for the view:

New Year and Christmas (1. until at least 7. January)

Christmas tree Father Frost

Russian Christmas trees are New Year’s Eve trees

In after-school care, daycare centers and schools, children repeatedly come into contact with a wide variety of pathogens. Scarlet fever is one of the typical childhood diseases, although the bacterial infection often frightens parents by its sudden onset. Read here how you can alleviate such an infection in young patients and why scarlet fever is not at all uncommon in adults.

Child in red top with strawberry tongue due to scarlet fever

Brief overview

Definition: Scarlet fever is a highly contagious infectious disease that primarily affects the throat and pharynx as well as the skin.

We live in a time of permanent change and we react to it. This is why we constantly make demands on ourselves – in all areas of life. No one can do justice to this. And yet we drive ourselves on and on.

  • We want to know more and more and be able to do more and more. But that alone is not enough. At the same time, we are also still working on our bodies, our personalities, our relationships.
  • Far too often we set the wrong standards because we want to belong.
  • We need to know what we want and decide – that’s how we get to success.

For some years now, the personal development market has been booming. Every magazine, every radio program deals with personal growth.

Assessments in schools and companies increasingly target our character traits. Who is anxious, should overcome this. If you can’t make up your mind, learn to do so. The more holistic theories, consultants and teachers there are, and the more we know about the human brain, the more troublesome the whole thing becomes.