Small houses with clever floor plans are in demand, especially on sites with little space. But what are the additional advantages of a small house and what should be considered in the planning process?

Building land becomes increasingly more expensive. In addition to the cost of the land come taxes and fees. Above all in the conurbations the dream of the own home can be realized thereby often only with difficulty. Considerable savings potential is offered by a small house with a small footprint: a small plot of land or a narrow gap between buildings is all that is needed, and if the small detached house is built upwards, it still offers a relatively large amount of space.

In addition, small houses are best suited for single people or couples with low living space requirements.

A provocation: If the woman is significantly older than the man, as in the case of Heidi Klum, 43, and Vito Schnabel, 30 (l.), it is said that this can not go well. But that was also the case with Mirja, 40, and Sky du Mont, 69 - although the difference was 29 years

K latsch is the opposite of liberal. He is like a snake hissing around the celebrities. And where it misses the observance of a norm, there it bites. When actor Sky du Mont and Mirja Becker got together, she rattled out loud: "29 years of age difference? This can not go well. What does he want to compensate? And does the woman have a father complex?"

They were still together at the Golden Camera in February: Mirja and Sky DuMont


If you want to watch content from public media libraries, you often have to hurry before it disappears again. Some offers and tools help to watch broadcasts later as well.

"Depublication" – that’s what ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio call what many fee payers don’t understand: Audios and videos from public broadcasters often disappear from the net again after a few days or weeks. Broadcasters have been legally required to do so, but they would prefer to do away with the so-called "seven-day rule" and similar time restrictions.

Baking pizza at home is easier than many think. A few tricks can help. Some ingredients are better sauteed beforehand, while others are added to the pizza later.

The Pizza Margherita with basil, mozzarella and parmesan does not come without tomato sauce. For this it is best to use chunky canned tomatoes and season with salt, pepper, a pinch of sugar and, if necessary, a little oregano and fresh garlic

Hamburg – Puff pastry, curd-oil dough – the base of a pizza can be prepared in different ways. However, if you are a pizza maker and like it very classic, knead a yeast dough.

You have decided to build a house? Congratulations! Now you can really get started: You have the choice between two construction methods, different expansion stages and house styles. Find out here about the different types of houses and request free catalogs.

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Destructive natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes cause thousands of people to lose their homes or even their lives each year. Especially in economically weak countries anyway Countries in Africa, South America and Asia partly unpredictable natural events threaten the lives of numerous people and can develop into a humanitarian crisis. Climate change has The frequency of natural disasters has increased significantly in recent years and more and more people, including those in Europe, are becoming victims of these tremendous natural events.

Often, communities and institutions in high-risk areas are not adequately prepared for natural disasters, making the impact all the more devastating. Malteser International supports people with aid programs on the ground to take precautionary and protective measures for future natural disasters. Not only do we provide rapid emergency aid in the event of a disaster, but we also raise awareness among the population as part of Training and exercises for the imminent dangers and in this way help to reduce damage and suffering in the event of a catastrophe.

What is a natural disaster?

Effects of a tsunami in Indonesia

Five things you should do before you sell your android phone

Selling your old phone should be simple and straightforward. And indeed, for the most part, it is – if you know all the right steps to take. If you don’t, don’t worry about it.

You may already know that you need to reset the phone to factory settings, but that’s actually the last What you should do before sale. There are a handful of things you need to do first, most of which can’t be done afterwards. So it’s important to get it done before you reset it. Let’s start digging.

If you enter your password incorrectly too many times, you’ll be left with a locked device. You probably rarely do it voluntarily, but occasionally someone grabs the iPhone and taps on it like crazy – maybe your toddler. Before the iPhone is completely locked, it shows several other error messages. For example, this one: "iPhone is disabled, try again in 1 minute." Or this one: "iPhone is disabled, try again in 60 minutes". But if you screw up again and again, you will end up with: "iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes". The warnings with waiting time should not be ignored, because once the latter error message occurs, the restore process via iTunes or the Finder (as of macOS 10.15 Catalina) will also delete all data on the phone. If you make regular backups, you’re on the safe side – but it’s still annoying and time-consuming.

What do the error messages "iPhone is disabled" mean? but specifically?

As a rule, they mean that you have entered the password to unlock your iPhone too often. Or someone else (have you let your kids play with your iPhone maybe once?). To protect you from a possible hacking attempt, the device locks itself for a while. Because if a potential thief could just keep on guessing passwords – in the worst case even with a matching software that tests much faster than a human – a hack would not be a problem anymore. With a 4-digit security code there are only 10.000 possible combinations. A human would need 4 hours and 6 minutes to try them all – a computer only 6 minutes and 34 seconds…

To eliminate this risk, iOS deliberately stops password entry if it was previously entered incorrectly too many times. With up to 5 wrong attempts everything is still in the green zone. With 6 or 7 wrong entries you are already punished with a waiting time. From the tenth wrong entry, that’s it – your iPhone will be locked.

If you suspect head lice, you should check your child’s head carefully. Only early detection and (action) prevents their multiplication and spreading.

Little boy scratches his head

First signs of head lice

As soon as you learn that someone in your immediate environment, at school or at your child’s daycare center has head lice, you should definitely check to see if the little bloodsuckers have also settled on your child’s head.

Normal resting pulses lie between 60 and 80 beats per minute. A high resting pulse can strain the heart in the long run, and it is advisable to lower the pulse rate. It therefore makes sense to measure one’s own pulse regularly in the case of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

There are also certain guideline values for the physical load. They vary for people depending on their age. In the case of existing pre-existing conditions, these values may be specified differently again. It often makes sense to to lower a pulse that is too high, to relieve the heart in the long term.

What is the resting pulse and how is it measured??

The resting pulse or also the heart rate at rest describes the Number of beats that the heart beats per minute without physical activity makes. For the measurement one should sit or lie quietly for several minutes without moving or talking much. This allows the heart rate to slow down to a resting heart rate. Ideally, the measurement should be taken in the morning before getting up.