Good pictures are more than just sharp, contrasty and well lit. In addition to technical know-how, you also need talent and the photographic eye.

What distinguishes these two images?

Technically perfect, but photographically not well done

Obvious posing and excessive post-processing combined with a lack of context are the typical attributes of standard stock photos.

The Federal Motor Transport Authority already operates the driving aptitude register (formerly the central traffic register) in Flensburg since 1958. 16 years later, the authority introduced the current Points system a. Until this date there were about 21.000 people killed in road traffic per year. For comparison: Nowadays there are about 3.500 per year. Of course, the Flensburg points are not solely responsible for the fact that the number of people killed in traffic decreased by 82 percent. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that they have contributed to this development.

For which offences do I risk points in Flensburg and how can I check points??

The following links also provide information on the most common traffic violations and when points can be imposed for them in Flensburg:

FAQ – Points in Flensburg

Points in the road traffic are pronounced for serious misdemeanors or criminal offenses. These can be, for example, violations with a cell phone at the wheel, speeding from 21 km/h or a qualified red light violation, but also criminal acts such as coercion, hit-and-run or failure to render assistance. A maximum of 1 to 3 points can be imposed in Flensburg per violation. You can find out more here.

In Rummy Palace you can play live at any time against players from all over the world in Rummy go to! Our rummy rules are perfect for beginners. For they are manageable and easy to understand. So you can quickly get into the fun of the game. Once you have gained some experience, you can Special rules use them to shape the game according to your wishes.

In a nutshell

Rummy is a card game that is played at least in pairs. In the rummy palace you can two to four players choose. The goal of Rummy is to get your own cards before the other players get rid of hand cards. To do this, you can lay out cards in figures and put them on figures, and the figures must meet certain conditions. When a player has discarded the last card to the discard pile, the round is over. Then the point values are determined. Continue to the next round!

This detailed guide explains all rummy game rules and rummy terms in detail. To quickly look up a single term, feel free to check out the glossary! And use the in-game help to answer spontaneous questions in the Rummy Palace.

From the point of view of many employees, it is a chore, Writing minutes to have to. Many hope at every meeting that it will not hit them. The minutes are not a mere job creation measure, but have their own purpose. In the protocol, the current status is recorded, next steps are outlined and responsibilities are named. However, the usefulness of the minutes depends on how well they are written. Here you can find out what information should not be missing from a protocol and how it is structured in terms of content. We also have a sample template for you to use for the next meeting.

A woman writes minutes in a meeting

Minutes: What is meant by it and what variants are there?

According to the Duden dictionary, a protocol is a

Typewriter, paper and notebook for writers

On 23. April will be the UNESCO World Book Day 2019. On this day, reading enthusiasts and the publishing industry around the globe celebrate reading, the medium of books, and the rights of authors. Numerous bookstores, libraries, publishers and schools throughout Germany organize various readings and festivities to mark the occasion.

In addition to enjoying the works of other authors, many people also enjoy writing and quite a few dream of becoming a writer themselves and seeing their own book displayed in a bookstore. In 2016 and 2017, around 72 new novels were published in Germany.000 new publications – the market is therefore large. However, book publishing is not a no-brainer and the path to book publishing involves some decisions that should be well considered. In this article, we explain what options are available for publishing your own book and what you need to bear in mind when doing so.

Swiss bow made easy

The Swiss arch, also called a link arch, is used for larger roof projections as a connection between gutter and downpipe. With an almost right-angled tube knee and the cylindrical design, the conditions are not exactly ideal. For example, there is a risk of blockage and the drainage behavior could also be better. Nevertheless, Swiss arches, along with gutter pots, are considered the jewels of any roof drainage system. Since time immemorial, they have adorned many buildings and channel rainwater from the gutter into the pipe with timeless beauty and elegance. For us tinsmiths, Swiss bends also offer the opportunity to show what we can do. Unfortunately, in reality it often looks different: Take measurements, call the wholesaler and shortly thereafter assemble the industrially manufactured water deflector. Industrially manufactured elbows are usually in two parts and consist of a pipe angle and a pipe elbow, which is drawn in (folded) on one side by a special process. The expanded elbow and the elbow are simply plugged together. To be noted:

  • The plug-in connection at the 87° angle must be made watertight.
  • The poorer drainage behavior must be taken into account in the channel calculation.

Is manual work still up to date?

Are we assemblers or craftsmen? Of course, the purchased link arc is perfectly manufactured and more economical, but the decisive factor is that old knowledge is increasingly lost. In addition, the industry is at its wit’s end at the latest with the tapered design. A plumber who masters his craft must know certain activities and working techniques. This also includes designing and fabricating a Swiss bow. In order to impart these skills and expertise, there are the inter-company apprentice training courses, known as ulus for short. There, skills are taught that are not sufficiently taught in the specialized companies. It is mostly old techniques that young plumbers repeatedly fail to understand. Those who master these working techniques are much less likely to have problems on the construction site. In addition, the ulus also teach new techniques and materials such as foil roofs and liquid plastics.

Saxony dares to take the step forward

Off to the test center: unvaccinated people will soon be able to go shopping in retail stores again with a daily negative proof. However, certain benchmarks apply to this. Photo: M. Wehnert

Region. If the new emergency ordinance were already in force in the Free State of Saxony today, some of the restrictions of recent months would probably no longer exist. The rules approved by the cabinet on Tuesday stipulate that open-air gatherings will no longer be subject to attendance limits if, for three consecutive days, the number of beds occupied by Covid 19 patients in the normal and intensive care units of Saxony’s hospitals falls below the known load limits of 1.300 and 420 respectively.

PSD2 makes online banking more convenient, faster and safer.

Since the 14. September 2019, savings banks and other financial institutions will implement the new EU directive PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2). This has resulted in changes and improvements in payment transactions and online banking. The most important things for you at a glance:

  • More security
    To log in to online banking, enter a TAN every 90 days. Automatic logout from online banking after only five minutes, instead of twelve minutes previously. Since you regularly need a TAN to log in to online banking, please make sure that you have access to your TAN procedure at all times, even when you are on the move.
  • More comfort
    Intelligent security measures allow certain payment orders to be made without entering a TAN – for example, when making payments between your payment accounts at the same savings bank, via the so-called small-amount rule for amounts up to 30 euros, or via the option of being able to maintain a "TAN-free IBAN list. 1 If you use an app or software for online banking, make sure it is up to date.
  • More transparency
    In online banking, there is a new function that allows you to conveniently manage account access from third-party services. You can see which payment initiation or account information services have accessed your account on your behalf. 2
  • More consumer protection
    If you, as a customer, use payment service providers, they are entitled to ask for your account access data, such as PIN and TAN. However, payment service providers are not allowed to store your data. They must also ensure that your personalized data such as login name, PIN and TAN are not accessible to anyone else.

A brochure on your rights in pan-European payments and related Union law has been provided by the European Commission. Further information can be found here.

1 Please contact your savings bank to find out which payments are offered there without TANs.
2 You can revoke your account access consent at any time, directly to the third-party service or in your savings bank’s online banking service.

It is said that there are still one or two companies where employees are given small gifts for the big celebration. There is usually a lot of joy. But – and we are on a tax blog here – is that actually allowed?? Doesn’t such a gift have to be taxed? And if so, who would actually have to pay the tax bill?? The employer, or the employee?
We give the answers, as usual easy to understand.

Exceptionally actually almost everything goes

Strange headline, you think? Well, I’ll explain to you in a moment why that one is written like that.
In principle, not only wage tax is due for gifts or other benefits to the employee of a company, social security contributions must also be paid. And all this is paid by the employer, but the minus in the net amount is paid by the employee. That was a good one, wasn’t it?? Well, now come the buts and exceptions. Because: If an employer does not give away cash to his employees, there is under certain conditions nevertheless the possibility that the present or other benefits are tax and social security free. And that with the cash is also somehow clear, where would then be the border between wages and gift?

How to set an Remove PDF Password, remove the password protection or. crack, and thus remove the protection of the PDF file? With our free PDF printer (as Community Edition) you can easily print protected PDF documents again into a PDF file!

As long as you know the password of a PDF file, everything is fine. But what if you need to bypass or eliminate the annoying password prompt of a protected PDF file because the password is/can be forgotten?

Open password of a PDF file

In addition, it can sometimes be very annoying to have to enter the password of a PDF file over and over again every time you open it. You know this from the working world. A former work colleague has unnecessarily password-protected a PDF file, each time it is opened the User password of the PDF file entered before you can view the content in Acrobat Reader. This is annoying! Thus, the constant request for the PDF password when opening the PDF file quickly becomes a small hurdle.