Five things you should do before you sell your android phone

Selling your old phone should be simple and straightforward. And indeed, for the most part, it is – if you know all the right steps to take. If you don’t, don’t worry about it.

You may already know that you need to reset the phone to factory settings, but that’s actually the last What you should do before sale. There are a handful of things you need to do first, most of which can’t be done afterwards. So it’s important to get it done before you reset it. Let’s start digging.

If you enter your password incorrectly too many times, you’ll be left with a locked device. You probably rarely do it voluntarily, but occasionally someone grabs the iPhone and taps on it like crazy – maybe your toddler. Before the iPhone is completely locked, it shows several other error messages. For example, this one: "iPhone is disabled, try again in 1 minute." Or this one: "iPhone is disabled, try again in 60 minutes". But if you screw up again and again, you will end up with: "iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes". The warnings with waiting time should not be ignored, because once the latter error message occurs, the restore process via iTunes or the Finder (as of macOS 10.15 Catalina) will also delete all data on the phone. If you make regular backups, you’re on the safe side – but it’s still annoying and time-consuming.

What do the error messages "iPhone is disabled" mean? but specifically?

As a rule, they mean that you have entered the password to unlock your iPhone too often. Or someone else (have you let your kids play with your iPhone maybe once?). To protect you from a possible hacking attempt, the device locks itself for a while. Because if a potential thief could just keep on guessing passwords – in the worst case even with a matching software that tests much faster than a human – a hack would not be a problem anymore. With a 4-digit security code there are only 10.000 possible combinations. A human would need 4 hours and 6 minutes to try them all – a computer only 6 minutes and 34 seconds…

To eliminate this risk, iOS deliberately stops password entry if it was previously entered incorrectly too many times. With up to 5 wrong attempts everything is still in the green zone. With 6 or 7 wrong entries you are already punished with a waiting time. From the tenth wrong entry, that’s it – your iPhone will be locked.

If you suspect head lice, you should check your child’s head carefully. Only early detection and (action) prevents their multiplication and spreading.

Little boy scratches his head

First signs of head lice

As soon as you learn that someone in your immediate environment, at school or at your child’s daycare center has head lice, you should definitely check to see if the little bloodsuckers have also settled on your child’s head.

Normal resting pulses lie between 60 and 80 beats per minute. A high resting pulse can strain the heart in the long run, and it is advisable to lower the pulse rate. It therefore makes sense to measure one’s own pulse regularly in the case of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

There are also certain guideline values for the physical load. They vary for people depending on their age. In the case of existing pre-existing conditions, these values may be specified differently again. It often makes sense to to lower a pulse that is too high, to relieve the heart in the long term.

What is the resting pulse and how is it measured??

The resting pulse or also the heart rate at rest describes the Number of beats that the heart beats per minute without physical activity makes. For the measurement one should sit or lie quietly for several minutes without moving or talking much. This allows the heart rate to slow down to a resting heart rate. Ideally, the measurement should be taken in the morning before getting up.

Energy efficiency and feel-good light – LED spots shine just as beautifully as conventional incandescent lamps, while consuming 80 percent less electricity and can be used both for uniform basic lighting and for accentuated lighting of specific room zones and objects. In addition, the recessed spotlights are very easy to install. We will show you step by step how to install with confidence.

Tools and materials

The easiest way to install ceiling spots is in suspended sheetrock, resp. Install plasterboard or panel ceilings. When installing in concrete ceilings, the planning should already be done in the construction phase and cavity sockets and cable ducts should be integrated into the concrete ceiling at the factory.

The following tools are required for installation in a hollow ceiling:

These 21 leadership principles make good bosses

What characterizes a modern, really good boss? HR professionals and entrepreneurs on leadership principles that will make your team shine.

1. You listen actively.

The majority of German employees think their boss is a poor listener. That showed a study of the academy for high-level personnel of the economy. "Many misunderstandings in daily interaction could be avoided – if managers would only take the time to simply listen," says executive coach Bernd Geropp. "Many managers often listen only briefly and judge employees’ statements far too quickly instead of first taking in what is being said, asking questions and following up on them."

Secure password: What you should pay attention to

The 1. February is change-your-password day. Changing your passwords regularly has been the recommendation for a long time to be really safe on the internet. Experts from the German Federal Office for Information Security have long since moved away from this approach. Accordingly, a password could be used for years if it meets the right criteria. In the video you will learn how to create such passwords.

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The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) backed away from its recommendation to change passwords regularly back in early 2020. In the current editions of the BSI-Grundschutz-Kompendium, the relevant text passages have been deleted accordingly.