You listen, greet the cleaning lady just as friendly as the boss and do not scold others – you want to have likeable people around you. FOCUS Online explains what everyone can learn from them.

Thomas Muller, Felix Neureuther, Laura Dahlmeier – most people who meet these athletes are enthusiastic about them. Your secret? You are immensely likeable. You can learn a lot from them and integrate it into your own life. If you put some of this into practice, you will soon become a magnet for others.

This phenomenon is called "Acceptance Prophecy" and was defined by psychologist Danu Anthony Stinson from the University of Waterloo in Canada. There is a kind of "self-fulfilling prophecy" behind this regarding your own sympathy values. Reason enough to take a closer look at the seven most important sympathy rules.

Anorexia only affects young girls? By the way! In fact, the most common patients are women between the age of 15. and 25. The majority of people affected by the disease are under the age of 18 (around 1 percent suffer from anorexia). But adults who are fully involved in life also suffer from eating disorders. They are the silent dark figures. Some successfully hide the disease from their environment for years and are under enormous pressure to perform and suffer.

Orthorexia: When healthy eating becomes a compulsion

Those who claim that false ideals of beauty are the trigger of the mental illness are looking at anorexia too one-sidedly. An eating disorder is very complex; there are many different factors that cause it to develop. We spoke to an expert to find out how you can recognize anorexia, what causes it and how sufferers and their families can get help.

Image sizes website

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Images are an important design element of a website. We love images. The bigger the better, is the current saying. But often images are uploaded as too large file and the result is a bad loading time of the website. This scares away visitors who are not very patient on the web, as well as Google.

Since 19. February 2019, the then 15-year-old Rebecca Reusch is missing. Homicide detectives are still working on the case and continue to not rule out a resolution after nearly two years of investigation. (Source: t-online)

Searching for clues: Photographs show where Rebecca Reusch was shortly before her disappearance on 19. February 2019 was staying. (Source: t-online)

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For more than two years, the then 15-year-old Rebecca Reusch from Berlin has been missing. Data from Rebecca’s Google account could now provide new insight.

24 hours, 2 kilos less, 500 grams of fat lighter – the 24 hour diet in terms of maximum fat burning promises just that. Does the fast weight loss really work and is it healthy at all? FIT FOR FUN takes the lightning diet under the magnifying glass.

Lose weight fast, the 24 hour diet

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Because the list determines who becomes a member of parliament later, there are exact rules, how such a list is created. Who applies for the national list, must be selected at a meeting of the members of the party or a meeting of selected party representatives secretly. In addition, the list must be published before the election and no one may simply change it. As a rule, the most popular or best-known politician is elected to the top of the national list.

Reserve list
German electoral system is a mixed system

The German electoral system is a mixed system of proportional representation and majority voting. There are MPs (under the majority voting system) who are elected directly to parliament in their constituency. But there are also members of parliament in state and federal elections (according to proportional representation) who get into parliament via the state lists.

Introductions – everyone knows them, everyone has done them thousands of times. But why do most people say at their thousandth performance still the same boring text? In the best case, offer 2 to 3 sentences about age, occupation and origin. Otherwise, the information is irrelevant, the speaker disinterested, reticent or shy.

It seems that these people are not even aware of how much the first Impression counts. With your first appearance, all those present form an opinion of you: what kind of person are you?? What can be expected from you? Why should you be remembered?

But now to the four pioneering behaviors for a memorable first impression.

In Germany, which is one of the countries with a low iodine content, thyroid enlargement (also known as goiter or "goitre") is quite common. Women are affected about four times more frequently than men. Most often, a goiter develops between the ages of 20. and 40. Age.

At the Schon Kliniken we specialize in thyroid diseases. We offer various therapeutic procedures to cure your condition.


Well known horses like Weihegold, Shutterfly or Sam have something in common. They all look like real athletes! The charisma of these horses comes, among other things, from a well-trained physique. Regardless of whether it is a sport horse or a leisure horse, the musculature is vital for a horse. As a rider, you should be concerned with the topic of muscle building horse, so how it works and to what extent you can promote this specifically. A lot can be achieved in six or eight weeks!


How does muscle development work in the horse?

Only with the demand for ‘more’ do muscles build up. Muscles can be thought of as small power plants in which many biochemical processes take place. They are made up of living cells that require energy and oxygen. Building muscle means that the muscle cells grow – and does not stagnate or even shrink. Muscle development in horses can be achieved through a combination of training stimulus and rest as well as consistency in this sequence and appropriate feeding.

A horse consists of approx. consists of 40% muscle mass and has about 520 different muscles. The main task of the muscles is to move the horse, which is why they are responsible for jumping power, endurance and fine motor skills.

Whether it’s about the church tax rate, calculating church tax or leaving the church, read all the facts about the topic here.

Church tax: what do i have to know, what can i deduct??

Unlike all other types of taxes, the church tax is not regulated by the Basic Law, but by the laws of the federal states. Accordingly, any religious community or ideological organization may levy a church tax if it is recognized as a public corporation. The responsible federal state then formally reviews the corresponding decisions of the corporation.